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Sajith Ready For More Responsibility

By Michael Hardy

For the fourth general election in a row, Sajith Premadasa won the highest percentage of preferential votes out of all UNP candidates on Thursday. The son of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa, Sajith won just under 90 percent of UNP votes in the Hambantota Electoral District, significantly better than party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s 68 percent of the UNP’s Colombo Electoral District preferential votes.

“I’m extremely happy and honored that the people have appreciated the development work that I have initiated with government power and patronage,” Sajith told The Sunday Leader. “The results make me even more determined to be recognized as the hardest-working politician in Sri Lanka.”

Given the UNP’s dismal island-wide showing in the election, Wickremesinghe is under pressure to step down and allow a more popular candidate like Sajith to take control of the party. Sajith told The Sunday Leader that while he is not seeking Ranil’s job, he would not decline a higher position in the party.

“If the party decides to bestow upon me greater responsibility, so be it,” Sajith said.

Sajith first entered politics in 2000, when he was elected to parliament from Hambantota with 83 percent of the UNP preferential votes. He won 82 percent of the preferential votes in the 2001 election and 84 percent in the 2004 election. Over those four elections Wickremesinghe won 82.5 percent (2000), 76 percent (2001), 74 percent (2004), and 68 percent (2010), respectively.

Sajith credited his victory to his voter outreach efforts in Hambantota.

“There are 1,414 villages in my district, and I keep in touch with all the people to ascertain their grievances, wants, and requests,” Sajith said. “I try to do my very best to fulfill their wishes.

96 Comments for “Sajith Ready For More Responsibility”

  1. Soni

    Sajith is ready to kill 5000 people just like his father did????????

    • Mihindu

      Soni, you are talking nonsense.

      • bala

        Are you having bad dreams ? President Premadasa was the greatest leader we ever had and the contenders include MR.


      Soni, STOP talking nonsense. U cannot judge a man by what his father has done. U r not in the year 2000 era. Go and get a life Soni. If u come to Hambantota u will see the progress that the city has made since 2000. Soni….u r good fo nothing

      • Janith (Sydney-Aus)

        LOL.. Progress in Hambantota was made thanks to President Mahinda and not Sajith.

        • Don

          Progress in respect to people’s lives, not just buildings and roads built by the Chinesey.

        • Gen

          Don oooch that was a hard knock on a Chintha Punakku eating Janith…

        • Kumudu

          Janith, You cannot say something about Sajith from Sydney, Mahinda just putting concreat to roads and building palaces for them, having motor shows.

        • bala

          Janith have a look at the progress MR has made in Hambanthotha by taking to the people there, not by buildings which give 33% commission to Sahodarayas.People in there are the most poverty stricken in the country. Do not make judgments from Aussy… wait and see how people will turn in a tide very soon..

    • True Democrat

      Why dont you remind your president that Karuna killed more than 5000 innocent citicens.

      Is not he the vice president of the ruling party.

      Little knowledge is very dangerous.

    • kugan

      just coz u eat in UPFA’s plate,
      u shouldnt accuse the poor sajith.
      sajith has a high potential to be a good president.
      hope he becomes the next president

      • mohomad

        Yeah… he will be a President while getting his internal opponents to his side… soon Ravi K. will praise Sajit.. and vice versa. That day is coming very soon… he will not repeat his father’s mistakes…

    • Bonapart

      Sajith has good potential to be one of the great leaders.

      But his weakness is he does not have a strong backbone to force the reins out of Ranil’s hand. He is just waiting till it falls onto his lap !

      What he should do is to start a strong campaign to evict Ranil and offer most required “leadership ” to UNP.

      • mohomad

        That is because he does not want to fictionalize the party. He want Ravi K. and all others to support him when he becomes leader. He is wiser than some think…



    • 1st Commando Rgmt

      I am not sure how old you were but Know what happened at that time as i was surviving officer. If not for that measure JVP would have ruined the country. The people like wimal, Mahindha , somawanse all took sri lanka to 1920 development. ( I specifically don’t want to talk about the rest who died as mark of respect to the dead) .

      • To commando Rgmt then you must be from capitalist class who adore elitism.
        If not for them country would have been pawned to Americans or Indians.

