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Ragging To Be Whipped

By Nirmala Kannangara

The Higher Education Ministry has banned university ragging with immediate effect and those who are found guilty of such activities in future would be expelled from university, Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake told The Sunday Leader.

According to Minister Dissanayake, Sri Lankan universities have brought disrepute to the country over the years as a result of ‘dishonourable ragging’ and added that he would implement the delayed Act No: 20 of 1998 on university ragging with immediate effect.
“According to the university ragging act, six, seven or an eight year jail term would be the punishment for those who are found guilty. Unless this is firmly implemented, we would not be able to discipline university students. I have already given instructions to all the academic and non academic university staff on this matter and hope to get their support to put a stop to ragging,” Minister Dissanayake said. Determined to crack the whip, the Minister added that students would only be allowed to stage protests in universities but warned them about boycotting lectures in future. “Unlike now all those who boycott lectures in future would be marked as absent and if their attendance is less than 80 percent at the end of each year, they would not be allowed to sit for exams,” Dissanayake said.

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  1. raj

    it is a good move. Why do they need to rag others? By doing so, what kind of message they send?

    • Sam Perera

      This needs to be carefully implemented. Previous governments tried this several times but it did not work well. Now that there is a group students in the universities who are actively against ragging, I believe that time is ripe for careful implementation of the law.

    • hasantha

      i wonder you have been to a campus. ragging is not actually think. i agree that some students do some wrong things. but not all.
      ragging should be their

  2. azath

    Commendable, These two are basic steps in way forward. The old myth was that ragging bring the friendships and guidance to juniors. this is entirely a crude way. I personally had many experiences. it is totally a cruel act culminating in deaths or morbidity and some have given up university education too.

    These simple and steady steps of the govt should be welcome and encouraged. and also, I would like to see the dissolution of politically oriented unions engage in shadow third class politics. Instead, students should be encouraged to take part in the various activities involving the community.

    The important area is the change in curriculum suiting to our needs and need to compete with the trend of the world than clinging on to the traditional ways wasting the time and money which never help a graduate in his jobs.

  3. Alumni

    Never too late to implement discipline in these youngsters. This should have been done 30 years ago when ragging was at its’ worst, with young women throwing themselves out of buildings to escape cruelties.
    Most of these students have no interest in obtaining knowledge. They are only interested in a piece of paper that confers a degree. Moreover, most students do not appreciate the free higher education. University students should start paying for their education, and then the strikes and unrests will stop, and students will begin to appreciate their paid for education.

    • hasantha

      problem is all the students are not milliners as u. this is the only way to get out of jail. free education should be their. if not how do u think poor pay for their education. if changing this policies, then it should have some back Up plans for poor. then it is reasonable. you need to understand we are in sri lanka, not America.

  4. UNP-man

    Great SB. You can do it,

  5. The discipline of a visionary. The proof will be its implementation. A new age will dawn for higher education, with the chaining of an inner animal.

  6. P.L.J.B.palipana

    SB,I think it is an useless exercise. You are also a University Graduate and you must know what are the Grass root problems in our Civil Society. Our society is divided as Caste,Creed and Religion. According to Pro.Hoole our society is divergent and not homogeneous. First thing you have to do is to find a convergent formula to re-concile the Society. In CANADA it is achieved by the LAW. Please remember the case in kandy to a Muslim girl student. Those are case studies. Please go ahead with the reality.

    • appuhami

      P.L.J.B.Pallipana, what a stupid idea you people still have !!!! can’t believe what age you people are living in. Just because some absent-minded professor told, you too are trying to use some bombastic words show you are one of the pundits in SL having some idea regarding ragging..

      This ragging is a stone-aged act. It should be wiped out man. As long as idiots like you are there in SL we won’t become civilised sadly !!!

      Appuhami from London

      • Ari

        This Palipana lives British Columbia Canada and is a die-hard anti-government guy…

        He didn’t have ragging there, so he doesn’t know how primitive this is…

        Good move, S.B!

