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on potatoes
and making love
i dont remember
what i said
to let you down easy
but i remember
your voice breaking
and then my heart.
its february again
and my mouth runs dry
click after click
a beautiful wedding.
then i finally stop
feeling like
an intruder, a peeping tom
she looks happy
and you look
well, like you
so heres to you
my friend, my almost lover
here’s to your toyota
and her picket fence dreams

Late Night Madness

beautiful man,
with your
half closed eyes
and clefted chin
will you ever know?
what it’s like
to need to want
this urge to feel
my skin on yours
your mouth on mine
touch and taste.
desire and possess.

Christmas Gift

your gift  for me
came early this year
wrapped in a silk dress
introduced casually
across the dinner table
come all the way
from the united states
i tried to look pleased
a picture of sheer grace
hid the lump in my throat
with the smile on my face
but later that night
the tears they did come
as i wrapped my gift for you
long after you took her home

Multi Tasker

impressive how
you hold her
by the hand
and me
by the heart

How I Lie To Your Girls

(—– she’s pretty)
“Come sit down with us”
(At least my ass looks better)
“I love your dress”
(You look like a slut)
“What? You like my shoes?
(Yeah my boobs are bigger)
“He told us about you”
(I pretended not to hear)
“Oh have some dessert”
(I hope you get fat)
“Was lovely meeting you”
(Every second was torture)
“Do join us again”
(And I will stay home)

So I’m Leaving

It’s late
I wonder
How you can be
In two places
At once
Inside my head
And inside her
It’s late
I’m tired
Is it alright?
If I decide to go
When she
Is about to come

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