        • ranjit de mel

          mr.sheriff: most of your comments prove you are really a intellectual and a academic with a very high i.q. not like dr. mervin who was a total idiote when he was in the school.more comments from you is good for us.laughing a lot is good for sex. ranjit de mel berlin/COLOMBO

        • To Ranjit De Mel
          Okay Keep on laughing ,but there will be day to Cry also.
          Please dont overlaugh.

        • To Ranjit & Lankan
          Dont jump the que, it is my turn to amswer ranjit atleast you have regarded me more than that idiot is appreciative,
          My advice is also like Lankan said dont laugh too much because crying days are ahead for Srilanka besides more sex is dangerous unlike in Berlin, many meat shops are getting closed in Kelaniya & more Bars are comming up , get drunk & sleep without satisfying your wife, so the child wont know who the father is.
          Stay in Berlin ranjith dont come to srilanka as you cant enjoy sex here.

    • USA

      Rajaparaya killed more than 20,000 people,Janith come to SL and talk about progress….rajaparaya taking loans that sl can not effort you will see the results after 2013….cost of living will go up 3 to 5 times….we wornt be able to pay the interest with tax payers revenue.

      IDIOT….CAWARD stay in Australia so you wont see the SL poor peoples situation

      • Lion King

        Hey USA,

        You are real Western Ass Licker & Shameless Tamil Racist!

        We Lions Ready to Kill any number of LTTEiers in the future too.

        Don’t Day dream about Tamil Homeland after offering your ASS to USA & EU!

        We will never give any chance to Tamil Racists in Sri Lanka….


        • mohomad

          Have you gone mad ? George…. living in Melbourne where you get 18 hours of daylight 6 months a year and 18 hours darkness the rest of the year…. you must be mad to be there…. if you love SL get back here or else keep your mouth shut…

    • Harry

      As much as I know Premadasa did not play out the people or the country’s resources. Premadasa worked very hard for his people and the country. His son will also be as honourable as his father.

    • suren

      we need to talk sence to develop and support the president by having good opposition and you are making mockery of all

    • Eranga Wijesinghe

      Soni you are big idiot stop nonsense because of you idiots only we are suffering !!!!!!!

    • bala

      Did u see a bad dream?

    • wije Silva

      But his father did not complete the job as there are still JVPers who destroy the public property. Don’t think we have forgotton what JVP did in the past. Sirima and Premadasa saved the country.

  2. land like no other

    sajith ur the next president of s.l well done my boy,kick of the old fools in the party and make way to young ppl.soni u stupid cz u can type dont chat rubbish.

  3. Tony

    SONI———you do like living the past dont you but happy to say and thank god there are just a few of your beleif left in SL………..Sri lanka is on her way to acheive great hights under MR——-Sajith will come to play a predominant role.
    Mahinda R is no fool…he realises that Sajith`s loyal efforts and love for mother Lanka is needed

  4. solo

    I appreciate a few politician in SL, one of them at present is Sajith Premadasa, it is well evident in his preference he polled under such a trying condition. mind you the area he contested belong to MR, his elder son and brother contested with all their power and wealth (it really belongs to us) and UNP returned two parliamentarians while in matale and moneragala only one member. this victory belongs to him. I tell you if an election is held under only on merits, devoid of govt wave and affliation of candidates to son or brother to the president, Sajith would have polled >90%. he is eligible and future to UNP if any and definitely to SL. I cannot think of any others. all others are merely discards.

    • Yes i agree Sajith is the Man Of the Match in Elections.

      • Also remember folks two DNA women supporters were
        abducted by the Blue Brigade & raped now admitted to
        Matara Hospital, none of the Media highlighted this issue due to fear. CID & Police Force prevented Anoma & her supporters access to her in Hospital after much agitation & protest in front of the hospital only Anoma Fonseka allowed to visit her.

  5. Tony

    Well summed up SOLO
    You hit the nail hard and dry.
    Ranil and people like Soni must step down from their feudal beleifs.

  6. Mihindu

    Well done.You need to be deputy leader at least.

  7. suduputha

    honda kollek, Ela porak. long live Sajja, U ll be the next Leader of UNP…

  8. N.C.Wijeratne

    Sajith: I have heard of the work you do, and listened to the way you speak. I cannot understand why the UNP is not looking for people with charisma to lead the Party. I have nothing against Ranil- but Sajith should have been up there much before the Presidential elections!

