Vivek Oberoi Dances With Former Cadres (Video)

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is shown here dancing with former LTTE cadres (and their teachers). These former fighters and members of the LTTE have been receiving dance, drama and vocational training at a rehabilitation center near Vavuniya. Vivek Oberoi visited Sri Lanka during the Indian International Film Awards in early June and has taken an interest in social projects in Sri Lanka, including supporting a school.

Dance performance by former LTTE cadres

The cadres at the camp treated the chief guests – including Vivek Oberoi, MP Namal Rajapaksa, Ministers Bathiudeen and Devananda and Northern Province Governor Chandrasiri – to a dance performance. They have been receiving dance instruction from the Abhina Academy Of Performing Arts which assisted them in choreographing the days event. At the end, the boys troupe threw plastic flowers down and left the stage.

Thumbs up all around

Vivek Oberoi got up from the chief guests pavilion, picked up a flower and handed it back to a dancer. Then, after some encouragement, he took the stage and showed them some of the latest moves.

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  1. RM

    Guess this guy’s call sheet must be empty….

  2. Sunil

    This indian actor is man with lots of humour, compassion and enormours love. we love yor vivek.

  3. An adapt actor. Can he get freedom and lead normal life? Sobana!

  4. dagobert

    Thank You…. Vivek.

  5. pinky

    if he is genuine, it is ok

  6. ranjit de mel

    if i get a chance i will also dance with them. ranjit de mel berlin

  7. san

    These cadres to be given a chance to enjoy the life. They should be re-habilitated. It is a good work and we support Vivek Oberoi.

  8. karasi

    Vivek you should be promoting equal rights for these people and not dancing with them. This is what they want in the long term. Dancing is not going to solve the problem, it is just temporary. You are giving them false hope. These people are intimidated and bullied.

    • Juvanis

      You, sitting behind a computer monitor and preaching about equal rights wont help anyone in any way either. At least Oberoi had the guts & empathy to go against all odds and bring some solace to those youngsters who were lost in the wilderness at one time.

      ‘Hope’ is what everybody should have to go forward in life. If you don’t have hope life will not be worth living.

      • karasi

        Hello, Juvanis, This is false hope, because he should be fighting for equal rights for these people and not dancing around. He can dance around once thiese people have attained dignity, respect and treated like human beings. Because once Vivek leaves these people are going to be intimidated and bullied by the sri lankan army. I don’t trust your government if I come and dance with these people I will be considered an LTTE and arrested and sho dead behind closed doors.

      • karasi

        Hello, Juvanis, Vivek needs to fight for equal rights for these people. He is a star and need to work asa ambassador for human rights. Abuses goes on behind closed doors. Vivek you can dance around when these people have achieved dignity, respect and treated as human being and not. caged up as animals. This is the only way to give them hope.

    • DB

      So what have YOU done for these people ? Before you point your finger at others, do what YOU have to do, instead of sitting in front of a computer, most probably living in a western country with comforts.

      • karasi

        Hello DB,I would love to do charity work, I have a lot of experience working in rehabilitation units. However, I don’t trust your government or army because of all the abuses that goes on behind closed doors and I am an ordinary citizen. For example, Lasantha has been murdered, the killers are protected and roaming in the streets. Fonseka has been threatened , will be hanged if he reveal things. You hear of rape, torture, disappearance in the international newspapers and nobody has been charged for it. Journalists are targeted. Sri Lanka at the moment isnot safe and thousands of people are slaughtered. This is why I am making a request to Vivek as he isa star from India to fight for human rights for these people. If your government can guarantee my safety, yes by all means I am willing to do charity. Until International investigation has taken place and people tell me Sri Lanka is safe then I want to help out.

      • karasi

        Yes, I live in a western country, have comfortable life due to sheer hard work I am a tamil and my neighbour is a Sinhalese who works hard too.and we get along well, Why? Because we both are in a country who has given us equal rights, equal opportunities, protected, not raped or tortured, not intimidated, treated as human being. Our children don’t disappear or we get slaughtered. Army don’t harass us. My Sinhalese neighbour buying properties in Europe because she wants peace. This is all due to good policies of the British government. If a person is arrested, immediately they are given a lawyer. Asia countries claim they are democractic but don,t put it into practice. So if you want a comfortable life, work hard and your government has to have good policies and people should treat each other with respect.

        • jess

          If you want to compare the 2 governments, you must put them in to the same situation. just for the sake of fairness. Try to explode a few busses banks but don’t be happy with those killed by the blast, also shoot those still alive and running for life. give arms to the children and force them to shoot. send some pregnant women to explode themselves near the parliament, chop some innocent civilians/mothers/babies into pieces with your macetes showing the potentials in you asking for a tamil eelam (only for the tamil race because it;s the only superior race in the world, refuse all others from entering there) in Bradford also don’t forget to ethnic-cleanse the whole area with just a few hr notice to leave but prohibit them to carry more than 50 pounds. After that we can judge your government. god bless you

  9. Thank you, Vivek! You know how to bring PEACE!!
    Don’t let the scums discourage your wonderful attitude towards LIFE!
    We need more people like YOU!

  10. Ziggy

    Good one, very good one! How come no one noticed Sinhala soldiers are dancing for a tamil song but speaking in sinhala. Good one sunday leader! As a responsible news paper, how was this missed out in your analysis. Those guys that are dancing speaking in Sinhala and dancing for tamil song. Those are not former LTTE cadres, those are sinhala soldiers. Vivek, either way, thank you for the moment joy for those Sinhala soldiers, now what can you offer Tamils for a moment joy?

    • colambage

      Actually they are mostly tamils can’t you see faces? The fact Sri Lankan soldiers will be around to protect VIPs all the time anywhere. But the irony here is that in the video, they (the ex-combattents) fortunately don’t seem to worry much or discriminate people about the ethnicity of others (like you do seem to be doing here) do they? They, who face the soldiers, talk to them daily, seem to have understood better than you the truely multi-ethnic nature of the motherland.

    • Don

      you are a real full scale negative being. Always looking at the bad side of life. They have obviously learned the sinhala language to communicate with their teachers who are sinhalese as people like you have nothing to offer them except weapons to destroy life. You people love to have a war in sri lanka putting these innocent people’s lives at risk so that you can enjoy your life overseas. Shame….shame….. mister ZIGGY.

    • PM

      Sorry to disappoint you Ziggy, everyone except YOU, noticed the cameramen & the crew speaking to the Tamil dances in Sinhala asking them to look at the camera.

  11. Ranjith

    Vivek Oberoi was a Bollywood young actor who made their day happy by dancing with them. He is like a good will ambassador!!

  12. nadia

    Great work Vivek!!!! The whole Sri Lanka loves you and thanks you. These youngsters are our own brothers and sitesrs, just mislead and brainwashed by extremists. They deserve all the love we can give. They will learn to live like proud “Sri Lankan” citizens. Genuine peace comes only trough projects like this, with engagement and inter-ethnic dialogue. this is why the LTTE supporters are negative on these initiatives. I think Vivek must be given honorary citizenship in Sri Lanka!

  13. nadia

    Forgot to mention before, my thanks of course go to all the Sri Lankan forces, courageous politicians and most of all brave soldiers who made all this possible.

  14. MuizUzair

    Some South Indians were protesting against the IIFA being held in Srilanka. If not for IIFA Vivek Oberoi wont be there to entertain and give some hope and help to these needy people. Hats off to this Bollywood Star. I wonder when the Kollywood stars are going to make a visit to these people and do something needful. Kollywood should have been there before Bollywood! Anyhow, better late than never. The Srilankans would love to see them too.

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