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14th Sri Lankan Parliamentary Election

Mahinda Rajapaksa UPFA, Ranil Wickremasinghe UNF and Sarath Fonseka DNA

Winners of polling divisions. UPFA in blue, UNF in green and TNA in yellow.

The 2010 Sri Lankan parliamentary election was held on April 8, 2010, to elect 225 members to Sri Lanka’s 7th Parliament. 14,088,500 Sri Lankans were eligible to vote in the election at 11,102 polling stations. It was the first general election held in Sri Lanka following the conclusion of the 30 year long civil war.
The main parties contesting in the election were the party of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance  (UPFA), the main opposition United National Party  (UNP) and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA). The UPFA won a majority in parliament, buoyed by its achievement of ending the 30 year Sri Lankan Civil War  in May 2009 and on the heels of a landslide victory for President Rajapaksa at the Presidential Election held in January this year.
With 163 seats declared out of 225, the UPFA had already won a majority with 115 seats, and gained a supermajority.

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  1. Psycho

    This is the start of prosperity and the dawn of peace.

    All cry babies, shed your tears now.

    • Guest

      This is the end of the democracy in Sri Lanka. Government knows how to manupulate election results and therefore, people have no faith on the elections in Sri Lanka anymore and only few people voted this time. In last parliment Mahinda sold Russian and Chinese prostitutes to the ministers to keep the power according to Dulles Allahapperuma. I hope this would not happen this time.

      • RW

        This government will collapse in two years and then Mahinda will search prostitutes from other countries to keep the power in the parliment.

      • Orpheus Perera

        If there was democracy during UNP why was hundred thousand workers were sacked for asking for Rs. 10 pay increment? Not only they were sacked, (as I was told by one Furniture manufacturer), he received letters from the government saying it is illegal to employ these strikers. Why did they take away Mrs. B s civil rights? Why did they have a one man presidential election in 1983/84?

        Mahinda Rajapakse had this power to be a dictator, for the last 4 years, according to the constitution. NOBODY can challenge the president. According to JR, he could change a dog into a man and man into a dog.

      • Peter R de Fries

        50% voted while 36% of that 50% voted rajapakses, now let me calculate a bit!
        64 procent of sri lankans did not vote for this parliament, the beginning of the great devide!

        it’s going to be a hard lesson for sri lankans, you’ll see!

    • MURA


      • karu

        Thank you Sir. At least you are on the ground looking at our posterior regions.

        • SL

          Thats all you got karu….JRJ did things and the rest followed…it was not wtight…but why is your so caled hero trying to overmsart a man like JRJ..You idoits like to be loved by these MR and his sons along..with all the thugs….give months and fews years from now..when you start thing again and again when all the so caled MP and his sons have all the luxury…and you have non….

      • sonny

        yeah mura not bathroom koolies like u washing bathrooms & dishes in uk/canada /aussi. u guys hv no brains to be washing others peoles s….. in mcdonnels! Lol!

        • Brian

          sonny at least these guys are washing dishes for a living,that´s a thousand times better than licking puke like you guys are doing for generations :P

        • Brian

          Talking great sonny ,proberbly sir`s us or call us matrhaya wenn we come over to your country.. ,just because you are allowed to use this annonym platform don´t go arround post your two cents.

        • Dr Perera

          Readers can google “Brian Seneviratne” and they will get to know who this guy is. He is a rascal.

          He is an LTTE mecenary, his medical practice in Brisbane buckeled and LTTE hired him as their mouthpiece.

        • Brian

          Dr perera / Leela
          you are a pathetic idiot ..

    • MURA


    • kugan

      I just dont understand one thing.
      BUT THE YELLOW LINE REPRESENTS TNA AND LEADER OF TNA IS SAMBANTHAN. so does sunday leader telling us something or its just an error???

      • Ari

        No, Kugan, Frederika knew that SF is a pal of TNA… Remember SF joined with Sambandan to destroy our country?

        • Native Vedda

          You don’t need Sampanthan or SF to destroy the country. Most Sinhala/Buddhist nationalist have been and are capable of self destruction. Since 1948 we have witnessed the self destruction of the state.

        • To Ari
          its a fabricated lie by MR Clan, SF never had any agreement with TNA, MR always enticed TNA to their side, but failed Still trying.

        • kugan

          when did SF join with SAMBANDAN to destroy ur country?
          maybe down south in some rural racist uneducated down south

      • sonny

        fr u guys still in da dark SF/TNA are same! only thing if SF won TNA later kicked out & welcome JVP.

    • madnuts

      conformationally true.

