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Russia Questions UN Panel On Sri Lanka

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Russia has expressed caution about the UN Panel set to investigate Sri Lanka’s war. In a press release, their Foriegn Ministry said “The UN Secretary-General as chief administrative officer of the United Nations should apparently have asked the opinion of the Security Council or the General Assembly on this matter. But this has not happened. What also makes us cautious is the fact that this decision was taken without regard to the position of a sovereign state and a member of the UN – Sri Lanka.”

Russia has veto power on the UN Security Council and has used it in the past to prevent discussion of the war in Sri Lanka while it was going on. The current Foreign Minister of Russia is Sergey Lavrov. He began his career in Sri Lanka and has a command of the Sinhalese language.

The full text of the press release is included below:

Concerning UN Secretary General’s Decision to Appoint a UN Panel of Experts for Sri Lanka

Moscow has taken note of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s decision to appoint a UN panel of experts to investigate war crimes during the period of the campaign against the Tamil Tigers. As follows from UN sources, this panel is not a fact finding or investigation mechanism, but is designed solely to advise him on accountability issues relating to alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

In doing so, the UN Secretary-General as chief administrative officer of the United Nations should apparently have asked the opinion of the Security Council or the General Assembly on this matter. But this has not happened. What also makes us cautious is the fact that this decision was taken without regard to the position of a sovereign state and a member of the UN – Sri Lanka. As is known, they in Sri Lanka have already begun their own investigation process at national level (the Commission on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation with a mandate to review all aspects of the conflict). As follows from the statement made on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka by the External Affairs Ministry of that country, and the statement of its Minister of Information, Sri Lanka “regards the appointment of the Sri Lanka Panel of Experts as unwarranted and unnecessary and contrary to the position of a UN member state.” Lynn Pascoe, the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, who visited Sri Lanka a few days ago, as we understand, was aware of this position of Colombo.

We believe that the primary responsibility for investigating the events that occurred in the past in Sri Lanka lies with its Government and that the newly appointed UN panel of experts, which, as follows from UN Secretariat statements, does not intend to visit Sri Lanka, will not take any steps that would complicate the investigation being conducted by the authorities of Colombo.

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  1. Kalag

    This UN panel should bring the diaspora Tamils and LTTE guys abroad to human rights court first. They are the people funded LTTE to kill Singhalese civilians and soldiers.

    • Jane Warrant

      Why not start with MR government Minister of National Integration Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan (alias karuna) and Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan (alias Pilayan).

      These guys horrible people. Why are high ranking LTTE not only forgiven but made government ministers while General Fonseka leader of a political party in jail. This does not make sense. UN panel on human rights should find the truth. All who are found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • wijay

        Voice of a beaten tiger !!

      • Huff

        Fonseka is another issue, equally as dubious. This man is a fraud, out for political money and position. Why would a ‘leader and true hero’ of the nation be a green card holder in the US, with his children and son in-law who is still running from the law for crimes co-conspired with Fonseka, if his interests were in the country. He is nothing more than a common criminal.

        • Sumithrayo

          Sorry friend,
          Almost all the top leaders political and Military in Sri Lanka are US green card holders. Why the special preferrance by US for them when we ordinary (small by BP standards) find difficulty in visiting US as a tourist.

      • Ziggy

        i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess KING MR likes people like him. People who are not trustworthy, criminals, back stabbers….after all IT’S THE KING MR who has them in power.

      • slbud

        If you know Sri Lankan politics you would not be surprised at all about imprisonment of General Fonseka. What you would be surprised about is the fact that he is still ALIVE having opposed SL government in this scale. As you know, Defence Secratery has threatened to kill him, but he is too prominent to get rid so easily. He should know the system pretty well too.

        Whatever he is accused of happened while is was in the SL Army. Most likely, if he was involved in a wrongful act, he couldn’t be the only one doing it. If there were others, they are and will not be under any threat as long as they support the government. The way to avoid punishment for all wrongful or criminal acts of any scale in our country is to support the government.