    • Sen

      Totally agree with u.. Youths have to take over the party.. this election is not a defeat for UNP.. veters poor turn-over made it..

    • Hi Wijeratne..True..We need leaders in the UNP who look, speak and do things like leaders..Then people will believe anbd have confidence in them as leaders to start with.
      Can the Pooftar/Panzy looking Ranil depict a picture of a leader??cdoes he come out to be seen as a leader..I think not..It is best Ranil steps down and hands over the UNP leadership and Ranil can go back to his Kolu/Boys and retire.
      Then all are happy and beeter for the country also…
      Boys beware.

  9. Saradiel

    Sinhala proverb “GAHE KATU ULKARANNA ONANE” must be borne in mind. This is the man who did not come out on a limb to win the heart of the people in Hambantota at the Presidential elections. His target is to be the country’s head one day. Then it will be back to basics for Sri Lanka. Just wait and watch how Namal is going to perform in the near future abd learn from this rascal too, about the proverb.

  10. upul

    That is right. The UNP needs members who are in touch with the people of the country at grassroots level. Not just the Colombians, who are considered Alien by the majority.

  11. Aristotal

    Sajith is an articulate and well educated man whose social services have been recognised by international bodies. Whilst the current UNP leadership galavants around the world and have got their heads stuck up in their a—–s this man continues to devote his time and efforts to do the best for those unfortunate willages in Hambantota area. Unfortunately, the UNP constitution created by thethat old fogey JR jayawardena prevents hard working leaders like Sajith to step into their rightful place. Lets hope that Sajith will be hailed as the new UNP leader by those well meaning UNP supports and democratic loving Sri Lankans soon.

  12. RoBaKa

    Sajith is the most suitable leader after Mahinda. UNP should give him the leadership and people will make him the country’s leader.

  13. Ranjini

    Well done Sajith Putha. Wish you good luck and good luck for Sri Lanka with you as the leader. Thanks for the poor people in Hambantota for electing him.

  14. srini

    acording to his time he will be a leader after his 48′th birth day.
    so he shall wait

    • Preenapri

      *****My astrologer also told me (predicted) the same thing: that I will be the leader after my 48th birthday and before my 50th birthday. NOW, I am 75 years old =^_^= I wish Mr. Sajith Premadasa would become the next leader of SL. His father is/was one of the the leaders whom I most admired. The late R. Premadasa was a very hard-working man.

  15. Orpheus Perera

    Well Sajith is a different person although they will have some things in common. His dad was a mixture of good and bad. Out of all UNP ministers and presidents, Premadasa did lot of work for the common man. As the minister of housing and local government, he provided housing to hundreds of thousands of people. As the president he re-instated the workers who were sacked by JR.
    Bad side- He had the biggest group of thugs around him ,to knock off his enemies. He also made the mistake of supporting LTTE when JR did the clever thing by letting IPKA handled the north, while our army had to handle the terrorist in the south. Premada did not have a respect for professional Engineers and most of them migrated to other countries.
    Good luck Sajith! One day you can be a good leader, give life to UNP with good side of dad, plus your education.

  16. K.A.

    I voted MR in the last presidential.
    If Sajith contest the next one, I will Vote him without any hesitation.

  17. MaPer

    Why Ranil should not step down – he will garner the votes from the Colombo district, the educated, the elite, the English-speaking voters.
    Why Sajith should be given more responsibility – he got the 2nd highest preferential votes in Hambantota, the lives in and works for the people of the Hambantota district, he has experience and lived in a political environment – his father being a former president, at the inception he admitted his father had failings and he promised that he would emulate his father’s good deeds – AND HE HAS DONE THIS. Ranil should groom Sajith from now – to take over leadership, when he steps down. This is the only way Sri Lanka can at least have a vision for the future.

    • Orpheus Perera

      Ranil is not the correct person to groom Sajith. He can learn by himself. He has a knowledge of his dads mistakes and achievements.

      He should admire MR’ s courage. I am sure he has something that “Godayas”(as described by UNP supporters) of Hambantota to give him a large amount of preferential votes.

      His dad was a self made local politician who later got some support from the best Gentleman Politician in SL, Dudley, and then sided with JR because Dudley did not know that at times, you have to be cruel to be kind.

    • sachini

      Ranil should be just a MP… and may be Senior Leader. Sajit, Karu, Dayasiri can lead the future leaders….

