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Beggars Killed? Ban The Beggars

Street Dwellers Rounded Up And Sent To Rehab In Hambantota

Following an increasing number of beggar murders the police have begun rounding them up and sending them to Hambantota for rehabilitation. Police Spokesman SP Prashanth Jayakody said that the institution in the Ruhunu, Ridiyagama was an established one and that a number of beggars were being sent there for rehabilitation. He said that the rehabilitation of the beggars was an initiative of the Social Services Department who would have seen it fit to offer the homeless men and women shelter and safety, especially in light of the recent killings.

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  1. gamay miniya

    Were they on Samurdhi Benefits? If not, why? This should be investigated. It is said that most who receive Samurdhi do not deserveit, and that most who deserve it, do not get it.

  2. Lankanlion

    I think Hambantota is right destination. Even MR will ended up there (after the retirement) provided UN failed to arrest war criminals

    • Yohan

      Hambantota will end up as a prison colony for the ruling family to rest.

      • napier

        keep dreaming! the people of Srilanka & millions overseas will not let any harm be on MR or his family. remmember its a overwhelming majority that has put them where they are.

  3. nazeem

    We can’t trust this government… This remember “safe zone” declared by government during the final phase of war with LTTE. This zone was announced to concentrate all civilians within few square metres and subsequently military was ordered to bomb those safe zone which resualted in death of 30,000 civilians in few weekas time. May be Gotha is using same technique to kill all beggars in this island. Cannibals may do any thing…

  4. AravindaMatchFixer

    I love MR he is good for us. Let’s support him after all he finshed the LTTE mob.
    As for Wimal he is a bogus hoon. just barking for nothing and carrying the shit bucket of MR

  5. Manojh

    Nazeem with your name you have a choice.If you do not trust the Govt join your bang wagon Al quida then you will be wiped out by the US troops as they do not have safe zones

  6. muzammil

    Govt is guilty of exposing the beggars to the rest of the world, as unwanted
    creatures.Govt assumed,beggars are a menace.While it’s true that it’s menace it’s equally true that they are humans and part of us.Is this the way to
    treat the stretching hands? Chasing them away to bautify our cities and turns
    a blind eye at this cold blooded murder.

    • aswin

      Musamil, you cannot compare the beggars with the people who ordered the wiping. It is because beggars are begging not robbing, but these fellows are carrying on day light robbery of the entire nation.

      • muzammil

        Hi aswin,
        I raised a generally accepted humanitarian concern.We know thefts and
        robberies are taking place all over.It’s the responsibility of the law to deal
        with the situation appropriately.Simply because we can not capture the
        culprits,all beggars shouldn’t be labelled.Nobody encourages begging
        similarly nobody should tolerate killing them.Where in the world begging
        wiped out like this?

  7. Roshan.Dissa

    Manoj, As long as people like you are there with that mentality, peace is hopeless in this country. People can comment anythig about the govt, u dont have to get offended. The way MR and his goons rulling this country disaster and poverty isnt far away. We will be automatically wiped out if Gota continues to give stupid statements, MR rules for few more years and Gel Wimal act insane without any US troops thanks to blind, ignorant and irresponsible people like you.



  9. TRuth

    guess what AH did at first he got rid of the Jews and then went out for the beggers and disabled where do you thing sri lanka is headed towards??? what a dooomed plece to be

  10. mura

    All sinhalese will end up begging very soon.

    GL PEIRIS is a ideal candidate to teach how to beg with a bowl infront of International Arena.

  11. aswin

    Now some of the MR company share holders can have a luxary life in the name of these beggars. Ranil will not do about these things, he always busy in bringing the UNP down, atleast the JVP has to check who is earning out of the allocated money for maintenance of beggars.

  12. nada

    The people who commented above, don’t know the real cause of Govts killing the beggars.There was a tiger who was in beggar’s attire in Kalutura, was arrested &killed.So in sheer panic they are murdering all the unfortunates.Some years ago a tiger carried a bomb in disguise of a THEMBILLY vendor. WHEN IT WAS DETECTED ALL THE VENDERS WERE BANNED.Above all, once Athulak prophesied that if you burn the forest you can get rid of the tigers.That had happened &ultimately they are facing the consequences.Now everything is burning&panicky.

  13. Kalu Suddi

    Yes! Hambantota would be the chosen land for all beggars including Rajapaksa and his family. oh! I await the day for the down fall of this nasty man and his greedy family. In the mean time the innocent homeless, beggars are paying the price. Watch out Rajapaksa the wheel keeps turning we are hiding and watching. Wonder who will be next? Sarath Fonseka is locked up, beggers are being killed who is next???

  14. sarath

    Shame on this Gov. what gov in the history in srilanka murdered beggars. they most poorest and have no any political influences. this is sadism and brutality.those police personnels who can set their mind to kill a beggar are not human at all. they are beasts. Government authorities should take step to stop this cannibalism.

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