      • solomon

        Hi jane
        what do you know about LTTE . how many innocent sinhalese people did they killed coldblooded. from yr name it appear that you are from one of the western country that harbour LTTE terrorists. yr countries are res[onsible for all these killings as your countries harboured these terrorist and continued to support them. I draw yr attention to recent remarks be great leader Putin .he said that westerners only concerned about human rights of terrorist not the victims of terrorists act.
        you only talked about 7/11 and 3000 innocent killed . here in srilanka 60000 got killed cold blooded by LTTE.

        We are organisation looking forward to sue countries helped LTTE terrorist to kill innocent sinhalese in the name of Elam.
        Terroist have no rights.we agree with US what they do in afganistan. kill them all for the sake of innocent victioms. thats not a acrime aginst humanity.

      • Kris

        Hello Jane

        Any one who involve with violance accepted the non violance then he or she should be allowed to become part of the normal society this is part of reconciliation , no one should treat with anger, if you relay do not know about srilanka then mind your own business

      • PATRIOT

        First things first. Before any investigations, Sri Lanka should ask for Adele Balasingham to be extradited back to Sri Lanka to stand trial for forcing children to wear and consume the Cyanide capsule with the intention of taking their own lives.

      • mura

        Jane, Splendid comment.

        Sinhalese doesn’t have brain who to appoint and who not to appoint.

        Ex Rebels like Karuna and Pillayan shouldn’t be appointed in the first place instead they should have gone for eduacted ones ……UN Panel should go ahead and punish both Sinhala leaders as well as Ex Rebels in front of International law not like Jungle law which is in SRI LANKA for Veddhas.

        No Law and Order in the present context.

        Justice must be installed and monitored.

    • kaduru

      Quite right, that should be the item one .Those living in the west who aided and abetted these crimes should be taken to task first.

    • Huff

      Absolutely right. But who is responsible for all this misplaced activity, seemingly nothing more than seeking some kind of vengeance for having lost face, than the pro-LTTE diaspora Tamils and perhaps even LTTE in hidding themselves. This must be exposed for what it is.

  2. BASH

    Why is it that no country is seriously perusing what the brutal Israelis did with innocent people in Gaza ! with white phosphorus the effect! at the UNRWA SCHOOL IN BEIT LAHIA, GAZA , PALESTINE

    • Barai

      Yeah… why not the brutalities of the Japanese in the WW II, Mr. Ban.

      • Ziggy

        Exactly BARAI! If USA can bomb and kill many japanese, why not KING MR & Co can’t kill only 40,000 tamil civilians in 3 months? It’s only 40,000 tamils…..not 40 million……..RIGHT BARAI?

        • Giggy

          Here comes the latest numbers of Ziggys yesterdays dream!! 40,000 dead he is crying at home !!! Throw some water at this guy !! Why not try jackpot for some good numbers Ziggy?

        • meeya

          where do you think we buried those 40’000 bodies in three months? 13, 333 bodies a day in average!. you are such an idiot of the same group who said we killed 200’000 during the last few days. LTTE were terrorists they dress plain cloths when they want to. when got killed they scream pointing finger saying civilians dead. we have seen it all you idiot. it was LTTE who fired at running civilians . not us.

    • Ziggy

      that’s what i am saying too! SL used the same thing against Tamils and now UN is set to launch an investigation! You know why, SL goes around the world and begg for food and money, that’s why!! Also talk lotza crap!

      • Weera

        You some kinda idiot, look SL has only small amount loans, do you know how much people in West has borrowed? Most people in west live from credit cards, and average person when they are 50 years old has more than $ 50,000 loans. Same situation for most govt in West. Don’t talk like a frog in well, you idiot.

  3. Toronto chef

    this is come from united state and western countrys not from the UN.

    • MR

      beggers can’t be choosers. upto like 5 years ago sri lanka was begging on their knees from US and wetern countries for sinhales have a very short memory.

  4. Gamini

    Why is the whole world scared of the panel. Is it the truth going to come out?
    If sri lanka has nothing hide, they should be happy to a panel.
    When you have people like Gota , how can internal investigations happen?
    Have common cense ………… UN is right……..

    • SL

      It is not scared of the panel it is displeasure. Do you allow your neighbor to come and search your house without any probable reason?

