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Sanath Gets To Have The Cake And Eat The Cake

Master blaster Sanath Jayasuriya, who contested from Matara District in Thursday’s general election, romped home with the highest number of individual preferential votes among contestants from the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

Jayasuriya, a son of the soil, got 74,352 votes as against 70,439 polled by Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Minister of Culture, and 67, 510 secured by Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena, Minister of Mass Media.

Jayasuriya had come in for flak from the public after the Elections Commissioner allowed him to cast his vote a day ahead of the official polling day, treating it as a postal vote.

It was said that Jayasuriya had no legitimate grounds for asking to be allowed to vote in advance.

They pointed out that he was going to be away from the country not to play for Sri Lanka, but to earn money for himself by playing for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League.

25 Comments for “Sanath Gets To Have The Cake And Eat The Cake”

  1. anthony jones

    At last the ball tickler made it to the house of the nincompoops, hopefully he will survive to be able to be a tickle-a-bee unlike his neighbour from a few towns away, the now mightless general. a j.

    • True Democrat

      This shows the quality of the politiciansin Sri Lamka It’s not service to the nation that comes first but making money.. He is greedy for money and decided to participate in this tournament.
      He should sacrifice his match fee or donate to an orphanage in the area .
      When that happens , Pigs will in Sri Lanka

  2. Guru Sathyadasa

    I recommend Sanath Jayasooriya to the post of Minister for Sports. If this happens, Sri Lanka will have another Guiness Book Entry for having a sports minister represnting the country in cricket in international matches including the forthcoming world cup!

    • Cren

      Yes!! The Guiness Book is flowing in records,with Guiness Lanka in every chapter………….

  3. VRKA Muragedera

    Leave the boy alone, he has to somehow maintain the lifestyle he has become so accustomed to, the only way is to hitch his carriage to the gravy train. Poor village boy made good, first came the talent, then came the fame, now comes the power, just wait for the corruption and the booty.

  4. Praba

    Did anyone wonder why his wife & children left the country before the elections? This is the first time he is contesting & the family has abandoned ship!!!!

    • Cren

      They’ll be back to be apart of his mega wangu money, money, money, it’s so funny in a rich mans world.He’ll put up a printing complex for dollars for his Matara folks and host the next IPL season in Matara.Matara is for a rocking time natamin baila!!!

  5. Sanath is now a filthy waste of time to SLanka cricket..A selfish Pig who is tagging along in the SLanka T20 world cup team when he does not desreve to be there under any reason.He has been dropped from the Mumbai IPL team for the past many games.

    YET, this village boy;s greed and Pig headedness will not allow him to give the place to the more desrving and in-form younger players..I and the cricketing public have lost all respect and regard to to another budding crook with no proper ideals or principles…Get Lost Sanath…SLanka Cricket team Does NOT need you now nor does it want to carry a old and wasted passenger.

  6. sonny


    • Sonny..who is this majority you are talking about??SLanka cricket is well into the world map already and does not nee’d Sanath’s poor current form to do anything better…If he continues playing and now as an incompetent cricket development minister, we may soon be taken of the world map of cricket and be relegated to village cricket again..

  7. pinky

    Sanathi is getting all the privileges as he is in President’s party. No one can stop it.

    • Yes,,Sanath will Lick and continue to be a ..Pin Adiyah…from now on..His days of a Pol Adiyah are gone many years ago.
      Sanath..Go home and play with your kids..let the better players play cricket.

      • Just saw the scores..Sanath was yoday given a chance in the Mumbai IPL team to play , having been dropped for the past Many Games. GUESS WHAT..Scored only 1 run and was out as a’ soft Dismissal as he spoons a catch to extra cover…even thebowler did not expect to get a wicket with that delivery.
        So Sanath..once again..hear us loud and clear..If this is what you have to offer, Piss OFF from the Slankan T20 team..we like and want our SL team to do well..with you, that chance is very limited…Please go and do yourself and the cricketing public a huge favour.

  8. Nimal Maskeliay

    Good luck Sana boy. Hope you don;t use your power to stay in the team forever.

