Sri Lanka Was Out Played

Sri Lanka made it to the Semi Finals of the T20 World Cup only to succumb.I believe that our moment was when we beat India, but, I suspect England watching that game did their home work well.

England will bank heavily on Pieterson

The England team seemed the most balanced of those reaching the super eights. This is not to take away from the most workman-like Aussies who seem the favourites yet.
The Sri Lankan team relied heavily on the form of Mahela. That Sanath and Dilshan did not quite fire, was disappointing. T20 does have its effect on bringing out the best in one player with each game. Though Chamara Kapugedera and Angelo Mathews did get runs in the final stages, it required a burst during the first ten overs to build a safe score. That was what Mahela set up when he did get runs.
The English bowlers had worked out a clever ploy to restrict the Sri Lankans. This was very innovative and brought them success. Their quick men slowed the pace but bowled shortish bouncers which required perfect timing and positioning to score.
Very often our lads swished from positions outside the line and the timing was so awry. There was no way that our batsmen could have used the pace of the ball to work it around.
However, a score of less than 160 was not going to be enough and the England side cantered home. Morgan did not even have to break a sweat and Pieterson was strong as usual. The openers set it up beautifully.
That Murali played in the last super eight game has been debated both for and against. I believe that there was little choice but to play him to get into the semis. He was going to need rest after one game in any case.
An absorbing final is on the cards today (16). How well England will play as a team would tilt the scale. England has never won a World Cup of any sort and this would be their first real bite from so near.

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  1. daya weerasinghe

    This Sanath …..guy should stik to his politics….. and leave cricket…..hes done fis part ……time to grow up and let the young take over.

    • Gotabaya

      This guy Sanath should have been made the man of the Series for he played brilliantly for the opposing teams

      • Naam Tamilar

        it’s time to boycott sri lanka from the world series until the warcriminals, responsible for the massacre of 40.000 tamils are punished!

        • Sri Lankan

          What about all the killing done by LTTE?

        • BathGotta

          Hey Madayan

          We are talking about cricket not masacres.
          Just eat your ‘thosai & sambar’ and go to bed with your meenachichi without getting involved with intelectual discussions. Remember you have to get up early morning to go and pluck tea!!

      • Wonder if the GREEDY SANATH was paid good money to play badly and fix the matches..I think that is a good possibility as this fellow is filled with greed and guess will sell himself if he was to gain personally and to hell with the team and SL cricket.’His current actions would warrant some look/enquiry to such a possibility.

    • Dr. Sebastian Fernando

      Sanath was a great batsmen 14-15 years ago no doubt at all. But his time is over, As long as he is in the team forget about seeing Sri Lanka winning any major competition, We are playing with 10 men, Mahela who was in great form was under severe pressure as Sanath was totally out of form and this caused Mahela,s downfall, Sanath do you realize that you are depriving so many young batsmen who are waiting and who are brilliant, of their chance to represent Sri Lanka, So in the name of cricket the only subject we can talk with pride about Sri Lanka at home and Abroad, please quit now.

    • Avi

      Aravinda, you seem to be very much a Chamara Kapugedara fan. He has great potential alright , but with over 68 one days he is yet to make a century. I think we have pampered him too much, It is time to tell him to grow up, like we did to Aravinda long time ago, when you were not performing. It did a great amount of good for Ara and will do the same to Chamara as we need him to form another Dulip / Roy, Arjuna/ Ara, Sanath / Marven, Mahela/ Sanga duo team very soon with Mathews…. Mathews / Chamara will be the next team for SL.

  2. Genarala


    Are you scared to comment about the old man Sanath.

  3. [...] has never won a World Cup of any sort and this would be their first real bite from so near. Sri Lanka Was Out Played | The Sunday Leader __________________ Mad [...]