      • mkdk

        you may not allow your neighbor, but if you harass your wife or kids anyone,everyone have the right & a duty to intervene

      • Ziggy

        so you are saying, you can kill who ever you want in your house (?) with the help of many neighbours and another good neighbour just gotta sit there and watch? First of all, it’s not your house, 2nd of all understand the meaning of UN.

        • Huff

          What is the meaning of the UN? It certainly is not living up to its charter. This move to set up a committee of advisors was not approved by the world community’s representatives in the UN. Did you read the article above?

        • Hari

          Ziggy shut up now. Sri lanka did what they have to do. They will still do what they will have to do what ever comes up. So we have no place in Sl for people like you anyway. Stop worrying about Sri lanka and rights of it’s people.

        • Okarada Wariya


          UN means Useless Nations. The whole probe thing is a big cry from brainless tigers who do not understand the value of coexistence.

      • karasi

        Hello SL, There are evidences compiled by human rights organisations. So need to have war crimes investigations.

      • mura

        If something gone missing yes I will allow them…

        Stop your non-sense here……Panel should penalise Sri Lanka

    • Looks like you are a JVP gonek!!!!

    • Amara

      Are you liv ing in Sri Lankan Soil?

    • Weera

      I think you are a Tamil or bad Sri Lankan. We don’t need any country to interfere our sovereignity. Are there panels to investigate killings by USA in Afganistan or Iraq or Israel? No, right. So why only SL? This panel is not needed, all these killings are fabricated numbers, there wasn’t any such killings in Sri Lanka apart from some war casualties, which is acceptable in any war. Our soldiers are th best in the World.

      • karasi

        Hello Weera, Your soldiers are not the best in the world. There were 400,000 soldiers to fight and China and other countries supplied the arms. If LTTE had this they would have finished Sri Lanka. This is not the point because it is sad to see a Buddhist country suppose to be preaching non-violence and peace opted for war and thousands lost lives on both sides. The Sinhala government should have come out with some solutions, which could have prevented the formation of LTTE. Evidence shows war crimes have been committed and investigation need to take place.

    • Kris

      Do not try to take cheap political advantage in this matter, why dont you go and adviced un to apoint pannel for UK or USA what they done for other countries, katha karanne katenda nathnam pu—-kenda

      • karasi

        Hello, Why are you living in a denial state, wake up man to reality. Face the facts of life.

  5. idiots cannot understand the ulterior objectives of this panel by UN ….these so-called democratic countries have no democracy toward developing country..this is totally a conspiracy and Ban is just a hired agent….

    • Somachandra

      UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon trying to bring back the LTTE leader ship for his survival. He has nothing to do every where is recession.

      • mkdk

        rajapaksha bros are doing that, com’on open your eyes, karuna pillayan and now KP

      • Ziggy

        I thought KING MR defeated LTTE last may and killed all the LTTE leadership. Where is this new thing coming from? Sinhala LTTE sponsored by KING MR and his mentally retarded brother GOTA?

    • Huff

      Certainly appears that way.

  6. patriot

    We had enough suffering from LTTE. The LTTE continue to do their killings freely not considering human norms.The innocent villagers, priests, little childerns while the mom’s brest feeding were masscered, politicians, officers, prime minsters, foreign ministers and so many. None of these events were addressed by the West. Now Hon our own president ‘s leadership has produced the peace after waging a successful war against LTTE. That was the only possible solution at that time had to be taken. So now west and remnaents of LTTE and money compelled to bring western powers to come forward under banner of human rights and other allegations. Countries like Russia, China,and Brazil and Indian should come forward and make firm voice.

    • karasi

      Hello Patriot,All these countries you have mentioned have very poor human rights record and they need to be investigated too.

  7. Paravo

    Thank you Sir (Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov)
    for supporting SriLanka.

    • Ziggy

      Sure, Russia….now you can sell more amunitions to KING MR. He’ll buy and use it against his own people…..

  8. Paravo

    Please use good language….

  9. Nayana

    Proud to be a Srilankan but ashamed with dirty people who wrtes with bad words( like their childhood when they write on toilet walls) with chalks….

    A Mother from U.A.E.