    • Peter R de Fries

      only 50% of the sri lankans voted and only 36% of them voted for Rajapaksa’s policies which tells enough about democracy in sri lanka!
      64% did NOT vote for Rajapaksa!!!

  2. what cost….how much totally spent?

  3. MR

    Real hero in the jail without any proven allegation and all the loses behave like heroes. The most corrupted people like Basil Rajapaksha and Mervin Silva won the election and this shows how retarded the people in Sri Lanka. As the people are retarded, no wonder they selected retarded leaders for them. God Bless Sri Lanka.

    • RW

      Thanks god people rejected Rohitha Bogollagama, another corrupted person. But I am worried Mahinda may give a national MP post to him. Mahinda always like tugs and corrupted people.

      • karu

        I don’t know what you guys doing without getting in to politics. Then we will have a absolutely honest regime in Sri Lanka.

  4. Dilshan

    ONLY 53% of all Eelam/Ceylon/Hela population Voted.

    That means 47% of the whole populatioin rejected “Mahinda Regime”.

    Why is He still in His Job.

    • Dilshan

      47% doesn’t like the Singheela Democracy. They prefer to get rid of this Democracy. OR they may like Sarath Fonseka’s Take Over.

      • Native Vedda

        It may appear Singheela democracy but it is not. It is a feudal democracy run by feudal lords or war lords, irrespective of their race who runs it.

    • karu

      Get your brain checked, That goes goes for many writers. 47% did not vote means they all rejected MR. Make me laugh from both ends. Are these people stupid or on drugs I wonder?

    • Ari

      Dilshan, what is your real Tamil name? Why hide behind a Sinhala-sounding name? How is your sun goat these days?

  5. Dilshan

    Russian Built Plan with Poland Politicians and military leaders Crashed.

    President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country’s highest military and civilian leaders were killed as the presidential plane crashed yesterday on its approach through thick fog to land in Western Russia, the Associated Press reported

  6. manilala Pathirana

    This Mahinda Rajapakse will destroy Sri Lanka with his mega projects. The environement is already in shatters, he with his thugs and crooks will destroy the natural environement soon – already nuckles, sinharaja, virgin forests in the tea plantation areas gone. He with his Chamal and Namal are even brutalising the calm and tranquilled Hambantoata turing it into a concrete jungle. This pissa does not know what he is doing rather thn creating White Elephants everywhere in Sri Lanka. Basil will destroy the natural environment in the north and east. Wait and see the plight of the country in 7 years – there will not be one tree, and wild animal left. Rajapakses will have the fatest bank accounts in the entire world (if they already not have them)

    • karu

      Are you really living in Sri Lanka? If so have you driven around the country? If the answer is yes to both I believe in Karma and urge you to engage in more religious activities in this birth so you will be re-born with a rational mind. If the answer is no judging by the tone of your letter you must be a long term resident of a mental institution.

      • SL


        U need a brain wash with all ur guts and b…ls darind

      • srilankan

        Do you believe in Karma, who decides a person or an animal for that matter will be born so and so in next life( mind you I am not asking about the deeds) say for example what or who was Mahinda Rajapakshe in the previous life and what will he be in next? and who the person or what ever decides that the next life? It definitely cannot be a Rd Chief Justice S !!! oh am I bluffing beyond my?

  7. Sen

    This not a victory for the king,, now where is his 18 lakhs majority.. Poor voter turn-out made the defeat for UNP.. If 75-80 % voted as usual the scenerio will be different.. Anyway if people vote for a thug like Mervyn in more than 100,000 preferential votes .. what we can say about country’s future.. with the poor turn-out Colombo district is the model should be.. If 75% voted in colombo district will win by UNP.. anyway thats the pattern educated & middle class people never vote for Mervyn. Wimal or Basil..

    • karu

      So you are calling all Sri Lankans living outside the city of Colombo are uneducated lower class idiots, The people like you who can’t see beyond two feet in front are disgrace to our nation. You are most welcome to leave this country.

      • manjula

        So idiots like you can become the kings of the land.

        More than 30% of the registered voters have not voted. From the balance 70% UPFA has only been able to secure 60.43%. Effectively that is 42.3% from the registered voters. This is in with the thugery and all the malpractices which the pafarel and all the other organizations have highlighted which is implicit by the null of voting in Kandy. So you call this victory.

        Go and fly a kite in Hamabntota.

      • SL

        I think you need to get educated by Ass..mervin. follow them…soon you will find your self batted by this educated caring gvnmt.

