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“I Have A Plan”

Most cricket playing nations are preparing for the forthcoming 50 overs World Cup, now. Or at least they have one eagle eye trained on it whilst they go through the already agreed to games between other nations. It would be a good opportunity for teams from the sub continent to lift the trophy with home or near home advantage.
I still recall the win by Sri Lanka in 1996 with great pride. That team was well prepared and motivated. Focussed on the field, our team turned games that were seemingly slipping away to victories and thereby completing the tournament without losing a single game. True, a few games were not completed in the preliminary stage when troubles in the region caused visiting teams to shy away. The form Sri Lanka displayed, in retrospect does not take the gloss away from this aberration.
The semi final win against India to my mind was decisive. We had lost early wickets and the Indians had plenty of overs left to drive home the advantage. But we took the attack to the bowlers and got into a comfortable position. This showed a team that had plenty of depth and experience, peaking at the right time. It was all about confidence and the ability to keep a cool head when under pressure. Remember how Tendulkar was stumped? Unlike the T 20 the 50 overs format gives a team a good fighting chance to come back.
The final between Australia and us was a highly charged one. Recall that the Australian team was a very strong one and had several players performing at their best too. But, that night belonged to the marauding Sri Lankans. The team approached the score with supreme confidence and won at a trot. True, the Australians wilted on the field and gave us several reprieves. But, those were expected when a confident onslaught is on full throttle and everything was seen to be possible. We won with several key batters not even being called in to perform.
Some games were turned around when we were fielding. We had the ability to hang in there when partnerships were being built to turn the game around when a breakthrough came. Turn them around, we did. The rest is recorded history.
We get another opportunity to step on the podium at the next World Cup. Prepare we must and the time is now. The precedence is there and the Lankans must seize the opportunity.
I have been tasked with a responsibility. The position of Chairman of Selectors is a special task and the whole country expects me to deliver. Having been part of a winning team I am looking forward to the next nine months. Usually teams have four years to prepare but during the next nine months I have a plan to put in place and the lads are expected to be committed, disciplined and make sacrifices to achieve success. The team has talent and potential and they have to believe in themselves.
As Chairman of Selectors it would not be proper for me to write this column any further. The principle must be respected and I have now to bid adieu.

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  1. Dilshan

    Only Aravinda and most of the Singheela People have Indigenous Skin.

    • anthony jones

      Dilshan, stop rumbling Aravinda is more a Tamil than you.

      His sister Araliya, was married to a Tamil, poor chap, a very nice person who unfortunately died while having a sea bath in Brisbane, Australia.

      He was the son of the late Dr. Nadesan, who was a leading doctor in Kandy.

      If my memory is correct, Aravinda was married to a Tamil lady. a j.

      • Dilshan

        I don’t speak for Tamil, if you noticed me, I always talk for Indigneous people.

        • You can read here from where the chief of the so-called Indigenous People come from. If that is so, you can imagine the indigenousness if the rest and where they come from. eh

          I’ll copy it as it is to make it easy for you.
          Friday, 8 May 2009 POONTHALATHAZHAM (KOLLAM):

          A lady in Kerala has claimed that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, who is spearheading the fight for a separate Tamil eelam in Sri Lanka, is her first cousin and that he has Malayali roots.
          Earlier this month, the Economic Times of India interviewed a 77-year-old woman, Janaki Amma, in her lower middle class residence about 20 km from Kollam in the southern Indian state of Kerala, who claimed Prabhakaran, son of her maternal uncle, Vellupillai, is a Malayali.

          “Velupillai was one of five brothers and two sisters, one of who was my mother Nani Amma”, she says. That makes her the first cousin of Prabhakaran, who she has never met.

          “My uncle Velupillai last came to Kollam for my grandfather’s funeral when I was a 12-year-old,” she told the paper. “Since then, I have not seen him. He used to regularly send money to my mother, but after my mother’s demise that stopped. It used to be Rs. 50 per month, but that was a princely amount those days”, reminisces Janaki Amma.

          She showed the paper a post card that her uncle had sent from Jaffna. Sent on 18.12.1953, the address read: R Velupillai, Vale Beeda Store, 224, KKS Road, Jaffna.

          “After settling in Jaffna, my uncle’s children would obviously have studied in Tamil medium and been brought up in that culture, quite naturally,” Amma said, trying to explain how Prabhakaran might have taken to the Lanka Tamil separatist cause and passed off as a Tamil. – With Agencies

      • Dilshan

        Kannu…. Skin says who you are? What sort of people, your ancestors are? That one shows on you Speach and Actions.

        Look at Portugese descendant Sarath Fonseka’s Truthful and Brave Actions even at the war.

        and, the Politicians who born to White Skin wanders, committing War Crimes by killing more than 55000 innocent Indigneous People just for the Blood Thirsty and for the Hatredness on the Tamil Speaking Eela/Hela People.