    • Ziggy

      lol, jokes…..a mother and a proud Sri Lankan? I wonder what would you have done if you and your daughters were raped by SL soldiers?….nonsense. You are a mother for real, but your children got many fathers.

  10. ratne silva


    • Ziggy

      Yes, as an appreciation King MR will let you rape or kill few TAMIL captives are currently in the manick farm concentration camps. Just like how your god father Stalin did.

      • Giggy

        Ziggy in his own dream land!!! seeing horrible dreams. I think he possibly got raped by Prabakaran!! Find some prove and put on posts mate otherwise get ur self more useful.

  11. Stewart

    I have said this before and I will say it again. Ban and the UN would have more credibility if they investigated the US for warcrimes against Iraq. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that weren’t there?

    • karasi

      Hello Stewart,There were investigations and Tony Blair – the Prime Minister was forced to resign as a result. Don’t worry in western countries if there is wrongdoing by the government the journalists tear them to pieces. These are true democratic countries where they have freedom of speech.. It is not like Sri Lanka, any journalist critical of the government are either murdered or disappear or arrested as traitors.

  12. Senevi

    Most of the people make comments in this column against the Govt are supporters of wounded or dead tigers who are not living even in Sri Lanka & enjoying the luxury of foreign countries with the help of refugee status thanks to the slain brutal killer V.P. They don not like that the war is over in Sri Lanka beacuse they can not take their kith & kin anymore citing the unsafety for Tamils in Si Lanka. Tamils are living here very happily without the brutality of LTTE anymore & they are looking forward to a better future with good education, living standard & health service. The so called Sun God ( Sun DOG) took the Tamils to stone age while he & his family enjoyng all the luxuries in the Wanni jungle with ultra modern bungalows, hospitals & swimming pools etc. Tamils in Sri Lanka can not be fooled anymore by this Diaspora. They are not ready to suffer anymore to provide you people to enjoy the luxuries abroad. So there are only fowl cries.

    • karasi

      Senevi. There are many Sinhalese living abroad, because they are sick and tired of not having peace in the country. If your government had stopped Sinhala racist policies, no Tamil or Sinhalese would have runaway. It is nothing like home.

  13. Senevi

    When we write something sensible it takes ages to moderation but you look above the comments publish with utter vulgar words which are approved by the Sunday Leader journalists you can understand what type of moderation they have done. If it is against the Govt yr team approve fast & publish & if they are sensible comments take ages or not publish at all. IS THIS THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WHICH FREDICA JANZ 7 YOUR VTEAM ALWAYS CRYING FOR IN FRONT OF THE INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE to discredit Sri Lanka. I am sure you will not pulish this too. Let it go through your moderation gilletin

    • From NZ

      you are absolutely right, i’m still waiting for my comment to be published. not sure if you’ll be able to see this,’cos of ‘moderation gilletin’

  14. S. Jayawardene

    Western countries want us to be slaves. Then only they can thrive. They will never understand the pressure that we were in by the terrorists. They killed our children, hacked our fathers and grandfathers. Poor were driven to jungle

    • karasi

      Hello Jayawardene, Western countries don’t want you all to be slaves. They want to do their job to see whether war crimes were committed. That’s all.

  15. Investigations should be conducted by the own country & UN should not interfere with it. Americans are playing the chess game again! By sacrificing the “knight” for the better position in the game, naaa did not work. India got the Queen. China & Russia made the check mate! This is all about British hypocrisy. Amnesty International never barked forcing Blair on War crime Tribunal! , but had balls to Condemnations after the arrest of the LTTE current Leader KP from Malaysia. Crisis group! Have they ever question the American & British forces carpet Bombing in Iraq or the use of whit Phosphorus or targeting civilians deliberately. Any thing can be a crisis when you want it to be. The vested interest of these organisations & the bias stand would only bring the UN to disrepute.

    • meeya

      thanks. you know UN simply is a another division of US administration.

    • Gangdhi

      Amnasty International and the International Crisis group are privarte human rights businesses. They shout for the money they get. Tamils and Indians provide lot of funds to them.
      One of the area managers of the Amnasty International is an Indian.