      • Sen

        My friend.. City of Colombo & Colombo District is different… first read it carefully,, Other thing U dont want to tell me to leave the country. I am living in US.. thats why we see these errors.. these countries are truely democratic countries.. we can write against Obama & sleep well nobody will kill us in the nite. Shame for ur kings brothers who got citizrnship here & how they acting there.. the oath given when obtain citizenship here – they breaking that there…Do u know how they got the citizenship – they lied here such as they cannot live there , not safe like stories.. open ur eyes, remove ur blue glass.. try to understand the truth.. those elections are not fair at all.. today I saw a article police ask the court permission to get statements from Ms Anoma & JVP leaders holding a un-lowful meeting on the 6th.. Is it fair ? Who can question about the Dasnsala @ Temple Trees during the presidential election..?

      • gamaya

        If it suits yah

  8. Siripala Karnelis

    So Bogolla is gone? Who will be the Foreign Minister. Not Mahinda Samarasinghe I hope. GL Peris may be good

  9. We are going to be ruled by a thug called Mahinda Rajapakse and a team of utterly inefiicient and corruptors for several more years. This thug was in jail during the 80s during JRJ’s time I think for murder?

    • karu

      So MR is a thug. My goodman who brought in thuggery to politics? The guy who boasted that the only thing he couldn’t do is to change a woman to man. Remember who he was. Your JRJ. He was well and truly supported by his next door neighbor who contested for Kaduwela. You guys have forgotten late eighties where disappearances and murders were a part of the daily routine. Who ruled the country then? Remember? LTTE supremo was absolutely right when he said more than once the Sinhalese have a very short memory.

  10. Razick


  11. MaPer

    There is a major division in the country – Blue Mahinda Rajapakse) represent the majority Sinhala-speaking population, Yellow – Tamil-speaking (altho it is incorrectly represented by SF’s picture), and English-speaking by Green (Ranil Wickremesinghe) COMING COLOURS – NO GOOD. What fate befalls this land like no other will be seen very very soon.

  12. jayalal

    People will feel sorry for what they did by voting before long as no democracy can be delivered to them by rajapksha regine which has been proved right thorog the beging .

  13. London Minnal Sri

    Now the election is over and the UPFA have the majority they required to change the constitution. So President and his sibbling can rule the country for ever. Ranil should resign as the opposition leader and allow young blood like Sajith Premadasa to takeover UNP to the next decade. President should concentrate in resolving the ethnic issue. There is nor more excuses for the President. Basil should become the Prime Minister, Young Rajapakse should become the next Foreign Minister and the whole Rajapakse should run the country.

    • Ranabahu Gemunu

      Not so fast ‘Jose’. But I agree that time has come for Ranil to leave the party. Sajith has been waiting for the opportunity very patiently.

    • gamaya

      “Foreign Minister and the whole Rajapakse should run the country”.
      It should have been RUN AWAY from the country for them on tour and for us for our dear life !!!

    • Ranabahu Gemunu

      So many loves her for different reasons. but hardly qualifies to be a national political leader. These nice to have politicians must leave the party in order to restore the fortunes of UNP in the future.

  14. i miss my jhu in the parliament (kaha sivuru)

    • Ranabahu Gemunu

      JHU did their job very effectively in the last parliament. That is more than enough. Those “kaha sivuru” saved our country at the time of need.

      • Sanga

        had they contested n their own symbol they would have none so goes to Wimal WEERA

        • ayesh

          As some who suppoted JHU last time, I kinda feel ashamed the way it was SOLD to Mahinda by some power hungry idiots.
          There is a need for JHU politics more than ever as Mahinda regime, other than Lip service has DONE nothing at all to the Sinhala-Buddhist community.
          Many innocent Villagers still commit suicide, Farmers are toatly lost, a lot still suffering in Arabic countries, Young ones have no basic education facilities, deaf-blind is totally IGNORED, Not enough money allocated for Archaelogical Dpt, Mahinda dine with Mass murders of Buddhists, etc…

          And we still have some Jokers, here, praising Mahinda.

  15. Harsha

    He is Wimalaweera Madawansa.

  16. Sanga

    Thanks to Swrnavahai TV – for Cheap publicity given to Rosy & Merven goone- whos crockatile tears just before election won some sympaty votes from moodaas-

  17. RAVANA 2

    Those who wanted to vote did vote – and a majority voted for the UPFA. Those who did not vote cannot be taken to account as “may-have-voted” for any particular party because they did not vote. Therefore, just accept the peoples’ verdict and let the President continue to do his job that the majority who voted him wanted of him to do. Those who are aching and pining for the loss of their favorite party just blame themselves for not voting – and stop blaming the government for wining!