        That is why YOUR SKIN COLOUR is very Important to KNOW THYSELF.

  2. Muragedera

    Fist course of action, send pension papers to the member for Matara. Please also include a pension police banian with holes for his use.

    • chris mack

      What is meant by “police banian with holes’”?
      Well done. Sanath might request retrospective payment of 5 years for his pension since Cricketers retire or made to retire diplomatically at about the age of 35. He might also claim damages for wrongful dismissal if dropped now. And if we lose the World cup next year, damages such that if he played, we would have won the World Cup. Or he will have a new role0f a Consultant to SL team till the World Cup and if we win it with or without his advice, apply to be an International consultant and countries will have to tender. Can other readers offer me alternatives?

  3. [...] me to write this column any further. The principle must be respected and I have now to bid adieu. “I Have A Plan” | The Sunday Leader __________________ Mad [...]





  5. MatchFixer

    Dear Mr Leader Editor,

    Why have you taken my posts about Aravinda’s match fixing.
    I thought you wrere a genuine publishing organisation who simply wanted hear the truth. Are you on the orders from the government to remove my posts

  6. sampath

    Good that you have a plan Ara, if you dont have, here’s the plan;
    1. Tell Sana to go home without being a ‘anayak’
    2. Warn Kapugedara that he cannot be in the team because of his ‘good looks’ only (he has to perform – even today he failed)
    3. Give captancy back to Mahela and play Sanga as a batsman only. Sanga cannot handle pressure (dont give him wicketkeeping for heavensake)
    4. Give few chances to Vaas to see whether he will deliver (if we can give Sana so many chances, why not try somebody who performed in IPL?)
    5. Dont go near Ashantha De Mel till the WC is over
    6. Dont send the list of players to the approval of the minister unless you are mad
    All the best. If you need further advice, pl call me…

  7. Sri Lanka cricketer’s fielding is not up to the standard specially of Mendis. It is high time to drop him from the squad. Running between the wickets is horrible. Instead of two they get one and instead of three they get only two or even one. How many run outs against India today. I think Sri Lanka Cricket must sack all the present coaches as they hardly contribute to the success of the team. Sri Lanka refuse to send some of the cricketers in form owing to the IIFA.

  8. Adrian

    Well Congratulations to U Arivinda on your New Appointment as Chairman of Selectors Great ! First things first , Make sure the entire Cricket Board in Sri Lanka understand that all are there to make sure the game of Cricket Wins and Not Money, why I say this is I was talking to a few people at the Cricket Board two months ago and they says Test Cricket is No More, why I ask they say Money is ther only in limited over cricket. Shame on them! and for Sri Lanka Cricket to have people like that on their team. They are looking at Television Coverage Deals, before television came to cricket people did go and see All types of Cricket and the grounds were full but if you have a board that thinks Test Cricket is dead then God Bless Sri Lanka Cricket , if I remember correct when we won the World Cup in 1996 next step was to be the Best Test playing Nation in the World ! What Happen to that thaught ? Guess someone threw it out of the window! So Aravinda all know You were a great cricket and a great batsman hence lead the team you select and show them the importance of Test Cricket and once they know that the Cowboy Game will improve to Win the World Cup with your right guidance. If Sana needs to play he needs to get Lazer surgery done to his eyes that for sure he will be back to 20/20 vision. Loyal SL Cricket Follower.

  9. ree

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    The word “Islaam” is an Arabic word that means “submitting and
    surrendering your will to Almighty God”. The word comes from the same
    root as the Arabic word “salam”, which means peace. Unlike the names
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    the name for the religion of Islaam was both revealed by God and
    carries a deep spritual meaning – only by submitting one’s will to
    Almighty God can one obtain true peace both in this life and in the
    life hereafter. Islaam teaches that all religions originally had the
    same essential message – which was to submit whole-heartedly to the
    will of God and to worship Him and Him alone. For this reason, Islaam
    is not a new religion but is the same divinely revealed Ultimate Truth
    that God revealed to all prophets, including Noah, Abraham, Moses and

    2. Who are Muslims?

    The Arabic word “Muslim” literally means “someone who submits to the
    will of God”. The message of Islaam is meant for the entire world and
    anyone who accepts this message becomes a Muslim. Some people
    mistakenly believe that Islaam is just a religion for Arabs, but
    nothing could be further from the truth, since in actuality over 80%
    of the world’s Muslims are not Arabs! Even though most Arabs are
    Muslims, there are Arabs who are Christians, Jews and atheists. If one
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    3. Who is Allaah?

