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I have time and again touched on the programme of coaching and training camps conducted throughout the country to popularise junior cricket in a planned manner. Apart from achieving the above set goal we have been pleasantly surprised at the latent talent in the hinterland.

The Aravinda de Silva Cricket Foundation sponsored by Coca Cola Inc have conducted junior camps in all the districts in the country. The planned programme which is a continuous exercise has the blessings of Sri Lanka Cricket which is of utmost importance for its success. I must thank Chairman D.S. de Silva for the encouragement and support. Stan Nell and all the support staff have done yeoman service. But, most importantly the lads have shown great discipline and promise. It’s the bonding of teams and the spirit of playing together that has encouraged us immensely.

There have been many players who have been identified to make the grade and they will soon be part of the junior sides or A sides that would be touring. I do not want to single out players but they would speak for themselves later on when they make the grade. Some of these lads have never seen a turf wicket up close let alone play on such a surface. They have adjusted quickly. The bowlers have enjoyed the new strip though the batters needed a little extra time to adjust. Once they have got the measure of the strip the batters have revelled playing on truer decks.
I have advocated the importance of Junior and A side tours to prepare the future Sri Lanka players. These tours are the foundations upon which the national team will depend on. Yes, we have the talent. Yes, we have the programme in place to identify and train them. Yes, the future of Sri Lanka cricket looks bright. Watch how the A side fares on this tour. There are some good players who will ring the bell to show that they have arrived.

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  1. G Kulasekare

    For a wonder Sana did not change his birth certificate to get in to that team.

  2. sampath

    Well-done Ara. Keep up the good work and make our cricket like Australia where they have a good talent pool. We must thank coca-cola for doing something good.

  3. RajasH

    Now the war is over is there one in Jaffana?

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