    • karasi

      Hello Manori, Investigations conducted by their own country the truth will be hidden and manipulated. Outsiders have to come in so that it will not be biased and facts revealed

  16. sri lankan from canada

    Is this UN guys are doing a charity service ( but and the end of the month they are taking huge pay packages ) Ban Ki Moon can you disclose about your salary?
    Before probing sri lanka why dont appoint panels to probe war crimes happened in Iraq, Afganistan, etc…..
    Do not show your nakedness to the world , the whole world knows how the UN works, and their double standards .
    I take this opportunity give my special thanks to Russian people, Russian government, and specially Russian foreign minister for giving their opinions openly and bravely.

    • karasi

      Well, you are living in Canada and the Canadian government has good human rights record. Russia why are you afraid of investigation so that you can slaughter your people behind close doors and call it internal matter.

  17. dagobert

    Jane….. are you aware what treason is?
    Also what happened to the architect of Iraq war, McCrystal?
    This would suffice on Fonseka for now.

    As for the UN panel, what is the hidden agenda followed by the UN/CAO, Mr BKM ? He is following anyones instruction or have ordered panel for under the table shake hand?

    Why no Panel to report to this UN/CAO, BKM on the accountability of US, British & NATO Forces are up to in Afganistan & Iraq?
    Were not HR violated by these 01st World Armies in these areas?
    What about in Pakistan, Kyrigystan, Chechnya, Burma, Mindanao, Palestine, N-Korea, Nepal, India ?
    BKM seem to be aware hell of a lot about accountability in other regions But Sri Lanka.

    BKM, GOSL will not permit any Panel member to set foot on the Sovereign soil of Sri Lanka.
    In which part of the world victors over terrorists are prosecuted?

    Taliban is now copying the acts of Western Backed LTTE. They plant roadside IEDs & now begun to use Snipers.
    British have lost 300 men since 2004 and 100 within the last 14 Months.
    and have spent Stl. Pound 11b unto now. British Govt & the Public are haemorraging.
    Did US/UK Govts account for the unlawful invasion of Iraq ?
    To hell with your accountability.

    • karasi

      Hello Dagobert, You are worried about other countries but not facing the responsibility of what Sri Lanka has done to its own people. Sort out the problems before condemning other countries.

  18. Gangdhi

    Who is the real administrator of UN today?
    Is it Ban Ki Moon of Korea?
    Is it Wijay Nambiar of India assisted by Navam Pillai the Tamil Lawyer from South Africa?
    The answer is Wijay Nambiar assisted by Pillai.

    The current problems of terrorism goes back to 1795 when the British brought Tamil Regiments to Ceylon.

    The same problems are there in countries like Fiji, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Malasia, Mauritius, West Indies, Burma and so on.

    The UN should take steps to decolonise Indian colonies.

  19. Gangdhi

    Un should start a wide enquiry in to effects of Indian hedgemony. Tamil terrorists were trained armed and managed by the Indian Intelligence Service. The 300000 or so civillians at the end of the war did not come from the war area. They were Tamils from other areas of Ceylon and India who were planing to go to the West managed by the Indian Intelligence Service. The did it in 1983.
    This time the navy destroyed all naval vessels owned by Tamil terrorists in and around the war zone.

  20. gamay miniya

    The war was a humanitarian operation to free the tamils.All killings were done in a humanitarian manner.We have nothing to hide.

    • karasi

      Hello, If you have nothing to hide, let the investigators prove it. Nowadays, we need evidence and not word of mouth.

  21. gamay miniya

    Russia may be worried that a similar panel could be appointed to probe the killings of chechnyans in the war to suppress chechniyan strugglw for independance.

  22. Jay Ranaweera

    Because of Banki Moon’s short sighted act, countries like Sri Lanka are getting more and more closer to Russia, China,Iran and the Arab world too.

    • karasi

      Hello Jay Ranaweera,This is because these countries have poor human rights record. To move forward in life it is best to associate with countries that have good human rights record and follow humanitarian law.

  23. Hari

    We should do what we want and not worry about what others say or do. We surely know what’s right for us. Ignore all the unfriendly critics and countries
    and we should focus on developing the nation.


