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‘I Did Not Influence The EC On GSP+’ States CBK

Letter sent to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Friday (9).

H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa,
The President,
Presidential Secretariat,

Your Excellency,

I write with reference to a statement purported to have been made by you at a recent cabinet meeting, which was reported in a weekend newspaper. It caused me some concern because the very same proclamation was made by Minister G.L. Peiris at a press conference in April 2008.
The statement in question was that, I the former President influenced the European Union to withdraw the GSP+ facilities to Sri Lanka. This is utterly and completely false. I have had no role to play in the GSP+ issue or for that matter any of your government’s affairs since I retired from the presidency.
I wish to inform you that my upbringing, education and my values do not and will not permit me to engage in activities that would in anyway harm my country or its people regardless of who may be in government. All the harassments, insults I have been subjected to since my retirement are not sufficient to veer me away, from the principles that I cherish. I do have various involvements with the European Commission and the European Union. I have been invited to lead EU funded missions to advise various countries on good governance, building democratic institutions, human rights etc., within the framework of international organisations I work with. In March 2008, I was invited to be one of two keynote speakers at a high level meeting of women heads of state and government organised by the EC to commemorate International Women’s Day.
The other speaker was Ms. Condoleezza Rice the then US Secretary of State. I attended this function because it was a great honour not only for me but for our country.
It was after this, that Minister G.L. Peiris summoned a Press Conference and made the above stated false allegations against me. It may be perplexing and cause envy among some that I happen to be among the few Sri Lankan political leaders who has earned global recognition and is invited to address important international events. Would it be at all possible for our government to appreciate the reasons for which our former President and leader receives global recognition and be proud of this?
The GSP+ facilities were granted to the government during my presidency in recognition of our efforts to strengthen and promote democratic institutions, fundamental freedoms, press freedom and good governance including the curbing of corruption. There were certain conditions stipulated for the grant and thereafter the extensions of this facility. I understand the government has yet to fulfil these undertakings.
I shall be thankful lf you could ensure that such unfounded allegations are not made by the government.
Thank you
Yours Sincerely
Chandrika Kumaratunga

6 Comments for “‘I Did Not Influence The EC On GSP+’ States CBK”

  1. Yohan

    Madam.. as you stated and known to all sri lankans , your background and breed is not comparable with the current leader. The Rajapakses were never educated nor did they have the quality, that leaders that are chosen to be. They were merely street walkers and trade unionists. Not much proof is needed to prove my point, but just see the manner in which the family portray themselves to the country and world at large. Therefore for the love of the country its time you made a comback to join hands with a force to defeat these theives.

  2. Samarasinghe

    You talk about upbringing and values ( I will not talk about your education here), well then tell us how you amassed such a lot of money to buy houses in London, etc when you yourself said as you became president that your children wore clothed handed down to them by your friends. Money taken and used out of the presidents fund with no proper records maintained. Is this the upbringing you talk of? Your parents may not have been rogues but they are responsible for the mess this country got into after independence. First your father brought a stupid law the make Sinhala only (when he himself studied in England) creating the first divisions among our people. Then your mother with her socialism took away the properties of the Sinhala people whilst saving their own, nationalised the estates, transport, schools, etc. People could not go abroad to study during your mother’s era whilst you and your brother did. Then you come in and start the corruption. Air Lanka, Waters Edge, President’s Fund to name just a few. So, please talk about the you or any of the Bandaranayake’s that was the curse of Sri Lanka.

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Dear Madam,
    The country is managed by some idiots like Wimal Wihiluwanse, the spineless man G.L.Peris ete. I am having fear because the unemployed groups(Sinhala,Tamil and Muslim) could re-group again seperately against this most anti-social government as uprisings. We could remember the eras 1971, 1987-1989 and the Tamil rebellions. The root cause behind was the youth unrest and un-employment. This Government is not doing nothing to counter those social-devils. Please come back to Politics and don’t forget the COMMON PEOPLE OF SRILANKA.

  4. noel

    Chandika, please do not even dream of coming back to SL politics. Your regime was no better than the present Government. While you were President so many people went missing and dissapeared without a trace.

    Leading Tamil poititicians such as Kumar ponambalam, Neelan were killed during your time. You conveniently put the blame on the LTTE. How could have LTTE killed their International spoke person kumar Ponambalam??. Your uncle Ratwatte his sons and his goons were terrorising people and killing people in Kandy and Night Clubs were smashed by Lohan and his brother. Have you forgotten these thing??


    I personally think that MR had done a great job as far as wiping out LTTE terror from SL and doing lot of good in the North and East of the country.

    Thanks but no thanks stay at home or go back to Ronnie Peris and crowd who benifitted from your time as president. Have you spent the commission you received when you sold Ari Lanka to Emirates??

    We dont want you back in SL politics at all!!

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