    • gamaya

      OK, what about those who are prevented from voting and chased away. and this is for your thought. preferential votes were counted many times in Colombo and results were not at all same on each count !!!!!!

  18. Rosy comes to my bed every night (in my dreams).

  19. Ayesh you are spot on. Well done. Keep writing

  20. this is the first and last election


    Long time we were wandering aimlessly without proper patriotic leader who loved the country and its people. Sometimes seeing ants and watching them, I was jealous about them as even them had leaders. We, Sinhalese/Buddhist were trampled and thrown on many directions by our conquerors, they destroy our culture and our temples and build Churches and Kovils and mosques in very foundation they stood. We were not given any chance to stand up on our feet. Everytime we stood we were pushed and shoved. SWRD brought our langauge as official language was one proud moment in our direstraight. But still many Sinhalese blame him doing so. When Nheru made Hindi as official language in 1948 – upto date not single Indain talked single word against it. But we do depising our own great Sinhala Language. When we were midnlessly butchered by LTTE and villages were mudered, Dalada and Sri Maha Bodhi bombed international community looked the other way until we found the Great Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now we can rejoyice thinking we also have a tomorrow and we have leader and true hero of ours. We should not look at the ants again in wandering mood and not be jealous about them any more.

    • All your assumptions could be correct, but believing MR as the Hero is the best of lies pumped in to your head by the state media or by any of their cohorts.

      MR is Great a Hypocrite.

      • Native Vedda

        Nicky we all love the island. Whose country is it?

        Whats wrong with building temples, churches, kovils and mosques in that island? This island once belonged to my ancesters. Your ancesters grabbed my land. What are you talking about Sinhala Buddhist culture? Do you know what custure means. We have culture too, your people and your Tamil brothers have been continuously destroyning what is rightfully our land and our culture.

        Buddha did not own this land nor the gods did not make you the choosen people.

        Man get your Indian history right. When Nehru and his hindi fanatics tried their best to enfore hindi onto rest of the people, there were struggle against the policy. Karunanithy, present Indian Foreign minister Krishna were in the forefront to to stop it. It may a proud moment when Banda made Sinhala as the official language pandering to chauvanist and excluding Tamil and my language (Mundaree), that was the day he force the country into self destruction. Now we know how the country was run and how we lost our freedom and went onto destroy all the good thing about the Island and its secular tradition and multicultural nature .

        The country can only produce butchers, brutes, thiefs, and dictators because it had lost its values for the short term chauvanism of its leaders and a minority of Sinhala/Buddhists which continue to benefit from this undemocratic state.

        Even Buddha cannot save the chauvanists from their own destructive path. He visited Sri Lanka three times to bless my ancesters not the Sinhalese. We followed him. We lost our land. The Sinhala leaders used his name to invoke Sinhala/Buddhist chauvanism. Now they have the whole island once owned by my ancesters. But we live a simple life once taught by Buddha.

        • You don’t sound a Vedda to me; you sound more like a LTTE rump or a Diaspora Tamil. You seemed to know nothing about the history of Sri Lanka.

          You do not know even the recent Indian history. Let me tell you; the DMK of Karunanidhi stood for 1962 election on a separation ticket. It proved that Tamils wanted not more power but separation. At that time Hindi was not made the national language of India. In fact, Hindi was made a national language of India only six years afterwards or 1968. So, Tamils cannot claim they started separation because Hindi was forced upon them. None of your argument hold any water.

          According to a German scholar named Wilhelm Geiger, Buddhist monks of the Mahavihara maintained chronicles of Sri Lankan history starting from the 3rd century BCE. These annals were combined and compiled into a single document in the 5th century CE by the Buddhist monk Mahathera Mahanama. If only you visit ancient monuments and rock edits anywhere in the country is enough to visualize the glory that described in them. So much so Geiger pointed out that Dipawamsa and Mahawamsaare are the primary sources for ancient South Asian chronology.

          How could have my ancestors grabbed your land when you didn’t have any in the first place. You can live on illogical arguments the ones that repeat by Dilshan and Coopu. I think both names represent one person. Anyway, it seems you do not know that there are no such Tamil annals, Tamil monuments or Tamil rock edits anywhere in Sri Lanka. LTTE tried to write a Tamil history for Sri Lanka. But they couldn’t find a single reputable scholar to back them.

