The World Cup Of Instant Cricket

The T20 World Cup is upon us. The Sri Lankan squad has yet to get settled into the conditions in the West Indies. Our lads have not had much experience in the Caribbean Islands. Even the seniors have hardly played in that neck of the woods.

But we are talking of instant cricket and there is no time for settling in. This is true for all the sides so that evens the scale somewhat. The first warm up did give our lads a taste of things to come. They did not score too badly after a disastrous start when batting. I have had faith in Chamara Kapugedera and it was good to note that he did come good in the warm up.

Getting into the final of the last World Cup does not mean that we will be favourites once again. This form of the game assures nothing to any team. Note what the Zimbabweans did in their warm up. We meet the New Zealand side first up and they too will rely largely on spin. Plenty of runs expected from this one and it’s going to be a block buster of a tourney.

Young lads watching this World Cup should do so for the entertainment value but not as a means to emulate in their early days of cricket. The fare on offer wouldnt be close to that from any coaching manual. But this form is not for the purist. It is yet a challenge and those who can innovate will sparkle. The team that does so throughout the tourney will lift the trophy. Enjoy the drama.

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  1. rajapaksa

    I think all the parliament members should be inlcuded in the squad for this 20/20 like sanath.
    Mervyn – keeper
    Gota – fast bowler
    Basil – spinner
    Sanath – blaster
    Mahinda – coach
    weerawansa – umpire
    nimal sripala – doctor
    GL PIERIS – water boy
    etc etc

  2. Jay

    Dapan raja huthage hora ganu tika oita wada hodai.

  3. SB

    There’s plenty of talent hidden, all over the island including North. Please identify it and form the best for our country. As a player you did the best service to Cricket of our country. Now, please carry forward the good work. Good luck !!

  4. Sanath is a shameless person..I now have no regard for this greedy and out of form fellow..He has no qualities of a good cricketer who would have bowed out and given so many other better players a chance.
    This pig is staying in and clinging on to the team like a parasite and diminishing the team’s talent and the morale of the team..I wonder why the team is not doing well.I hear that there is huge anger and hatred that this paraiah sanath is forcibly in the team when the better players are dropped or not even in the squad…..spit on the entire adminstartion and selection of the SL team.
    Piss Off sanath

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