60,000 Police Officers For Election Day

58,700 police officers will be on duty during the April 8 general elections,  IGP Mahinda Balasuriya said at a press conference yesterday (30). The police officers are being deployed countrywide. 19,500 military personnel will coordinate with the police in order to minimise any incidents of election violence. The IGP also called on candidates to remove illegal posters, cutouts and party offices on April 4 and 5.

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  1. All senior officers are MR Clans henchmen, look at the way DIG Gamini
    Navaratne is issuing statements openly biased towards the

  2. panishkarsingh

    All horny Lankans, 60000 guys are going to be away from home, time to court their women its ERECTION DAY. Nothing has changedc since independance, a bottle of mendis special a load of bull in the evening and you’ve bought the cop and his brigade. This goes to all parties. Time that we commence educating our Policemen to be honest!!!! Problem is that all ruling idiots that rule the roost have their henchmen and promote this rats to positions that create disorder in a service that is supposed to be impartial. Long Live the Thieves of Lanka.
    After these Erections, EC and Balasuriya, have benn promised their long awaited hair implants in Thailand. 20000 USD for the implants. They going to resemble Beerlusconi. Problem the limp dick, that is going to be replaced in China.

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