  4. Saradiel

    C’mon Ara, call a spade a spade and tell Sonna boy it’s QUIT time. IF you don’t have the nuts to do this by the sport you excelled, stop bothering to comment at all. We all know how our reaction times deteriorate with age.
    Let us know your views about not giving the opportunity for a developing young man to gain his foothold for the next World Cup with Sonna being accommodated by courtesy of the big powers. Are you also playing the second fiddle to Tharunyata Hetak? Are there rumblings of this eventuality??
    Be honorable, Ara.

    • Saradiel

      also, Sonna is no more “our lad”. He is “the ancient”. Leave the lad part to the youngsters. We had no problem dealing with his lean periods when he was a LAD. Like we do with Mahela and Dilshan. But not now with the Ancient.

  5. Siribiris

    Aravinda is a classy individual who won’t be dragged into politics in Cricket or otherwise. So I understand him staying away from this beaten to death “sanath” saga. Although this “Master Disaster” is not the sole reason SL lost to much better England team, it is also not a secret to understand that a team game will suffer when there’s disunity among the players. Like when Captain is forced to play “old broken down” horses & young players do not get a chance to play. Therefore this one time “great” needs to be kicked out! He is hogging a spot from young talented players. He should have bowed out gracefully like the other greats before him, who paved the way for him to come in. But this will not happen! Sri Lankans in general have the genetic defect that many South Asians have in their blood, to over stay their welcome. Except for some like Ara, Roshan, Gura & even Marvan, others hardly get the hint when they are not needed. From the current crop I can see Mahela, leaving on the top of his game as he did by stepping down from the captaincy when it was not requested or was taken away from him. Sanga is another classy guy who might realize when the time is right. Just goes to show no matter how much talent, money, records or fans you have, class is not something you can buy! I’m sure MP for Matara will continue to play for his “gallery” for many years to come, all he needs is to change the bat to a cane!!!

    • Saradiel

      absolute truth. Class and Breeding is observed in the actions and speech by people. A FULL TEN FOR YOU SIRIBIRIS!

      • Siribiris

        Thank U Saradiel, you are very kind and earn your self ten for being so open and honest!

  6. Siribiris

    Here’s another idea, albeit a brilliant one if I say so my self.. Since the MP for Matara insists on playing cricket, making money off it, why don’t we help him? I am sure there are now enough cricketers who’s turned to politics, that we Sri Lankans can open our own Political Cricket League? We dould called it the “MPL” (Member of Parliament League) and rival the “IPL” in India! The whole set of Rantunge brothers, Jayasuriya, Murali, De Mel etc. can hold onto their old glory days. We can have Lokuge be the “Modi” of the league, and Mervyn Silva the chief refree. Entertainment during half time, courtesy of the Actresses and Artists who’s now joined politics. I am sure there will be tons of sponsors like “Tharunayata Hetak” and this could help revive the economy too!!! Come on guys, this is a great idea.. let’s back this and get it done so our “real lads” can play “real cricket” in the international arena.

  7. Manojh

    We woke up early hours everytime Sri Lanka played looking to support our Cricket team.Like me many persons around the world would have done however when ever the team was announced I was always in shock to see a player of a calibure Dinesh Chandimal has been left out which was a huge mistake from Selector on tour Demel and captain Sanga.I saw chandimal how he batted with guts with New Zealand when our top order was shivering.Its no point taking players like this on tour if you do not use them.

  8. mahen

    Aravinda’s batting abilty was good but not his writing. I do not think Sunday leader should be carrying his picture on the front page.

  9. BathGotta

    I totally agree with sardiel, Aravinda if you have no guts to comment on the game just stop writting. Al of us know what happened and how Sri lnaka was out played ect ect. But give a expert comment what went wrong for us common idiots to understand. Take the Aussie press for instant. Read comments from Peter Roebuck. They call spade a spade.

    Dont be like that moron Ranjith Fernando. No analytical comments. He comments what all of us could see on the TV or he repeats what the other commentator says.