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    in English. Actually, the Arabic word for Almighty God, “Allaah”, is
    quite similar to the word for God in other Semitic languages – for
    example, the Hebrew word for God is “Elah”. For various reasons, some
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    • sampath

      Monawada ban me kiyawanne??

    • Riz

      What is religio doing here?? dont mix things? sports has no religion

    • Get Your Stupid head tested you out of place moron.
      Know where to discuss what you buffoon.
      I am being polite here or else would have told you and whay you have written where to end up.

    • Dilshan

      Islam is knocking in Singheelam for a long time, it may knock you down anytime. Remember when Islam came, Buddhist countries became Islamic countries, like Afgan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives.

      So, be nice to them, they are religious people, they know how to destroy like the way Buddhist people do in Singheelam. The Karma, will come to you in the form of Islam, in the future. Indigenous Curse will never go away.

      • gaunu

        Where would you be then? Perhaps in Norway, or better still in Canada?

      • Dilshan

        Islam People are the LIVING PROOF of our Indigenous Lands. They came and mingle with the local who spoke Tamileela Language. Colombo/Koddai was the First Trade Capital of Eelam, set up by Arabic Muslims nearly 1200 years ago.

  10. Jude

    Dear Ara
    Hats off. We all read with interest th cricket clinin you held in Jaffna last year. We all hope to see the first Tamil Boy from Jaffna to play for the national team during your tenure. That will be a big step in the right direction for a united Sri Lanka. Let cricket bring the nation together, which has been divided by the stupid policians.

    • Dilshan

      which has been divided by the stupid policians…….who listen to the evil monks.

  11. M Reza Thahir

    i think we should select form players rather than reputation, i was dissapointed that Kulatuna, Gunarathna & Sachithra Senanayake was not selected for the T20. selecting players like Jayasuirya, Jayasinghe were big mistakes.

    before selecting a team i would like to have a squad of 30. Divide into two teams & play 5 matches in 5 different types of grounds in Sri Lanka.

    Ex: before the world cup, Team A captain by Sanga & Team B captain by Dilshan. the five venues should be Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Dambulla & Hambanthota.

    Selectors should have a policy of selecting the 3 highest runs scorers & the 3 highest wicket takers of this mini series. We should drop the players who has failed to do any kind of contributions. if we had done that for T20 world cup in WI, we would have won the world cup.

  12. M Reza Thahir

    I hope Aravinda is reading this feedback. i cant believe why international captains underestimate bowling, they like to fill their team with batsmen & the wbowling is always weak. If i was a captain i’ll always select a strong bowling attack with Pace, swing, seam & Spin. i want my 5th bowler to be economical & also to be among the wickets. since we have Mathews as the fifth bowler we can have 4 genuine frontline bowlers. Sanga is a very weak captain as he doesn’t understand bowling & thats why Punjab was the worst team. Wish if sanga can does the same that he writes in his articles. Sanga should look to attack rather than defend. How many times we’ve seen fielders are in the boundary when there is a new batsmen. I hope Aravinda can talk to Sanga & rectify the mistake.

  13. M Reza Thahir

    Also i would like to suggest, Sanga be the captain for the Test & ODI’s & Dlshan for T20 & groom him as next captain for Test & Odi’s. When Dilshan becomes the next captain of Test & ODi’s, appoint mathews as the T20 captain. For T20 we need fresh legs, so let the veterans concentrate on Tests & Odi’s unless if they fire like Mahela. Muralithran & Jayasuriya should make way for youngsters in T20.

  14. M Reza Thahir

    Drop the players who cant field, he may be a world class batsmen or a bowler but should be dropped if he doesnt improve his fielding. Ajantha Mendis is a clear example. The selectors should have a file for each player who represents the national & the A team. The selectors should maintain that file with their weakpoints & strong ones. this way it would be easier to find out how the players are improving. Ex: Mendis is a terrible batsmen & the worst fielder in SL. SO selectors should point out why wasnt he’s selected on a perticular tour & send the file to him. What mendis should do is to improve on his fielding & batting. if the file continues without any changes then make sure that player never plays for the national team ever. Ex: Dilhara Fernando, Chamara Silva, Kapugedara. for the last 3 to 4 years i cant see these players has rectifies their flaws. So inform them, either improve or we disapprove.

  15. SS

    I am sure Ree has written something about Islam on a different topic. But somehow it has come under a Cricket issue. It has no connection with regard to the topic all are discussing at.
    This is the new trend of Leader. They just don’t know what they are doing. They have forgotten the ethic of journalism. They just fill columns with different motives. I won’t be surprised if they have done something to the efffect of creating a relegious disharmony among all peace loving people of these columns and Country. God / Allah bless the these people and hope Lasantha is with him laughing at the jokers of Leaders and their deals. What a disgrace for honest Jounalists like Lasantha?

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