      Ranil to groom Sajit ? how could he groom anyone ?

  18. Ruzaick

    sajith the greatest

  19. Ranabahu Gemunu

    Undoubtedly, Sajith has done a marvellous job. He is matured in national politics. With all its might the government forces lead by MR in his own backyard could not deny the peoples support for Sajith. My forecast on the election results was spot on 63-64% of the total seats for the coalition lead by MR. Sajith must support any initiative to get rid of the JR’s curse by changing the constitution. JR’s curse affected Sajith also, which allowed Ranil to bring some useless cronies into the parliament using preferential system. Good luck Sajith.

  20. Ranjith

    I like Sajith. But I still remember that how he and his goon steel all the valuable treasures of our temples and sold in western countries. I hope that Sri lankan will forgive him compared to what other ministers steeling now.

  21. Hector

    One man shows, super egos, blowing one’s own trumpets, hysteria, clamping people on depending mentality for politicians to thrive… WHEN WILL SRI LANKAN POLITICS MATURE? These accounts both by politicians themselves and newspapers are just sickening!

  22. muzammil

    UNP must prepare its future leaders,like JR did.Men like Sajith must be given
    wider responsibilities to develop their talents and give the people some
    visible changes.Sajith for his part, is decent,polite and loyal enough not to
    cause slightest hint that he is ready for the big job.But that doesn’t mean he is
    ready to be ignored.He must be given his place and UNP must bounce back
    with innovative young talents taking the lead with vigour.If not,present generation will have to to take the next generation only to the museum to show the UNP of once upon a time.

  23. kevin

    lol. another loser. lol.

  24. Ranil Plan is kill you by politically, that is why he not allowed you to come colombo. But he doesn’t know that is one of National Disaster. He need to end his political life over the UNP death.

    • ayesh


      One need no brains to judge Ranils decisions so far. He stopped power hungry & incapable people, like SB, Karu from taking power. Why he did that ? There is someone, younger, better on the block, waiting for his time to come. Have any idea who that someone is ?

  25. chamal

    Now it’s high time to have a strong apposition in the country, other wise the situation will be worse in next 3-4 years. UNP must reorganize, work hard & plan towards winning next general & Presidential elections.
    Other than Sajith I don’t see any other person who is suitable to lead the team.
    In another 6 months time, more UNP MP will leave the party and will join with MR.
    Left few will be the true green blooded, who will stay with the party whether win or loose.

    • sachini

      Chamal – there are many capable young leaders in the UNP.. Sajit should be a gateway to them..

  26. mALIN Abeyatunge

    Given a chance by Ranil, Sajith has potential to lead the future UNP.

  27. SB

    Sajith, May the Triple Gem bless you. We need a proper leader, to be proud of. All genuine UNPians are with you. Good luck for a bright future !

  28. ayesh

    I am not a UNPer, so dont know whether I will vote for this dude even in the future.
    BUT, I am starting to LIKE Sajith. Unlike Namal, Duminda and the rest of gang who were virtually pushed by thier big dads, Sajiths journey was a long hard one. His father neither encouraged nor promoted him.
    He came to this position from scratch ! And thats a character of a genuine POLITICIAN !


    This guy’s father R. Premadasa who started politics in Maradana, Panchikawatte area and went to Lawrence College in Maradana upto 7th standard and ended up in Buddhist temples doing auctioning of flower trays(Malwatti Vendesi) those days brought to politics by Dudley Senanayake for one and only reason: that he could disparage and villify people then in very low payment hawkers Maradana language. That was his beginning in politics and only qualification he possessed, which used by then UNP to villify opposition. So he started as a municipal counsellor in Colombo ended up as a president of Sri Lanka. His most infamous villification was against Mrs. Bandaranaiyaka saying that she gets elected as PM of the country – that countrymen have to wash the chair every month! That disgraceful, disrespectful, denigrating statement got him a nickname of Kanu Kata( sewage mouth), by which he insulted the entire motherhood of the universe! Since he was coming up in politics CIA groomed him to become president even his boss was against it, that’s JR. When Sri Lanka electoral system and getting appointed into highest level based on caste system – this man born and bread into lowest caste came to helm was due to CIA grooming. His Gam Udawa concept was given to him by CIA to break down Sinhalese/Buddhist concept of Sri Lanka which was rooted down in 100% Sinhalese/Buddhist villages. From this concept he build church, mosque and Hindu temple, where there were not single family of those denominations lived in those villages. To get a cover up, he first build a temple(whereas those places 4-5 temples were in existence). Once he got those relgious places built up slowly other religious denomination dilute the Sinhala/Buddhist villages. To carry out this program, Nestles(own by the Vatican) gave money to build a church; Al Farsi Foundation of Saudi Arabia gave money to build mosques and the rest of the money came from the CIA! This man did not do a job in his life time and without proper education ended up as landed proprietor filthy rich within three decades from money mostly came from oversees to break up the country and dilute the ethnic fabric of the country. So how come we trust his son who carries mostly this illgotten money.