    • Mr. PG

      Well said if you are a reporter / analyst / commentator whatever, don’t tell us what we all know. Be straight and call the shots. There is no depth in Aravinda’s comments as all these jokers are afraid to open their mouths – so how can they make constructive criticism. If you take yourself as a journalist, you have a long way to go. Remember the motto of Leader Newspapers – without fear nor favour.

  10. ANIL



  11. Russel from Melbourne

    Sanatha Jayasuriya and Ranil Wickremasinghe are both the same, they dont know when to give up, it is so embarassing to see this 40 year old has-been still playing and making a fool of himself.

    I heard Ian Chapel comment that Sanath should be in parliament and not on the field as he has passed his use by date just like the Lader of the Opposition,
    I think its just greed and selfishness that brings the SL team and SL into disrepute.
    Take a leaf from t he Australian team, no matter who or how good you are if you fail you are out.

    We need guts not greed

  12. dave

    time for losesuriya to play politics in matara…

  13. sampath

    I agree with ‘bathgotta’. Aravinda is not writting anything new. Just telling the things we saw. Why everybody is scared to comment about Sana’s prolonged presence? Is he that poweful already. See Sana’s political comment. He says ‘people want him to play’! This is a typical political statement. I cannot beleive Sana being so greedy. If we gave the same chances to Aravinda, he would have scored much more even at this age. Ara is a brilliant batsman but not an expert writter. We dont lean anything new. He doesnt even try point out the problem. Sunday Leader should get Ranjith Fernando also to write. He will also not tell anything worth.

  14. Deshapremi

    Ofcourse people want sanath to play.His family and himself.

  15. indikatupancha

    Sanath is like a druggo , addicted to the national team . I am afraid, even if he is forced out of the team , I’ll bet, he’ll do a sex change and get into the women’s team, if can .

    • He might get into the women’s team ,now that he looks and behaves like a transexual..I don’t want to use the more insulting ‘Pons’ need to do any sex change..if he behaves, talks and walks like this, he might get a chance to be in the women’s team.

  16. gundappa

    I think Sanath wanted to see the Windies, one last time and take some souvenir photos. That is why he went on this tour. Some of these guys do not know when to call it a day.

    Imran Khan, Keith Miller, Ian Botham, Wasim Akram, Tavi Shashtri are some of the great cricketers who knew when they should quit.

    But Sonna continues till he becomes a pain in the butt of the SL cricket administrators.

    But watch out ! Sonna is now a member of Parliament.

    Go, for your being a part of the team is costly, and it does no good to you, to the team, and the game.


    (I hope he reads this, or friends tell him that they have read this)

    • Hullo nut case,,what has islam got to do in this case,,Unless you want to convert Sanath to a muslim and personally cut his tip off..
      May be a good idea as that might make him see some sense…but wont get him back to any form.

    • Hullo nut case..what’s islam got to do here..unless you want to cut his tip off and make him a muslim..pls do..

  17. BathGotta

    The reason he says that he would like to play for the world cup next year is not for cricket. he doesnt care if they play him or not. If he is picked up even as a reserve they have to sign a fresh contract next year. That means another $. 100.000/- or is it more????

    • sampath

      I think the IPL auction is also there next year. IPL do not encourage retired players. I think even Vaas is not retiring because of that

      • BathGotta

        No that is not right, It all depends on their perfoemance, Shanw Warne, Gilchrist, Symonds, McGarth, all retired but still can play for the Ausiie side if they want. But hey have dignity.

        • B-Gotta,,and all the players can still play and perform.’This Matara-Gotta, cant bat, can’t field( now wants a runner when he is fielding-ha ha) and is a dead loss if he tries to bowl as no wickets and gives away heaps of runs.
          So what is the use????worth for nothing!!!waste of time!! not worth the piece of paper that we write his shameful name on.
          I wonder how the hell he ven goes to sleep with no guilt or conscience..Matara Moda Mattayah!!

  18. gamini

    Sanath has still not announced retirment, he is still available for selection.Only MR could retire him

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