18,000 Unwanted Kids

  • Poverty Takes Its Toll

By Paneetha Ameresekere

Amidst reports of children being handed over for adoption to the authorities by their parents or guardians due to economic reasons, and in the worse case scenarios being murdered by their parents, the Department of Probation and Childcare (DPC) says that there are 18,000 homeless children who are institutionalised.

The chief reason for children being put in homes for adoption is poverty, DPC statistician Malkanthi Thilakaratne said, with probation officer Nirmalil Perera agreeing. The majority of those institutionalised are not orphans, said Perera.

Other reasons for children being institutionalised included: disputes among parents, the father being an alcoholic, the mother working abroad and children being born out of wedlock.
1,194 children were given up for adoption in 2007.

5 Comments for “18,000 Unwanted Kids”

  1. Lal

    To read this it hurts so much. These children were brought into the world , they have no say. I am a SriLankan living overseas,and have been for 37 years. Every time I hear children been the victims , i can not stomach it. Dear politicians please,please do something to help these defenceless children. Aren’t they the children of our mother Sri Lanka.?

    • Dear Lal
      dont believe our politicians because all of them are rogues, try to make & effort on your own or through a charitable organization.

    • kugan

      u think politician give a damn?
      even the racist sinhala uneducated people from sri lanka(makes up about 60% of population) dont give a damn,
      only few educated Sinhalese around colombo care about these kids.

  2. BASH

    The way our economy is going, there could be more to follow and hope the Department of Probation and Childcare is NOT politicalized as these children could fall prey to Pedophiles.

  3. Appu

    This is the reality. Not the la la land Horapaksha’s followers live in. I wonder how long Cabraal can cook the numbers and pretend the economy is OK. I have a sinking feeling having actually lived in Sri Lanka recently that the worst is yet to come. I hope I am wrong.

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