    No need to mention what the LTTE is. They killed thousands( kids, pregnanet women, monks , leaders etc sinhala, tamil, muslim etc) Who funded LTTE( indian tamils, indians, sl tamils who went to western countires as refugees) they have done lot of damage to the country, still doing it by spreading human rights charges, killing descreminations etc. but nobody talk about the killings they did to sinhala people who lived north of padaviya area.. they are gone. people like ziggy should be ashamed. MR & his government need to get the credit for defeating LTTE. Now anybody can go anyware.
    UN is mislead by Navi Pillai and secret work of india/Tamil Nadu politicians and some NGOs in SL. India trained LTTE, When JR Jaya.. was going towards western power ignoring india. British people have vested interest of dividing the country( who initially brought south indian tamils to SL as workers and cretaed this mess)
    Sinhala people too discredit SL for their own survival too. Sarath Fonseka indeed did the most damages by war crime charges against our army.

    As Sri Lankans lets stand together and help develop the country….

  25. Ruwan

    What about US, EU and Isrial? Where is the UN panel for them? Why not?

  26. why do we surprise. we know that un chief is like a puppet.he has no any power. he does what the USA and Western powers orders only. Frankly if he want to prove any humen right violations, fist he sould summon USA.UK and other western powers who conducted war against Vietnam,Iraq, and Afganistan. Today also they are killing innocent people in those countries.

    We should close to Russia, China, India, Iran like countries.

    • karasi

      Read the politics of Russia, China, Iran they treat their own people with disgrace, this is why they get along well with Sri Lanka.

  27. mahinda

    well! russia cant talk when they supplied arms unless they feel their new products were put to use in SRI laNKA .and now they feaR OF THE EXPOSURE

  28. LTTE killed people,cold blooded, in buses,trains,bombing of the central bank in Colombo ,buddhist monks,bystanders on the road people in churches,temples. This ia only a few.They were classified as the worse terrorist group in the whole world by the west.They introduced the suicide bomb, which is now used in afganistan and other countries. Suicide bomb killed many in London in the under ground trains.Ltte killed many farmers in the north while they were sleeping,even babies.Thanks to our President, with his leadership was able to wipe out the tigers.The war was against a group who was guided by a megalomaniac.In similar situations in the past, British and American forces carpet bombed Germany to wipe out Hitler who was also a megalomaniac.Thousands of civilians were killed. Even now in Afganistan lot of civilians are killed due to British and American forces.No human rights groups are protesting. Why are they protesting against Sri Lanka, for getting rid of the worst terrorist group. They have to thank President Rajapakse instead. LTTE only used the diaspora money for destruction.They never build schools, roads hospitals nor any other construction for the betterment of the tamil people.


  29. Dharme

    Congratulations Russia! Thanks for taking a stand on behalf of SL. UN should not interfere in the domestic issue of a sovereign nation. This is the political bullying by the western nations to control all nations depending on aid to do what ever they want. So many wars involving US and NATO should be first looked at going way back in time and investigated for war crimes and then prosecuted first before interfereing in SL. We all the MR government needs to fix its issues and that is an internal matter and internal politics and SL citizens will address it. We do not need any country or UN telling us what to do. This is typical collonialism and trying to control. MR government should address the issues soon and allow free and fare elections, media etc. before this external entities interfere. Unfortunately, MR has brought this upon themselves by allowing internal parties to extend for international help because of poor governing.

    • karasi

      Dharme , your government has been telling other governments in the western countries to monitor the LTTE. They don’t like interference but can give orders when it suits them

  30. vathy

    Russia can impress sinhalease people by saying such things but what is it getting other than some oil contracts? UN panel will go ahead with their work.

  31. umapathi

    We know what Russia is doing to their own people, who were trying to have independence from this anarchy. They kill them and maime them. So they support a tyranical govt like SriLanka. Karl Marx and Lenin will turn in their graves.

  32. Raj

    Russia is also a part of the war crimes committed by Srilanka. That is the reason it is supporting the terrorists singalese government. Srilanka has to be punished for its war crimes and inhuman behavior. Still it is killing innocent Tamils even after the war is over.

    • Gangdhi

      Indians (include Tamils) in Ceylon are colonial parasites who came there with their colonial master the British. This prblem is everywhere these colonial parasites are found. In Fiji, Uganda, Kenya and so on. UN should help decolonise Indian colonies.

