Chief Justice Postpones General Fonseka’s FR Case

A three member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Asoka de Silva today (26) postponed the hearing of the Fundamental Rights (FR) petition filed by former Army Commander and DNA Colombo District parliamentarian Retired General Sarath Fonseka’s wife, Anoma Fonseka on behalf of her husband.

Anoma filed the case seeking the release of her husband General Fonseka from military custody has been postponed to July 8.

The Supreme Court had arrived at this decision in order to give time for both parties to formulate objections.


16 Comments for “Chief Justice Postpones General Fonseka’s FR Case”

  1. Mano

    Delayed Justice ——-> Injustice Hmmmmm

  2. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    We wish that our Hon.President will take action to release Gen.Fonseka as soon as possible. The Flexibility is ih the hands of the Hon.President

    • JG

      MR wants SF to beg for pardon, what ever he is ecused of SF will not stoop to that level, in the meantime the only hope of justice is being denied through the delays of the supreme court. The Military court is a Kangaroo court and all appointees are MR’s boot lickers, so is the CJ and list goes on. We will soon see the requied six MP’s crossing over to the ruling party to form the 2/3rd majority, then the amendments to allow a 3rd term for the president eventually it will be a ONE PART politics and everyone else will be TRAITORS, TERRORISTS or INSURGENTS. After Mahinda it wil Namal and we will be doomed for another 30 years

    • Dilshan

      Caste System is very very strong in Singheelam. Govigama will NEVER Bow to Karawa.

    • Dilshan

      But both got white skin. One with Portugese, otherone, we don’t know.

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Gen.Sarath Fonseka is recognised as the best Militory commander in the world. I am sure that even Barak acceps that. He will never ask pardon from the Hon.President. Our Hon.President must think twice and give him pardon. We wish that he will make his decision as soon as posible

    • Dilshan

      What did Sarath do wrong to be pardoned. As a Brave Warroir, he destroyed Terrorism and asked politely and strongly to give up Dictatorship Rule. Is that Wrong or Crime?

      • Sisira

        Hay Dilshan,

        You do know what he did wrong. Abusing the power of chairmanship of the tenderboard to make undue money for his family members!.. you think he did not do that? Do you approve his betrayal of other army officers… don’t talk rubbish. He was arrested NOT for fighiting against was rather for the irrepairable damage he did to this country after his resignation in November.

        • dam

          There was no damage done to this country, if done the international community would have taken action by now… You guys are so naive to believe all these cooked up stories…..

        • Dilshan

          I wanted to say what Dam said…. Sisira, you are so NAIVE. You will learn more about this crook world as you grow.

    • gundappa

      ah my frriend from Vancouver !

      Could not recognise it was your two cents worth, without reminding us of your degree and place of domicile

      Please do not fail to remind us off and on

      Tut tut, even with your degree in English, your basic spelling needs a make over

      we were taught that the correct spelling of “MILITARY”was not the way u have spelt it.

      Please go back to the university which awarded u the degree.

      U know, these degrees can be bought

  4. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    I don`t know what happened to our most responsible Buddhist monks. I spoke above words as a very close relative of Ven.Wariapola Sri Sumangala, Ven Weliwita Saranankara ete.

    • Dilshan

      If you want a Truth….. They are the problem….. Very Very Biased. After all they have nothing to do with Eelam/Hela, but they are very biased with the Buddhist Convert Singheela People and ignore or even kill others, specially the Indigneous People.

  5. raguna

    A pardon will never be asked and neither be given. The only way out is for the citizens who believe SF is right, to get aligned together and struggle. SF being elected as an MP is good but I don’t see him going further unless some dramatic changes to the way of thinking of all opposition parties is being done. Meanwhile the country will soon go back to ‘Jumbo Cabinet’ era, eating out public money and creating ‘Suba Anagathayak’ for the lucky ones.

  6. Appuhami

    bad show CJ…

  7. dam

    Isn’t it CONTEMPT OF COURT to continue sittings of this Military court with this case is pending Judgement ???

    They already made over one sitting after this case was filed

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