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JVP Accuses UNP Of Supporting Rajapaksa Company

The  JVP has accused the main opposition UNP of supporting the Rajapaksas and that the party has abandoned its role as an opposition political party.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva told the media that the UNP’s decision to second the proposal to appoint Chamal Rajapaksa as Speaker of the seventh parliament has helped the Rajapaksas, also known as the Rajapaksa Company, establish their powers in even within parliament.

He said the UNP, after raising a massive voice against the Rajapaksas during the last few elections, especially in relation to nepotism, was now shying away from its responsibility of guiding the country in the proper path where democracy is upheld.

He further observed that the UNP was taking every possible step to have cordial relations with the Rajapaksas, whom they have accused of all possible wrongs.

According to Silva, the UNP no longer carried out its work as an opposition political party.


25 Comments for “JVP Accuses UNP Of Supporting Rajapaksa Company”

  1. Mano

    Not UNP but it is Ranil who did that. So Ranil should be blamed. Ranil should stand for a leadership election with other aspirants among the general membership ( 1 million or more ) of the UNP.

    • Gangdhi

      Tamils and Indians in Ceylon are priviledged minority. They dominate the economy, education, professions and so on as much as they did when Ceylon was a part of the british Empire. The British are gone and the Indians got it as the dowry and they run the Empire. We have to liberate not only the Ceylonese but Fifians, Kenyans, Ugandans and so on from these Indian Imperialist and colonists. The Indians went under the cover of the british guns and they are the colonialasites of the british Empire.
      Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays should unite behind the government and ask for equal rights and removal of priviledges enjoyed by the Minority Tamila and Indians.

      • kugan

        wat privilege is enjoyed by the tamils?
        be more clear u freaking racist.

        • Gangdhi

          There are more Tamils who have gone to the West compared to others. There are more Yamils in the Businesses in Ceylon. The unemployment rate is much lower among the Tamils. They have their own exclusive areas of land that is not available to other communities. There are more Tamil professionals. business people and wealthy people compared to other communities in Ceylon.
          It is time the other communities asked for the same level of participation in the society.
          There are less Tamils in Jails (excluding any terrorists), less homocide and suicide among Tamils compared to other communities in Ceylon.
          These are the real measurements of human rights and equal opportunity.

      • your 1.8 million majority votes President has nominated 36 permanent secretaries….not a single Tamil….this is the privilage fool..where do you live modaya land?

        • billy

          basic fact is there r not many trust worthy tamils out there, they need to earn trust of the rest of the country for their past destruct ions before they claim for anything

      • if you want to develop yourself you must work hard…but modayas …are lazy …have no backbone…

    • Bonapart

      What nosense !
      Ranil = UNP
      Therefore what Ranil did was what UNP did !
      When Ranil is to be blamed that is UNP blamed !

  2. Dilshan

    As long as Ranilrani is in charge, UNP will support Rajas in LOVE.

    • Gangdhi

      All Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays were behind the UNP under D S Senanayake. Who divided the UNP then?. Indian Intelligence Service that used the Fort and Pettah merchants to finance the SWRD and the then ailing leftists.
      After fifty nine years the boomerang has returned. The UNP should support UPFA to regain what the Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays lost with the arrival of British and their colonial parasites.

    • Anti Dilshan

      This guy Dilshan, is a thamby electrician writing from Canada.

      Just ignore him , he is of unsound mind.

  3. Psycho

    Well done UNP, now its a matured party,not a flyby goons like JVP/DNA.

    Opposition for opposition sake will ruin the country,thats what SF wants to do as a mouthpiece of the west.

    Constructive criticism is welcome.

  4. Voice of UVA

    JVP is not a political party that believes in values of Sri lankans. It is a party based on hate and anger. Their critism of MR or UNP is useless. I wonder what happened to their leader Somawansa, is he dead or left the country.

    • dp

      jilmart uncle is trying to find his way out of the garbage bin..the leader of the jvp doesn’t get a slot in the national list….he has t try his Jilmart from UK..

    • M.H.Sheriff

      To Voice of UVa
      You are politically ignorant.

      • Voice of UVA

        M.H Sheriff, It is better to pretend to be ignorant when it comes to dealing with JVP cohorts like you and and political party built on hate and violence.

  5. Gangdhi

    Comon comrade Tilvin, It is ok for you terrorists to support Rajapaksa & Co. Now they have wiped out the the other terrorists of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) they are not to be helped by others. You terrorists were financed by the same Third Eye (Indian Intelligence Service, the most secrative and rutheless intelligence service in the world) that financed, trained and managed the other terrorist group in Ceylon.
    For you and other leftists the bourgeoisie in Ceylon are not Indians. (Indians include Tamils).
    Go to a western country and the leftists of those countries will look after you with the help of the Third Eye. Follow Laiya and go go to the “capitalist” West.

  6. chandika

    Janatha Vihilu Peramuna. That name suits you well.

    • M.H.Sheriff

      To chandika
      Mahinda Came to power through this Vihilu peramuna.

      • Psycho

        Hey Thamby sherief with 3/4th tool, its time to send you to “Naaki Madama”. Sorry dont come to Angoda, you might annoy me.

  7. Lionel

    UNP or Ranil have done this many times, they like to burn their fingers.

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