  33. niran

    Let Ban ki apoints anybody…
    who cares…

    Any country can opposed to the UN.

    we stop them at the Air port and turn them back

    Its the worst blow to Ban ki

  34. niran

    The power dominate things and controlling how its wants
    in bad or good ways.

    LTTE erra is far over its over now.
    Srilanka smash it and burned to the last ash.

    All the Tamile Refugees and who born for slavery inthe west , stop now .
    Stop washing plates and other slavery . No need any more ..
    You have abetter country
    Come back to your motherland
    Spend your urrooos, dollars and live freely .

    Till you die peacefully on your owen soil now .

    Dont worry ,
    Sri Lankan Majority Garuntee your life.

    come to your motherland spend what you earnd

  35. Tony

    What about human rights investigation in Australia, Canada, America during the invasions, millions of indigenous people killed. Also more than 20 million Africans killed during the slave trade. Here are some examples of evil deeds by the Europeans in Australia.

    In 1838 white people had settled Australia for just 51 years. Pastoralists were pushing into Aboriginal land, dispossessing Indigenous people from the land that nurtured them physically and spiritually

    I look on the blacks as a set of monkeys, and the earlier they are exterminated from the face of the earth the better… I would never see a white man hanged for killing a black.—One of the jurors, quoted in The Australian, 18 December 1838

    The whole gang of black animals are not worth the money the colonists will have to pay for printing the silly [court] documents.—The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 October 1838

    Jack Watson, head stockman at Lawn Hill station in the Gulf country, in 1885 had 40 pairs of human ears nailed to the walls of his hut.—The Age

    Black memories

    “My mother would sit and cry and tell me this; they buried our babies in the ground with only their heads above the ground. All in a row they were. Then they had tests to see who could kick the babies’ head off the furthest. One man clubbed a baby’s head off from horseback.
    They then spent the rest of the day raping the women, most of whom were then tortured to death by sticking sharp things like spears up their vaginas till they died. They tied the men’s hands behind their backs, then cut off their penis and testicles and watched them run around screaming until they died. They killed in other bad ways too.” White settlers found no reason to spare Aboriginal men, boys and children. Aboriginal girls and women, however, were often kept for sexual pleasure. Research uncovered “stories of girls as young as eight who were kidnapped and raped and infected with syphilis. Teenage girls were kept for sex and chained up at night to stop them running away. One group of girls was held in a chicken wire enclosure.

  36. kesavan

    Yes, as an appreciation King MR will let you rape or kill few TAMIL captives are currently in the manick farm concentration camps. Just like how your god father Stalin did.

  37. Paari

    Russia Dont Kill Humanity in the Slaughter House of Diplomacy!
    War Crimes are alleged against the State Called Sri Lanka, which means the state itself is a party to the crime and it is a universally accepted Principles of justice that “no one can sit to decide his own case”. So dont do this Humanity to come will not forgive u For U Stand On this issue….Beware!

  38. uma

    Uncivilised, uncouth country like Russia supports SL. Very good, Thiefs in the same trade get together for some more arms deals..


  40. human

    y shd any country or sri lanka shd say UN investigation, the UN is going to investigate whether any war crimes had taken place in sri lanka, and who did that war crimes , whether the tamil tiger did it or the sri lankan govt or army had done the war crimes, in this situation why the sri lankan govt says NO TO UN INVESTIGATION, and the genocidial partner countries such like India, russia wats shd be behind it, if they didnt do any thing why shd they afraid or say no to investigation, if UN investigate in sri lanka and proves that sri lankan govt had not done any war crimes then wat will be the problem, if they had done any thing why shd they afraid

  41. Nimmaa

    //Uncivilised, uncouth country like Russia supports SL. Very good, Thiefs in the same trade get together for some more arms deals..//
    I repeat it.

  42. godbless srilanka

    how many tamils have been killed and rapped by Srilakan Army and Sihgalese since 1948. The amount of assets we lost. In my house Army took all of our assets including musical equipments etc.Emtied the house. How many were killed by JVP, Karuna .Put them in to jail guys

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