          Rhys Davies, an eminent Oxford based history scholar says Sinhalese history goes back to 2500 years. He also says, there are no Tamil annals to prove Tamil reigns had existed anywhere in Sri Lanka for that long. True, Tamils from India had invaded Sri Lanka many a times. Sooner than later we chased them all out. The very fact that you didn’t have a Tamil reign in Sri Lanka like the ones that you had in India proves my point.

          Your Tamil annals, monuments and rock edits are all found in the present day Tamil Nadu area. For over thousand years it was known as Chera Nadu, Chola Nadu and Pandya Nadu. And none dispute that.

          Though worldwide Tamil population exceeds well over seventy million, they have no real estate that can be called a Tamil Country. We know that is the crux of the matter for the modern day Tamils. But you can never have it here, sooner you understand it the better for you.

    • saro

      Thanks to SWRD, with the official language he also brought in the 1956 riots where many tamils were butchered and not only opend the gates to an ethinic divide but also created the terroists (LTTE) too giving us 30 years of WAR! Power crazy mongrels are not bothered who gets killed,whether sinhala, tamil or muslim as long as they can hold on to power. So as long as there are idiots like us voters they make hay while the sunshines for themselves and their families. This is the true nature of politics.

  22. Dilshan

    Sarath Fonseka is a MP now, and He is going to give head-ache to Singheelam.

    • Dilshan

      for their un-gratitude behavior from Mongolian Ancestry. Well, they are not suppose to have Mongolian Ancestry as Monks shouldn’t touch our Eelam women to create Singheela Children.

  23. Dilshan

    Thamizhina Padukolaigal – Paper Back
    Cold-Blooded Killings of Eelamtamils.

    This book painstakingly records massacres that occurred between 1956 – 2008 from first hand information. Although the book is by no means complete the compilers have done a commendable job recording part of contemporary history without leaving it to future historians. Our gratitude is due to all individuals and institutions who laboured hard under trying conditions to compile this book.

    These massacres were carried out by the Sinhala armed forces ably aided and abetted by racist Sinhala politicians. The genocidal war against the Thamil people has killed more than 100,000 Thamils since 1956. In the last phase of the Eelam War IV (May, 2009) 25,000 civilians died and twice that number were seriously injured. Sadly some among them are some of those who worked on this project.

    Rev. Fr. M.X.Karunaratnam who functioned as the Chairman of the NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR) was killed in a Claymore attack carried out by the Long Range Reconnaissance Petrol (LRRP) of the Sri Lanka Army on April 20, 2008 in Vanni.

    The very first massacre deals with what took place in Inginiyakala on June 05, 1956 in the aftermath of the Sinhala Only bill passed in the parliament. This was the commencement of Sinhala mob terrorism against unarmed Thamils. The police was ineffective and remained mute spectators.

    The book goes to record in detail a further 156 massacres giving detail account of names of victims, occupation and age.

    The preface has been written by the well known Thamil activist Dr. Ellyn Shander MD. The book has been published by Manitham Publishers the well known human rights organization based in Chennai. Thamil Nadu.

    Applicable Octroi charges should be paid by the consignee

    • Karu

      Does this book include the killing of families including women, children and babies in boarder villages? Mass killing of buddhist monks at Arantalawa, Mass killing of civilians (many times) by suicide bombers in Colombo and other cities. The sytematic elimination of moderate Tamil leaders. I am sure according to the author above all are carried out by the Sri Lankan army. So much about human rights what a joke.

      • Dilshan

        All these REALLY happened during the IPKF period and done by EPRLF which was formed by India to wipe out LTTE. LTTE’s policy not to touch Singheela Brethren puzzled many of LTTE fighters but obeyed to their leader and targeted the Oppressive Singheela Govt Forces.

        Some of the above of your noted attacks had done by LTTE for revenging the Library bombed with the full of Youths.

        Since 1956, Singheela Govt is KILLING by oppressive manner taught by Evil Buddhist Monks without any Shame or Consciousness. But Karma carries on with ITs Cause.

  24. ddreamguy

    Why does a small island of 25000 sq mile needs 225 politicians in the parliment to run the Island. Does this mean the PM and President are not efficient ?. Or is it more the merrier strategy?
    Anyway it is the Island people who cast the vote to bring in the current party to power to do good for the people and country.

    A saying from John Kennedy…which was ” Think not what the country can do for u, but what you can do for the country”

    It goes without saying that the country should not be looted by the politicians.

  25. Saro

    Powerful governments and strong leaders (SLFP – SWRD-B in 1956, UNP- JR-J in 1977 and UPFA -MR in 2010) can only destroy the country and divide the people, because our leaders put their families and Sinhala-Buddhism in front and country last.

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