The Sunday Leader

Selected Poems From Monsters

nights like today
i wish i was six
so i could run
to my parents
and hide away
from monsters
not under
but in my bed

Sleeping Single

how very crowded
your bed must be
with all your insecurities
multiple back up plans
and the many masks you wear.
do they keep you warm?
make you smile in your sleep?
when you lie alone
head cushioned,
on your pillow of indifference
snug, under that blanket
woven with your selfish ways

Chauvinist Pig

are everything
a girl is warned about
that dreaded male specimen.
but what can i do?
if this girl loves her bacon.


i ran my hands
across my shoulders
down my neck
the hollow of my throat
collar bones, smooth and sharp
over the swell of my breasts
contours and curves
of rounded hips.
i felt, my thighs like silk
and calves drawn taut.
every inch of skin,
fingers and toes
and mine alone.
i need to remember
my body
this way.
still mine.
still untouched.

Facebook Is Evil

was cool and dry
static on the line
that night
you asked me
to marry you
said we could live

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