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David Cameron Is New British Prime Minister

by Faraz Shauketaly
Gordon Brown, the Labour Party Leader, resigned as British Prime Minister at 7:45 pm BST on Tuesday and soon after 8 p.m. David Cameron, 44, was invited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to form the next government. Mr cameron, will be the 12th Prime Minister to serve HM The Queen and is the 19th Prime Minister to have been educated at Eton College.
As the sun shone brightly over the roof of the Palace of Westminster, housing the British Parliament, giving the building a wonderful gilded look, David Cameron will be hoping that he too is favoured with a gilded premiership. Mr Cameron, who was driven to Buckingham Palace in his silver colured Jaguar, without so much as a Police escort or motorcycle outriders, was stuck in London’s evening traffic, bringing home the equality present in British politics. The motorcycle outriders miraculously appeared after he had his 20 minutes with the Queen and he drove out as the 52nd British Prime Minister.
Mr Cameron was met by Lady Hussey, one of the Queen’s Assistants as he entered from the King’s Entrance. A large crowd had gathered outside Buckingham Palace and as tradition has it, applauded Gordon Brown on his way in as they did Mr Cameron both ways – on the way in and on the way out. The Queen having asked Mr Cameron if he can command the majority in the House of Commons and received an affirmative reply, would have invited Mr Cameron to be her next Prime Minister – and First Lord of the Treasury.
Her Majesty’s actions brought an immediate end to the vast speculation that was rife in Westminster and which threatened to affect the state of London’s stock market. Mr Cameron is forming his government with the support of the Liberal Democrats which for Britain is the first time since 1974 that a minority party has come in to power.
Mr Brown was gracious in his resignation speech and gave way to Harriet Harman as the acting Labour Party Leader and he described Sir Peter Mandelson, the Labour party spin wizard as a “rock”. Mr Brown announced that he was giving up politics and that he would support whoever was the new Labour Leader. Mr Brown is not thought to wish to embark upon the lucrative lecture circuit.
Mr Cameron confirmed that he would be forming a coalition government with Mr Nick Clegg. Speaking in front of the famous No 10 Downing Street door, Mr Cameron was greeted with thunderous applause from a waiting crowd. He assured the British people that his government would help those who needed help the most and that their government would be as compassionate as his predecessor both at home and abroad. Mr Caemron acknowledged that the work of the government would be hard work and significantly acknowledged the Liberal Party position on political reform – analysts predicting that legislation may be brought in to accomodate the cornerstone of Liberal party politics – reform of the electoral process in Britain to some form of proportionate representation. If Nick Clegg achieves that, it will be the most far reaching change ever in the history of democracy in Great Britain.

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  1. Kalag

    The pesky Tamils of UK will be the losers now. They relied on Labour victory and it is another “death” blow to Tamils again.

    • Psycho

      Your religion seems to have gone to the dogs, looking for free publicity via this forum!!! Get lost.

  2. Dilshan

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  3. Psycho

    Do Cameron and Clegg have a pre nuptial agreement?

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