    • I Hussein

      Mr Palipana, You are trying to settle this issue with a balance here. But Pro.Hoole’s example doesnt make any sence with this issue. We maybe devided or not homogeneous or belongs to different race cast religion or whatever but we all eat the same food and study the same system and attending the same university.
      I neither pro nor agaisnt the ragging, the problem is what happen now is not just ragging. In the name of ragging students get some cheap satisfaction by torturing and harassing (sometime sexually too) new comers, which should be stoped if not these sick students should be punished severely. There is no debate about it. Innocent ragging is some fun but should not cross the limit at any time.

    • Appuhami 7

      It’s very sad to read a comment like this which is not realistic at all. If you did something wrong at societal level, police will definetely punish you. Then are you going to demonstrate again that punishment? There are three fundementals step in hand in hand, a nation to be more peaceful and progressive; good education, discipline and the law. Even within universities these must be in the top of the visible agenda.

  7. ruwan

    good move ragging is done jealous jvp goons who are jealous of students who come from respecteble families and apearance of students..etc

    palipana is trying to stop this process by saying this and that.

  8. ruwan

    good move ragging is done jealous jvp goons who are jealous of students who come from respecteble families and apearance of students..etc

    palipana is trying to stop this process by saying this and that..

  9. ruwan

    good move ragging is done by
    jealous jvp goons who are jealous of students who come from respecteble families and who has good apearance…etc

    palipana is trying to stop this process by saying this and that..

  10. Purohitha

    Sb, too little, very late ! If this govt which eradicated terrorism in Lanka do not eradicate ragging in Lanka Unis, no body will. Nowhere in the world has this type of ragging taken place. So many students were killed or disabled by this inhuman practise and so many ministers, deans and lawmakers watched in silence. Don’t worry about palipanas of this world, they will be happier in foreign climbs. Well done ! Please follow it up with foreign Unis and OUs.

  11. Edison

    Good move,
    But catch them on camera and show it to their parents first.
    Some of the filth spoken is out of sexual perversion. None of them will be doing this to their sisters or brothers. Some them think this is the way to pay back. Let us stop this rot. SL will be behind you SB, but make it public before you punsih.

  12. garawi

    This is a good move! Even though the minister was known to be a out spoken person he seems to have a good vision too. This is a long overdue act and I applaud the minster for having the guts to take politically unpopular decisions in the name of the betterment of the country.

  13. Shaik Anwar

    This is a brilliant idea. The root cause of the ragging is our free education – whenever somethng is free it is rarely appreciated.

  14. P.L.J.B.palipana

    dear Mr.Appuhamy,
    The hard core UNPer was S.B.Dissanayake who was with the UNP challenging always Leadership of Ranil Wickramasinghe. He jumped into the SLFP during the Presidential Electin like a gemba. Isn’t it?

    • Appuhami 7

      My dear Pillipena,
      Pls stop you stupid pro-UNP mentality and try to apreciate good things without look at the colour of the person. You are not the one who gonna pay the price for suck inhuman brutal activities, yet innocent students who step in the universities with lots of expectations have to suffer not only in the university life, in some cases during the entire life.
      Help to stop this crude activities

  15. Dr Sulaiman

    Dear Higher Education Minister. This is a good idea and I hope that you will put an end to this bad practice that has been going on for many years. It is good for first year underdraduates that they will happy to come to Universities. It was reported that many new intakes were missing out lectures because of the fear of ragging and well done and this a one step forward and hope you will introduce many more changes and can you do some thing for the quality of teaching in universities and if you could it would be better for our country.

  16. reinan

    Good Move S.B, as the people grown from free education we should support it.But the current situation in Sabaragamuwa University is varying from what we are seeing.The suspend on the students is implemented before a week ago,though the complain reported nearly a SEVEN month ago, the administration did this at the moment as a trick to survive from the complains on them by the students recently due to mishandling on the money allocated for the university construction project.So my dear people,its better to give an eye on these huge issues which usually occurring in rural universities such as Sabaragamuwa as well as ragging

  17. Banda

    Great idea SB. We are with you. I have heard some students have suicide, given up their free university education and some are become mad because of inhuman ragging. This is not the way the senior students should welcome the newcomers. Ragging menace should be wiped out from the universities of Sri Lanka so that we will have more and more educated & talented people. Those who like Palipana oppose to this excellent idea are dam idiots.

