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India Trying To Build A Power Base In The North And East Says JVP

  • Calling For Full Implementation Of 13th Amendment

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

The JVP says that India is trying to build a power base affiliated to it in the North and East of Sri Lanka by calling for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva told The Sunday Leader that since the government had not implemented the 13th Amendment in full since it was introduced  22 years ago through the Indo-Lanka Accord, the Indian government was now exerting pressure on Sri Lanka for its full implementation.
“They want provincial councils to be established in the North and East and merge the two provinces in order to build a power base that would be affiliated with India,” he said.

Referring to Indian media reports, Silva observed that India’s intentions were made clear when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was quoted in the media saying that Sri Lanka needed to implement the Indo-Lanka Accord and the 13th Amendment, which is part of the Accord, even before President Mahinda Rajapska’s visit to India last week.

“However, the government has not clearly stated its stance as well. The President was quoted in the media saying the government would not give police powers to the provinces, but has agreed to devolve power,” he said.

According to Silva, the government seems to be more interested in amending the current electoral system rather than changing the existing provincial council system.

9 Comments for “India Trying To Build A Power Base In The North And East Says JVP”

  1. Appuhamy

    Maybe you guys are right – and if you say you are patriotic, then you can police the Indians and keep the government informed if the Indians are up to any tricks.

    • Ratna

      But you want to keep their 1 billion dollars in soft loans?
      Appuhamy, you cannot eat the Kawun and keep the Kawun.

  2. Kalag

    Indians are always up to something. It is in their blood and genes. Only way to stop them is keep them out of our country.
    See what the “former” Indians in Sri Lanka had done to our country in the past 30 years.
    They are menace to South Asia. Sad thing is they are so many and because of that they have become powerful. So we need to have more powerful friends to keep them away.
    There is no justification for them to open consulates in Jaffna or Hambantota. Their only aim is to mess up Sri Lanka again. They did it once (twice, including Rajiv -JR agreement).
    Indians – out!!

  3. Rushdi AL Ayad

    vipaksey hame dey tama vipasaye ohey palayang

  4. anyhow Sri Lanka is a province and a part of India.

  5. Saro

    JVP and JHU and other extremists are happy to receive arms, military training and share military intelligence to crush LTTE, starve and massacre more than 40,000 Tamils and receive billions of credit facilities from India but not to get suggestions on how to treat all communities as equal. The benefit must flow in one direction to SriLanka, otherwise anti-Indian hysteria creeps in.

  6. Justine

    India should take control of SL and sort the problem on ground and administer Tamil Eelam and Singhala Desam till it is safe for the tamils to live in the country. All this Sinhala pariah groups like JHU and the present distorted JVP should be put in a space ship and send into deep space with a one way ticket. The chinese has nothing to do in SL. Maybe US must provide ams to Tibet and have American troops stationed in Taiwan. Sinhalese have nothing to say but keep their mouth shut and try to sort their Buddhist gangsterism world into real Buddha teaching.

  7. Bashir

    What is meant by full implementataion of the 13th Amendment? Anyone can see what is going on on the ground. It reads like a tight rope at every turn round the neck of the elected politicians. It is a farce which will fail like in the past. But that is what politics in SL is all about. Who are winners and who are the losers!

  8. John

    Fuk those Indians. I saw we teach them a befitting lesson. Recall our High Commissioner and close all Indian spy offices I mean consulates in Lanka. I think it now a right time to have Chinese base on Lanka for our defense.

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