Youth pledge support to Ranil?

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has summoned a meeting of the youth branch of the party, which will be held today, according to a party member who wished to maintain anonymity. The party member revealed that Wickremesinghe had already drawn up a document for presentation at the Youth Working Committee meeting, in which the members pledge their support to the Opposition Leader.  It is said the document also states that the youth branch want Wickremesinghe to remain as Opposition Leader. Recently introduced reforms by a special committee state that most office-bearing positions within the UNP should be decided by secret ballot.

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  1. Regular guy

    Another ploy by the failed leader of UNP. He started this sort of manipulative politics during his University Days in Colombo. Once again it confirms he is believer in “End justifies the means” theory. He will rest only after the final nail is put on the coffin of the dead party “UNP’. What a sad saga. Ranil was first introduced to the national politics by his uncle another famous unpopular and dreaded politician ever lived in Sri Lanka; J.R.Jayawardene, through the Youth Branch of the party so he is going to the familiar and naïve bunch to stop the campaign against his leadership. J.R. also never wanted to see that Premadasa as the party leader. Moreover, Ranil does not see that the Colombo elites do not have any thing in common with the masses of Sri Lanka. So he will keep on rigging the UNP party guidelines and the procedures to suit his ego.

    • Sarath


      • gaunu

        It’s free propaganda. Just ignore and take no notice. He iwll have to give up when no one notices them.

  2. Ruwan

    Time to go Ranil, Sajith can lead the way. Your time is up, show us the money??

    • Vibrator

      Not yet time for Ranil to go. Still a few more good men there to chase off. Only when UNP is just a shell with no one of any calibre will Ranil be satisfied.

  3. Dilshan

    UNP should bring a Man or Woman to lead. Not in between with white skin or any suthu mahathya.

    • Sarath

      Yes, there are capable women in the UNP who can run this country from a mothers’ perspective, one who understands sufferings of the people, and will not pursue her own agenda, ladies like Rosy, Athukorale from Ratnapura, Jezima Ismail, so many capable women who are in business and understands the pangs of the hungry, homeless, destitute, neglected, burdened, harassed and marganalised.. women are capable candidates too.

      • BathGotta

        Yes, buddy two women, Sirimavo & and Chandrika was given the chance. The screwed the country big time!!

    • gaunu

      This little RAT is at it again!!. Why not use the Tamil net to post these comments. You will no doubt get the response you are looking for.

  4. Why all are blaming Ranil for everything. He did not contest in all the Districts. The people who contested in their areas should take the blame for the loss of the elections. Ranil belive in DEMOCRACY so he is following that method.
    The candidates of their areas should hvae taken steps to win the electin. Some IDIOTS and UNEDUCATED modays who were crossing for money and for other benifits are to be blamed. They wanted to be in the Parliamnet for ever, so the people must get together and support the DEMOCRACY of RANIL.
    In the General election less than 50% of voters only voted. This not RANILS mistake. All were against to bring the SF Swan symbal to contest in the election. If this agreement would have done now RANIL WOULD HAVE GAINED THE MAJORITY. The most buckle came from the UNP parrty itself. All were greedy to be in the Parliamnet to earn and to have a luxary life. Pl. stop putting the blame on RANIL try to come together and make an early attempt to give the poor people a decent life. May God bless SRILANKA>. Modaya

    • gaunu

      Moda Kadawatte,
      Sihala People wants to be seen with the winners and not with losers (unlike you Tamil people). That was the reason for the demise of the UNP and also the LTTE. What democracy you talk about when the leadership, it’s cronies and the WC he appointed do not want a democratic election for internal matters.

      Of course it is the fault of Ranil that people failed to vote because in him they didn’t see a leader with a vision for the future. UNP will always get the “die hard ” and the minority votes in Colombo, but they will continue to fail to attract the floating votes the way they run the party.
      Had SF won the PE, he would have kicked Ranil’s butt and carried on with an iron grip as if it was the army. I am surprised even at this late stage you cannot see the reality. Ranil saw it coming and that was why towards the end of the campaign he distanced himself from SF while SF went to bed with JVP.
      You lot like to call people modayas because that is how you see the population.

  5. Puran

    Ranil is a good leader with lot of good values and he will develop Sri Lanka well if he gets the power. Sri Lanka needs leaders like him to develop the country. But, people in Sri Lanka will never understand this. Also, person like Ranil can not win a election in Sri Lanka. Therefore, He should step down from the UNP leadership and the leadership should be given to either Sajith or Dayasiri who can really win the votes from villages. UNP needs a leadership change for sure. Otherwise people will also bore to vote in future elections. Sametime, no matter who will become next UNP leader the government will use media to destroy his or her character.

    • gaunu

      Puran agree with your comments on the changes needed to the leadership of UNP, but will not go along with what you say about his value as a leader and his vision. Srilankans do not need a leader like him. He was pushed into that position because there was no one else at the time.
      The nation rejected him not because their naivety or ignorance, but because they have a sound mind to see the reality. Unless they begin to think beyond Colombo they will continue to lose elections. I will not insult the masses who rejected him!!

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  7. Art Gallery Boy

    Yes, we support dearest Ranil because he is very nice to us. We love him very much too. We are his Youth Support Group from the Art Gallery.



    • Decent kella

      This is the type of people who supported the Bandaranaikes to ruin the country by introdusing ‘rowdysm to politics.

  9. charith

    Doesn’t he has any shame about him? Nowadays all know what is happening in UNP. I can clearly say ranil should step down and should give the party leader to Mr.Sajith Premadasha.

  10. SHM

    What is more important to Ranil now is to solicit support within UNPers to remain as party leader leave alone winning an election. Can anyone imagine that UNP is polling just 29% of the votes cast during the general elections and Ranil still wants to be its leader! He must be really joking. His only idea is to live on the fabulous party fund pouring from the business community and to frequent The Fortress at Koggala! Jayawewa Ranil, all the best to you!

  11. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    I personally beleive that Mr.Moda Kadawatte answered to a question.

  12. Fairose

    Ranil, please go without making the people more angry.

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