    • Kumudu

      Nicky, how old are you, just because you lick Mahinda’s boot don’t insult people. Everyone has bone naked to the world.

      • sachini

        Nicky I am from Maradana Kehelwatta. Why are you insulting us ? Are we animals or being of a lower species ? Even as a President he lived in Kehelwata ,Sucharitha. Did you Medamukalana leader even think of shifting to Hambantota? Is he uplifting the poor people of his electorate as President Premadasa did for us. Colombo Central people know how much President PRemadasa did for them. It was a strong SLFP electorate like Hambanthota and President Premadasa’s activity in Colombo converted it to the strongest UNP seat. The Colombo Central number one MP was a SLFP guy initially then Peter Kenaman a CP guy. Premadasa was 4th in the list. He became 3rd MP first then 2nd and then 1st. Hambanthota will convert to a UNP Bastian ultimately. Mark my words.

      • Lound

        Nicky – Nestles owned by Vatican ? ha ha ha lol… do you think all of are fools like u… hik hik hik. You are hilarious….

    • solo

      Mere baseless allegations like this government doing, I am not ardent supporter of Premadasa but Poor people still remember him he provided shelter for all (at least a section) which non of the present day politician have done(In fact they build up their home and home for their children) Most importantly he wiped out the Desapremi insurgents, other wise, country would have been a banana republic and I do not like him for some of his other actions

      Coming back to his son, Sajith, he is popular only on his merit he did not use his father’s name or any other’s and he came to politics many years after death of his father. and he stays and experience the pain and hungry of the poor mass and help them as much as he can and I hope he would be a perfect leader of tomorrow. he is an example THE politician

    • To Nicky
      No , No these are lies fabricated by you. sorry we cant suck these, in fact he was against building of Mosques , Churches, & kovils, for a short time, later on he changed the stance.

    • wicks

      Nicky, first change your name ‘NICKY’. Thats a western name to begin with, and doesnt match your racist ideology.
      R Premadasa was the only leader who had done something good for SL and you cannot deny it. You are a worthless moran full of hatred in your blood. Sajith is good enough for SL in future and he will do a good job. Srilankans dont anymore think the way you do. We have rejected racist elements and we look forward to build this country – a united SL, either with MR or with Sajith. I wonder what kind of intelligent officer you are!

  30. SB

    Dear Solo, Thank you very much for talking genuine and telling the truth. Some people talked above are only throwing mud. Mr. Premadasa did many good things. But unfortunately due to his bad side, all those good was washed out. We know MR also did many good things. But let’s wait and see how the excess power leads a person to the bad side. However, we are proud about our Sajith. We await for his day. Good luck Sajith.

  31. To Nicky Karunaratna
    I am not a Premadasa Fan, I too know the history of many leaders , your statement is partly correct , many leaders have history of hidden tarnished characters including the present president, main thing we should look at their track records to my
    knowledge still not a single president has achieved development
    as him, true he had many bad sides, still none can match him.

  32. SB

    To Nicky Karunaratne,

    Before throwing further mud to people, go and stand in front of a mirror and try to understand who you are. Sajith will learn from these mistakes and will go a long journey, I am very hopeful. We all are with him. Hambantota people already proved it.

  33. solo

    Nicky Karunarathna,
    Wow, a good story. I do not care about his past before his president-ship and I value only his good services, by the way, were you one of the admirer of Hemawathie? and missed the bus.

  34. ayesh

    Ohh Dear Sunday Leader, We all know you strongly disapprove any kind of censoring. BUT please please don’t let this jerk to bombard this forum with FILTH.
    This Jerk is way over the line !!