  9. USA

    another Asswipe…disgrace to the Country

  10. kammyrox

    This is a disgraceful way to end your great career as a reputed cricketer. Month or 2 ago when u were in Singapore, somebody asked u whether u were contesting for general elections at once you said “No”. So, what made you change your mind so soon? I feel so sorry to read all the comments above, but sadly you asked for most of it. Its a known fact that no reputable guy joins the Sri Lankan politics, apart from the siblings of the existing good for nothing politicians.
    So, probably next time u r on the field your set of body guards also will join you. Ahahaha Then the commentators will have to call you the Minister of Sports Sri Lanka is not the usual Master Blaster Sanath Jayasuriya.

  11. Max

    It’s high time Sanath stepped aside and allow a young cricketer to take his place.

  12. ayesh

    This Sanath dude is stingy & money hungry. And lecherous, as most of us know.

    He has given NOTHING to Matara all these years.
    No school received a cent from this dudes private money, No hospital received a cent.

    This Rich dude who came from humble beginning yet to deliver anything to poor/humble Matara people.
    Yet, Matara pisso, should I say SLFP pisso, elected him.

    • Yes..THe modayas of Matara can’t be that stupid..Sanath only talks..I cannot recollect him doing or donating anything towards charity.
      Even after his mother was rescued/injured in the Tsunami, he chose not to offer any help from the mega millions he has earned..after coming as a village boy from Matara..
      This greedy pig will squeeze SLanka cricket to the marrow for his benefit..After that, he will milk the country and Govt as a minister…shameful scum..No respect at all for this fellow now..Piss off Sanath

  13. Janaka

    I am not a political supporter but am a cricket fan. Sanath Jayasuriya is an iconic cricketer whose exploits in the field has made us proud all these years. Being a cricketer is a better qualification than being a known gangster, drug trafficker or murderer when it comes to being a politician.

    He may have his faults, and greediness is a universal problem…but he is still sanath jayasuriya and let us wish him all the best in his new career! To do anything else would be to forget the past and we will be no better than the politicians!

  14. SANATH..Just Get Lost..You were good then but now you are a WASTE OF TIME in the SL team..If you have any shame, step down from the SL Team.

  15. HERO

    So Sanath is deserved to be a politician of Sri Lanka.. God bless this country!!!!

  16. Calistus Jayatilleke

    A cricket commentary in the not too distant future:
    ” The Honourable Minister of Sports of Sri Lanka is now getting ready to hit the ball, Oh yes, the bowler is running forward and the Hon. Minister has hit the ball. The ball is now running down and the Hon. Minister is running between the wickets. And with him, the members of his Ministerial Security Guards are also running. What a nice scene. This has never happened before anywhere in the world. Must keep the video footage for posterity. Oh no, the Hon. Minister went for an unnecessary run and seems to have run out. The ground umpire is about to lift his finger to declar him out, but then the Ministerial security team is running towards the ground umpire with their guns pointed at him. Oh my God, now the decision is referred to the Third Umpire. The Third Umpire is going through the video footage. The spectators are all watching with gaped mouths to see the outcome. Yes, the Third Umpire says the Hon. Minister is OUT. Oh No, the Hon. Minister refuses to accept the verdict and stands near the wicket without moving. Just then, he took a telephone call from one of the mobile phones of his security guards. Within a few minutes, a telephone call comes to the Third Umpire threatening him with dire consequences of severing diplomatic relations with the host country and reporting him to the ICC. That call came from the Hon. President of Sri Lanka. And our happy Hon. Minister continued to play and no one dared to declare him run-out therafter” “Coming colour no good”

    • Hi Calistus..It will be even worse than what you described…The guns will also get pointed when Sanath needs to get dropped from the team( with his walking stick and/or wheel chair).
      Then when his greed continues and he wants to make the money that is dangled in fron t of him,then it will be more degradation and shame for the country..Of copurse not for Sanath..bcos if he had any shame or self respect , this sucker would have stepped down from the team by now, rather than forcing himself into it.
      Shameless gutter snake.

    • tilvin

      Hey Calistus – you forgot to mention the ubquitous white van when the “hon” minister was given out :)

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