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Tissa Underground

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Senior journalist J. S Tissainayagam remains incognito – hiding in a safe house, despite a Presidential pardon, according to close family members.

Tissainayagam’s father Martin Jayaratnam Tissainayagam told The Sunday Leader that his son was not staying with them. “His lawyers don’t want him speaking to anyone. He is under protection, though he has been pardoned,” Tissainayagam Snr. said. He added “We ourselves haven’t seen him for some time.”

Tissainayagam’s wife, Ronnate, is currently overseas – and could not be contacted for comment.

In parliament on Tuesday, several MPs commended the decision made by the President. Some said that the reason for the delay in issuing the pardon was due to Tissa lodging an appeal against his conviction.

Tissainayagam was sentenced to 20 years Rigorous Imprisonment on August 31, 2009. Convicted under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, the harsh Supreme Court decision had many media organisations calling for his release. Tissainayagam was convicted of inciting communal disharmony by printing, editing and circulating a magazine called North Eastern Monthly. Arrested and jailed since March 2008, he was released on bail in January this year.

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  1. CP

    Are you trying to say that he is in Govt custody like the fake Journalist Ekneligoda.?It makes me wonder whether Sunday Leader “journalists” have inherited the “cry baby “syndrome from the JVP- The Jathika Vihilukarainge Pakshaya.

    • a jaya

      CP, i wish Eckneligoda would have been your father or son for u to feel the pain

  2. prabha

    yeah keep hiding u coward! u are lucky to be pardon u ltte terrorist!

    • Viraj

      Oh, you yakkos, you can never be reformed. History will teach you in good time. Do you ever think of Lasantha, u paraiyas!

      • prabha

        yeah u saw how history was made & final outcome? come any time we are ready! no place fr terrorist like tissa! now wife applying fr assylum overseas yes we these type of kariyas! they need war n trouble to go overseas. lasanthas case everyone knows da culprite. ask da editor she wl tell u. tissa supported LTTE anyone doing this wl be taught a lesson! anytime! welcome sakkiliya

    • Edward

      By what standard you call LTTE and Tissa terrorist? If the state elected or otherwise indulge in terrorism to subjugate the people oppose to it, what you call it? State terrorism or legitimate law enforcement. Beside terrorizing it also frame draconian laws to suspend the rule of law and the constitutional rights by imposing emergency regulations. You will not understand the pain and sufferings untill you own dear ones suffer by these regulations.
      Can you say any crime the LTTE guilty of the government is not guilt?
      Abusing and betraying the Public trust robbing Public money is also terrorism, killing the persons who exposes such crimes is a worst form of terrorism.
      Just branding others a terrorist he will not become a terrorist nor you will become a saint. Your actions speak louder.

      • don

        edward get your head checked let the govt rob money if thats the case like unp did & ltte took all cash jewllery fm innocent tamils. dont compare ruthless baby killers to anyone else. TISSA IS A TERRORIST! everyone knows this. may he rot in hell

  3. Ari

    Tissainayagam’s wife, Ronnate, is currently overseas… hmmm Tissa got what he wanted, asylum abroad. This is the standard ploy of these so-called journalists…

  4. anthony jones

    To the uncivilised illiterate yakko’s all tamils are terrorists.

    I wonder why on earth did the president pardon him, he would have been better off fighting his appeal.

    Nobody except the king himself knows on what grounds was the pardon granted ?. The terms of the pardon, even his excellency may not know why he did it.

    Can a pardon be granted is the next question, when there is a matter before the court still pending.

    Knowing the politicans there many be mant a reason behind this pardon.

    Your guess is as good as mine. a j.

    • prabha

      yes fr any tamil supporting ltte or wanting to create trouble its a terrorist! look at da docs of tissa n then talk n what he wrote. plus his communications with ltte. he shud be snt to gallows! why da king pardon him idont know but bad move… now ideal grounds fr assuylum tissa washing dishes in mcdonnels canada. fr all un civillized sakkilliyas ltte war is great.

      • anthony jones

        Tissa will not wash dishes or become a scavenger.

        He will be granted asylum and most likely be supported by the state.

        As to how many yakko sinhalaya’s arw sakkiliyas. I know that too well they seek refugee status only a week ago I wrote in this newspaper that the Global Mail newspaper, a reader had queried as to why so mant sinhalese are seeking refugee status, the same in Australia.

