Platinum Entertainment to Refund Akon Tickets

Platinum Entertainment, the organizers of the Superfest 2010 concert that was to feature US R&B star Akon, has said they will refund in full the concert tickets of people who do not wish to attend a concert without Akon.

Platunim Entertainment said it was in the process of restructuring the concert and would go ahead with the concert with other artists if the government continues to refuse permission for Akon to perform in Sri Lanka.


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  1. Kavindi Abeywickrema

    Where and when are the tickets being refunded? I spent Rs.15,000 buying tickets. I need my refund.

  2. Two is company but three is none.

  3. mel

    hey!! yeaa — i’m asking the same question – when and where??! who’s refunding these tickets?! this ain’t fair – we watch the news – nothing about refunds.. :S

  4. Tee

    The organizers did not show up andtickets were not refunded today as promised at cinnamon grand. Organizers phones are switched off! This is not fair and require stern action.

  5. Hasitha

    Anyone got any refunds yet ?

  6. Misnad

    None at all. They’re evading us and promising false dates. They’re doing the same in Maldives. Looks like another money-laundering scam.

  7. i was able to buy some cheap concert tickets on ebay, i really love ebay for the bargain stuffs ..~

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