T20 World Cup And Beyond…

It’s all about the impending T20 World Cup that most cricket loving Sri Lankans are focused on at this time. With the IPL T20 tourney in full swing the excitement is kept on the boil. Our lads have not performed extraordinarily in India which could be cause for concern. Yet when one plays for the country the adrenalin gushes.

My thoughts on the composition of the team would be discussed next week. Yet i digress. The Rolls Royce of Cricket yet remains the Tests played between nations. It’s not only because the contests are between nations but for the form of the game added to playing for one’s country. The Home and Away series’ add to the diversity of Test Cricket.

The 50 over version when it first hit the canvas was spoken of with such gusto to replace the longer form of Tests down the road. After 40 years of  the shorter 50 overs format, Tests still remain the purists’ delight. I would predict the same with the T20 style game. If it does affect any format in the short to medium term, my hunch is that it would be at the cost of the 50 overs version and not Test cricket.

I weigh carefully the merits and otherwise of all forms of cricket and its attendent fall out on the various aspects of the game. The shorter versions have helped to widen the net for players to get international exposure and reckoning. There are more players getting opportunities at the shorter form of the game. They become “specialists”, and these players are required and valued by the team. By this a wider field gets opportunities and the game is better off for it.

Tests however will remain the Rolls Royce of Cricket in the foreseeable future. And quite rightly so too. Imagine a beautifully timed drive past extra cover off an outswinging fast ball to the fence. A two step down the wicket to meet a spinning leggie and a caressed stroke through extra and mid off? Ambrosia.

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  1. Simple Sydney

    I agree Ara . There is finesse when it comes to Tests . Still what I do remember are those 50 over knocks played by you – the hundred against Lancashire and your semi final knock against India in the WC. Sheer Class.

  2. Yakolis

    Isn’t the T20 a cross bred Indian creation out of Baseball and Cricket ? Pol Adi? Why not call it “BaseCrick” instead of cricket? Do you want the youngsters to become Pol Adi Karayas?

  3. What a disgrace and a shame Sanath is creating.
    After a great career, Sanath is now tagging along as a misfit and a discard in the SLanka T20 team.All know that he is not wanted nor does he deserve a place in the 15 man squad. To get Political influence and then get picked at the expense of so many better and in form players is a sad day for SLanka cricket.
    It is evident that Sanath has passed his use by date and now is a burden to the team..Yet, shamefully he prefers to force himself into th eteam , even at the disgust of the selectors and some of the senior players.
    Get out as you are not wanted sanath…Piss off if you have not got the message..Thanks but no bloody thanks now. Go to politics if you have to and leave the national cricket team alone now..Your days are gone..FINISHED..You are not a gentleman and a good sport..you are now a shame to all of us..

  4. How is Sanath still in the T20 national team after his continued POOR FORM and dropping from the SLanka side?
    His good days were great and memorable But now he is just a poor liability and he knows it..Yet, he chooses to suck up to the president and minister and force himself into a team that he does not deserve to be in and not welcome either.The players, the majority of the cricketing public are sick and tired of this fellow now and suggest he goes and live in his village and into any politics..BUT leave the cricket alone.
    I am really disappointed that a fellow like Sanath would unashamedly go to any length to get selected when he has even been dropped from his IPL team for poor performance..The selectors and seniors players are really sick of all the political interference that has got this waste of time into our current team.
    Bye bye Sanath..Thanks for the old times, we are in present times..and you have no place for the present times of SLanka cricket..

  5. Chesterfield has also written a good article about it: http://bit.ly/btFZAr

  6. [...] the wicket to meet a spinning leggie and a caressed stroke through extra and mid off? Ambrosia. T20 World Cup And Beyond… | The Sunday Leader __________________ Mad [...]

  7. Get Lost Sanath.We have now had ENOUGH of you and you are just a poor loser with no gentlemanly qualities.
    Your days are finished LOSER.
    Do the right thing, step down, accept that your days are over and importantly be accountable and give the budding and better youngsters a chance.
    Ooii Sanath..How would you feel if the roles were reversed and you wrer knocking on the door for national selection and there was this SANATH hugging a spot that he does not desreve in the team and depriving you of a place in the team??Get out Sanath before you are hooted, booted and thrown out..

  8. Simple Sydney

    Please dear readers – this is an opportunity to comment on an article by one of the greatest batsmen the world has ever seen. Why are we missing the point and taking shots at Sanath. Don’t degrade Ara in this way please

    • No NO..Not degrading or disrespectful to Aravinda ..Ara has always been a great cricketer and a gentleman,,He also retired gracefully and has no greed unlike Sanath.
      This article is a bit about T20 world cup where sanath has surprisingly been picked..so we as readers are just disgusted about this and voicing our opinion.
      I too agree that Sanath is now a cricketing disgrace to force himslef into the team..and now with being the stupid minister for cricket development, this greedy ,shameless fellow might want to play even with a walking stick and as a grand father..I too would like Sanath to get Lost from the national team..waste of a spot to a budding Slanka cricketer..

  9. Sri Lankan

    Dear Readers,
    I think that you have noticed that all 3 above comments against Sanath are written in same writing style.(I don’t know that they are written by the same one, but I guess so) Players go out of form and get back to form.Form is not a permanent thing, but talent is permanent. All these people shout because of 5 ODIs and 2 T20s played against India and the IPL.I agree that we can’t see his blistering batting of 90′s today.But we all must agree that he is the best Entertaining batsman of the world.Just look at his style.There is a big difference in a sixer of Sanath and a six of other player. We feel that Sanath is not playing well because we always expect much from him.If you check statistics, you’ll see that there are some players who are worse than Sanath.No one talked about Mahela when he was out of form and getting ducks continuously. All people blame Sanath becaus of his age.

    In my point of view, we have to see patiently for some time. Many experienced people in cricket field say that he will return to form soon.If he can’t return to form in coming T20 WC, then I also agree that he should retire.

    • Looks like you are PR manager for him!I think you should seriously think of being his press secretary!!If you have an ounce of brain, think of the great Tandulkar’s Pontings and other great Current batsman who is not playing in T/20.It is just that they feel their bodies and mind is not supple enough any more to cope up with the demands of T/20.And of course giving a chance to other young talent to blossom.Sanath without doubt gave us the utmost when he was young, but unfortunately has the rotten mentality of our old politicians, like him who does not want enjoy their twilight years graciously!Go Sanath, Go you have become an embarrasment!!!!

      • I totally agree with you Susan ! It is high time this fellow realizes what is his worth! May be he still good enough to siphon some money out of his political extravaganza, he is useless as an exponent of the T/20 craft. With this kind of intellect he is pretty good for politics and he may serve his beloved till seizes to exist on planet earth!!

  10. Sri Lnakan

    Sorry if you are hurt. I’m just a fan of him. I just said that we must give him one more chance and there are many players who are worse than him in the team. But I’m sure that it’s naot fair to blame this man.If the matter is about youngsters, then think of what Asantha de mel has been doing from long time.
    If you are looking at this matter in political view, then it’s another matter….

  11. Ragu

    has anyone of you guys seen the scorecard of the warm up game against south africa? if haven’t i strongly suggest you do (specially for mayanthi and susan) its sanath and kapugedara who at least got us over 100 mark while others failed. there’s still lot left in him, i say we give him another chance..

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