Ups And Downs Of T 20 Cricket

The T 20 World Cup presently being worked out in the West Indies held no surprises when it moved in to the Super Eight stage. T 20 promises a whiff of a chance to the lesser known teams in the International arena but this tourney did not spring any surprises. Hampered with rain during the latter stages of the first round some stirling performances were lost by default.
What promised to be an interesting duel between England and the hosts turned into a farce. England did extremely well to race to 190 plus only to allow the DL method come to the rescue of the Windies who did not even have to work up a sweat. Sixty in six overs with all ten to bat was not a great ask nor that much of entertainment. The young batting talent in the English side looks exciting.
Mahela’s century was top drawer stuff. Good cricketing shots mixed with judicious innovation over 19 plus overs was worth every moment nay each flay. This showed that skill and being able to adapt to a varying line and length from the bowlers yet can bring entertainment to cricket lovers watching the T20 versions. That Dilshan, Sanga and the promising top batters have yet to get into decent scores may be a worry to the Sri Lankan paddock. The good news is that these are far too good players to continue with a lean trot and the second stage would bring them up handsome on the boards.  Murali being injured is a blow but that he remained in the Carribean gives hope that in dire need he would be made match fit to trundle four overs…crucial in this version. Thats 20% of the bowling. Why another seamer was sent as a replacement instead of a slow bowler needs looking into as the wickets in the West Indies have shown to be slow.
Last times winners, Pakistan have not shown the same thrust and of course the Aussies though tentative at the initial stages have improved as the tournament progressed. India with Raina, Yuvraj prospering looks threatening and England and New Zealand dont look that bad either. If Chris Gayle fires the hosts too stand a chance. Thats the state of this version. One player can turn things around when all others fail. Not fair, one would venture but thats T 20. The T 20 World Cup going to the West Indies has done their cricket a great favour. The West Indies do not earn much from home series and their best years were upto the eighties when top- players from the Carribean Islands were a draw in England and Australia.This enhanced  the finances of the West Indies Cricket Board at that time. The T 20 World Cup being held there with potential earnings will do them well again.

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  1. R.Rajaguru

    Sanath, the master blaster has lost his rhythm and the magic touch ,with age. No wonder. It is time for him to step down with glory before being dumped.There are many young lads awaiting their turn and Sanath appears to be the stumbling block. Hayden Gilchrist, even Sachin and Ponting have retired from the shorter version of the game.It is hoped that the Hon .M.P. ,sanath will take to politics now, and give up cricket for good.

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