  18. SB, do it forthwith.Excellent move to produce a well disciplined learned citizen that is a dire need to the country at this crucial era.Your brave and exemplary decision which would have been taken many decades before and although it is too late, it is ever best than never.Well done SB.

  19. The Patriot

    Great move by SB, better late than never. Our University culture is so pathetic, no student can forecast their graduation. Ragging culture and political factions within the university has to be uprooted! Poeple, regardless of their cast and creed, will be with you!!


  21. Aravinda

    Ragging is part of Free education. All students should – at least partly- pay for his or her education. Free education has devalued the university degrees. A system like HECS ( I believe it was called Higher Education Contribution Scheme..) used in Australia is an example. All students pay for their degrees once they start to work. The students will value the degree. They will not waste time in Universities if they are not ready to pay. Why should tax payers finance university degrees? We pay for water, electricity, road use, food, gas, petrol and other necessities of life. Why not degrees? This could also push some students out of Unis, to more useful areas of training, eg. Vocational studies and trades. There is no shame in trade, we are not living in Victorian London….

    • hasantha

      this is something good. this may be the back up plan we should think about. s. b. think about that. ragging is not the only problem . in universities. universities are running out facilities. think about that.

  22. Don

    Excellent move …Hope this will get implemented immediately. University students should clearly understand that the tax payers are paying for their education. Sri Lanka may be one of the very few counties in the world that provide a fee university education. Students should be thankful for that and obtain the good education instead of destroy the universities and the education system. In today’s competitive markets these students will have no future if they continue these demonstration and etc, They should try to get a good education at a younger age and start building a future for themselves without waiting for the state to do everything for them.

    .Well done Minister and hope strictly enforce these regulations and I’m sure this will bring about great results in the future.

  23. reinan

    My dear Sri Lankans(, you all are welcoming the move of S.B as my self,but you ddnt see the reality I have mentioned about Sabaragamuwa in my comment, thats the hell happen to us, because you may not educated from a rural local university,you don’t feel the thirst of locals you White guys.

  24. This is no solution.The solution is to inspire the students with expectations of a bright future.Employment and gainful employment.

    The problem of employment for the graduates had been there since 1965, and with the withering of the oppurtunities, other social problems developed, ragging being one.

    The govts of the past met this problem with employment in the state sector, but with more and more uneductaed, inefficient political jokers being appointed to the Directorates, these institutions withered.( Identify one proffessional from the industry that had been appointed as a director during his working life, to that industry)
    There is one Ministry that should oversee a proper planned economy, this old joker -the Head- who wallops in the presence of youthful, curvacious ladies neutered this ministry.,It had been going on over the last two decades.

    The solution to this is for the state sector to expand. The private sector, be it in Sri Lanka or elsewhere cannot solve a problem of this.proportion not even de Beers who mine for diamonds.

    It is high time that the Govt and Opposition define and implement a proper road map to solve this problem.- Pinch oneself to remind oneself of Argentina of a decade ago

  25. Robert Shammugalingam

    Hi,Pandith Palipana,
    This is a good move by SB, even though i am not a fan of SB, i accept good things and critisize bad things.Clerly this is a good move and even if this wouldnt succesus as SB expected, ragings will be droped in universities, significantly compaire to previous yers. Cause the more openly we discuss these issues, the more people tend to undestand and act on it. Look since this ranging issue been brought up to the table, every one is talking about it. Parents who have uni kids, will definitly informe there kids regarding the punishments wich they get if they ever involve in such activities and that will give those kids some thinkings to think when ever they approch a junier kid.
    beside we dont need some random professor’s views on these matters. Simply implify the raging law and kids will folow. and im 100% sure ranging will be droped dramaticaly. Therefor appricite good things man … point to keep hatrade just see good things in a optimistic way…….Jessus…….!!!

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