  35. i think nicky has some personal grudge , actually it is we should
    have grudge with him, but we have forgone & respect his abilty
    as a one man show he achieved a lot for the develpoment of the poor. colombo UNP vote base is intact because of him.


    Personal grudge for what? I am not even living in your part of the world and I am a young guy and world is my oyester. What I have done here is some food for thoughts for you guys who are praising people without knowing the facts files of your so-called heroes. I don’t even harm an ant so don’t have any grudge against me as truth can be very bitter for blind, unintelligent and ignorent. What we do here in our dialogue – is interaction, exchange of ideas and giving truth to others to enlighten them in their life journey. If those facts are incorrect or rubbish please don’t take it. It is only for intelligents who love to get knowledge and knowhow. Human beings are very vercetile animals. When your partner or wife ovulating times without her or partners knowledge we get close to them becoming more possessive and loving without even mind interaction of it. It is chemistry of nature. It is happenning to other animals too even though they don’t have the luxury of mind and thinking ability like us. So we intelligent beings should know only listen and read without making our blood get poison or hatred. After all who is Premadasa to me. I am talking only about Sinhalese/Buddhist and their only piece of real estate where they belongs to – place call Sri Lanka and people who done damgaed to it and not to individuals please.

  37. SB

    Let him do that striptease and get naked himself. Already the readers realized who he is and that he fits for Angoda. It’s sheer filth. See ! This fellow does not even understand how Gam Udawa and all other concepts benefited our people. Our society. Let him get naked.

  38. mFz

    hey nicky..i think you can right some erotic stories instead of mud bathing our former president..


    One man’s hero is another man’s viilain. That’s the fact of life. Anyway people select their heroes according to their level of intelligence and their way of appreciating third grade low level they can go into their life matters. No self-respecting man will say this type of chracter’s their hero. Any way not for me please. See guys like India’s Ambadkar who wrote Indian constitution and became India’s first minister of Law & Justice. Born as low-caste in Indian society, could not enter the class room but been outside took the lessons and studied; could not drink from the same tap school children drank water, but did two Phd’s. What did your heroes did mate? People have not seen heroes – yeah of course good for them. For Leela’s question – you have to ask from EDPD leader Douglas Devananda. He visited Premadasa everyday morning at 5.00am like a prayer for all his contracts at so-called Suchiritha Mawathe. In return Premadasa kept them at Fife Rd house armed to their teeth paying 50,000.00 rupees monthly rental. Political murders and revenge killings of Sri Lanka – one have to write volumes!

    • rodrigo

      Nicky, if you are cocksure about the the findings, there are better forums for you to highlight the precious intelligence facts gathered through your agency. finally what matters is , what the leader has done for the marginalised and the downtrodden.raising the standard of living of the masses even by a minute.not personel life.his caste, where he studied.whom he married.what he did for living in young days etc

    • Psycho

      Nicky dont try to showoff your intelligent dicky, OK ?

      No one cares a rats backside whether you are an Intelligent Officer at CIA, KGB, CID or Interpol. We are just simple “poll ady” simons, right?

  40. Psycho

    Oh god Sajit No! No! No,.

    He is the son of a nut, he has nut genes.

  41. NonResident

    Sajit, well done! Its hightime you made a case and a claim for the UNP leadership. If you, in the best of spirit wait for for the reigns to be offered on a plate, it will be too late as from what is currently put on display Ranil W, you make get your turn late into the Namal Dynasty. If you decide to wait till then, you may have to amend the UNP constitution to included something in there to address the position of a permanant opposition leader from the UNP.


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  45. gamarala

    I remember reading in the media that President Premadasa left an estate worth Rs.240 Million – big money in those days, though born poor in Keselwatte in Colombo. The worst thing he did was to veto the Mawella Coal Power project. If this had been commenced, we would not now be having this CEB white elephant.
    His donating lorry loads of weapons to LTTE and getting rid of the IPKF prolonged the conflict. This again set the nation back many decades. His brutal way of decimating the JVP insurrection antagonised many in the south. His Mobile Presidential Secretariats did some good, though.
    But his son Sajith has a clean record and is uncorrupted yet.

  46. Even if Sajith becomes president, he will not be able to undo the damage already done to this ciuntry , in his life time.

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