        In conclusion, if one is forgiven then any purported to be sins have to be written off. That’s FORGIVENESS according to the good lord buddha. a j.

        • don

          anthony can u forgive people who supported the killers of kadirgama / neelan tiru / jeraj / saro yogeswaran /vishnu etc… that is if u dont care abt innocent villeges / babies hacked to death. all those tamils who supported LTTE terrorist NO FROGIVENESS! all peaceloving tamils welcome we are all srilankans. iam afraid to say tissa chose the wrong direction

        • anthony jones

          In life I am a vegetarian, forced to take eggs once in a way to maintain positive iron levels and have a history of saving animals from slaughter.

          Taking of life by both the govt and the LTTE is wrong, if only the two parties were sincere they could have spoken to each other and settled the differences.

          Lets hope that the pardon will be unqualified and is one with any pre-conditions. a j.

      • Ice man your work machan!..keep it up…these para llte f$$$kers should rotten in hell.

        • Lord

          For all you readers, please use this space for constructive comments, instead of slandering each other because of the race. We have to standby what is right and wrong as per our conscious. Nobody has the right to take the law into their hands as then it will be jungle law, we do not want to go back to Stone Age.

        • Samsudeen

          how can anyone expect anysort of humanity from all these paraya thirdclass singhalla ,sakkiliyas…you are all animals and not even deserve to be called humans…

        • Soorya

          Samsudeen is absolutely right. The majority of the Sinhalese are living still in the stone age. Canibals!

        • where is his death certificate machan..still no death certificate but modayas are going to dance for free liquor..


    MR can not escape from the national and International critisimson suppression of media freedom just by pardoning Tissanayagam

    • don

      like unp killed them. pot calling kettle black. people not forget richrd desoysas so easily

  6. Balasooriya

    Tissa felt sorry for the general public,who were suffering.He strongly supported humanity & human dignity.He was never a supporter of any political party.He was a good journalist-unfortunately happened to be a tamil.He nevr supported LTTE, but he was a good journalist.He helped so many good causes & people who needed help.He was wrongfully framed,forced to admit to helping LTTE & convicted.
    Poor guy, no one could help him. Portraying him as a bad person is really sad.
    He was charged for inciting racial dis-harmony, but in fact he always worked for racial harmony & more. People who were responsible for his trouble will pay dearly in their life- yes god will punish them for sure. Pls stop writing so bad about this wonderful person anymore. I just cannot bear .Sri lankans should not do this for a fellow sri lankan& a good journalist .WE have lost so many good journalists already.
    Let us keep at least some with your help. Pls do not kill every one ..Thank you.

    • don

      bala u may be shedding crock tears for your dear friend but people know the truth. journalist should have ethics ohhh poor guy my foot

      • Soorya

        “shedding crock tears” this term does not suit your comment, you little silly boy. Try to get some tution in logical thinking from Tissa.
        Tissa is innocent, he is not a LTTE supporter, he only supported the poor and the needy people.

        You deaf and dumb, you can not hear what I say; TISSA IS NOT GUILTY OF ANY WRONG DOING. He is a man of conscience. It is a shame for you people to blame a man of such calibre. You are not even worthy to write a comment here. You are certifiably insane.

  7. Psycho

    He is not undeground ! he is living and he is overland!

  8. Harry

    Balasooriya, Anthony, Edward those of you who know Tissa who how noble he is. During his time in the prison he has been teaching other singhala inmates English. He doesnt have to seek asylum. He will be received with open arms by many countries.As l;ong as there are people like Ari, the issues will never die. They will all learn by default. There is one person called God.

  9. Dilshan

    SL government stages hidden agenda in Jaffna peninsula – Suresh Premachandran MP
    [TamilNet, Monday, 10 May 2010, 17:23 GMT]

    Suresh Premachandran, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Jaffna district parliamentarian, accused Sri Lanka Government for purposely encouraging crimes in Jaffna peninsula such as abduction and killing for ransom, robbery, sexual abuse of lonely women so that it could continue to hold the peninsula in its authority, in a press meet held Monday at his Jaffna office. He further blamed the government for having abandoned the resettled civilians in Mullaiththeevu district who had been uprooted and detained during the war on Vanni.

    • Dilshan

      Evil Buddhism preaches the correct messages.

      • buddhism is not a religion at all….in sri lanka it is commercialised…..look what happens in bangkok…blood bath..budhist always like to smell ..and modayas are expert in this..

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