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Weerawansa’s Comedy Of Errors Fasting Unto Death While On Saline

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Wimal ‘breaking fast’

NFF Leader and Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s failed attempt to politically re-engineer his image as a firebrand politician through a fast unto death outside the UN Office in Colombo has had many adverse repercussions on the country as well as on domestic politics.

The comedy of errors staged by Weerawansa from July 6 to 9 was nothing short of entertaining, where for the first time, Sri Lankans were able to witness an individual on a fast unto death while being on a saline drip.

A closer look at the whole fast unto death saga reveals the political game behind Weerawansa’s exercise carried out for three days outside the UN Office in Colombo.

Weerawansa, who claimed that he would not budge an inch until Ban Ki-Moon withdrew the panel of experts on Sri Lanka, immediately sipped a glass of water offered to him by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and ended his ‘fast’ without even uttering a reason for his decision to call it off.
After Weerawansa ended his fast unto death on Saturday (10) at 4.30 p.m., until the following day, Sunday (11) none of the NFF spokespersons gave a reason to the media as to why the fast was ended.

On Sunday, NFF spokesperson Jayantha Samaraweera said that the fast was called off after the President had agreed to several conditions, which included the appointment of a committee to inquire into the allegations to be taken up by the UN panel of experts and for the Sri Lankan government not to cooperate with the UN panel.

It therefore seems, that Weerawansa’s fast unto death was in fact aimed against the President more than the UN Secretary General.

Realising the disaster in the making, the NFF then resorted to claim that the life of their leader was at risk due to his continuous fast for three days. They claimed that doctors have said Weerawansa’s kidneys were badly affected due to the non-consumption of water.

A medical expert when questioned by The Sunday Leader said that a saline drip is generally administered to provide sustenance to a person who does not consume food or water.

He explained that the normal saline that contains water and sodium chloride along with 5% of dextrose (a form of glucose) and when administered to any individual, that person does not need to consume food or water, as the substances required for physical sustenance are provided medically.
When asked about the case of Weerawansa’s ‘fast unto death’ while on a saline drip, the doctor said there was no need for him to consume either food or water as he was on the saline drip.

“A person could wait close to seven days without consuming water and an even further period without food,” he said.

He added that not eating food for two days would not have a severe impact on a person’s kidneys, especially when a saline drip has been administered to the person.

According to the doctor, in order to determine for certain if there indeed was a problem in the kidneys’ filtering system, a serum electrolyte and a serum creatinin test could have been performed on Weerawansa. Meanwhile, doubts have also been raised about Dr. Sisira Siribaddhana’s involvement in the fast unto death, especially given the fact that he is one of Weerawansa’s close confidants.

A former supporter of the JVP, Dr. Siribaddhana had also changed his loyalties with Weerawansa’s defection from the JVP.

It is Dr. Siribaddhana, who initially claimed that Weerawansa’s kidneys were affected due to the non-consumption of water.

Several opposition politicians who called Weerawansa’s actions a bluff said that Weerawansa had single-handedly managed to stop any possible protests that could have been organised against the panel of experts on Sri Lanka appointed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

A senior politician from Weerawansa’s former party, the JVP, said that while a fast unto death is a protest campaign resorted to as a final option, Weerawansa’s fool hardy action of carrying out such a campaign at the outset of the protest against the expert panel has ruined any possibility of carrying out a future protest against the issue.

“A fast unto death is the last protest campaign to be launched under any circumstance, but Weerawansa resorted to it in the first protest itself. No, there is nothing that can be done. No protest, march or rally could match it now,” he said. According to him, the only other option would be to get about 10 individuals to commence a fast unto death – if any one is to consider the matter seriously.

“Please Forgive Me!” — Gam

The fire breathing Wimal Weerawansa has been a contradiction to the many heroic and patriotic statements made by him.

Weerawansa was earlier accused of sexually harassing an employee attached to the Lake House group and with the story making headlines in the media, the fire-breathing hero, it is learnt, has not acted according to his so called “principles” of fighting back by rising to any challenge placed before him.

Soon after the alleged sexual harassment story was publicized in the media, Weerawansa, unable to take responsibility for his actions had resorted to making an attempt to end his life.

The Sunday Leader is in possession of a copy of a hand written letter by Weerawansa to his wife that reveals his intentions of committing suicide.

Although the letter and its contents are of a personal nature, the issue is being highlighted for the people to determine for themselves the real nature of a ‘patriot,’ without any malice intended.

Weerawansa has signed the letter under the name “Gam,” which was a name used by some of the JVP members following the pseudonym used by him, “Wimalasiri Gamlath.”

The letter it is learnt was sent to his wife Sashi, who in turn had faxed it to the JVP headquarters.

Soon after receiving the letter, the party leadership had taken steps to send several JVP members to Weerawansa’s residence to ensure his safety and to prevent him from committing suicide.

Following is an English translation of the letter written by Wimal Weerawansa in Sinhala:

Dearest Sashi,
Please forgive me! I do not wish to live any longer since you do not give me the chance to correct myself and move forward. Please forgive me! I wish you all the very best for the future. Look after the two children for me. I love the little daughter and son very much. I have lived enough. I am sad. But there’s nothing else to be done.
Please forgive me!

90 Comments for “Weerawansa’s Comedy Of Errors Fasting Unto Death While On Saline”

  1. deviya

    2 time looser! Doesn’t even have the brains to kill himself!

    • Little Bird (AUS)

      This whole episode of war crimes and UN dellima has got out of hand thanks to goons like Fedrica Janz, Fonseka , Ranil, LTTE and rest of the opportunistic anti government bigots .

      • idiot

        idiotic racial f—-r u r. didnt learn any thing.stay there in aus u moron

        • Rickj

          idiot, You r the best example of idiots who has no brain above shoulders and get entertained by Sunday Leader’s unpopular anti government agenda.

        • Don

          iDIOT-Who the f .. are you to call others f….You are indeed an idiot. You, FJ and this Journalist are true morons of the gutter culture. Journalism has gone to the dogs. When a paper depends on mud slinging and causing breaking up of families to survive and to earn quick bucks from idiots like idiot then you can do nothing but give a good buriel and a ” pansakulaya” to good journalism. I wonder whether FJ and the author of this article and the idiot has had no family problems and some form of invovement in their entire life. Well since FJ is a christian I wonder whether she and her staff agrees jesus’s words ” he who has not sinned may cast the first stone” This paper and it’s entire staff are disgraceful and nauseating and only idiots read this paper. This journalist has stooped so low enough to publish a personal letter written by a man. This is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lankan

        If you love your land, what are you doing in AUS?
        Don’t bend over too much to the suddhas. Come back home and fight for press freedom. Then you’ll know who’s the bigots.

        • July

          Hello, here we are talking about a failed and foolish act of Weerawansa and not about any one else. Keep to the point.

      • mkdk

        ID ten T, we are talking about “weera(uru)wansa”

      • Deepal

        @ Larry Bird (AUS)

        If you come down to Sri Lanka, you will see bigger goons, idiots and just plain and simple donkeys who are dragging down our motherland in the name of democracy.
        It is easy for morons to make funny comments from abroad. Come to Sri Lanka and smell the coffee.

        Perhaps, you are doing some odd job for the SL Govt, in Aussie. This may be why you are in denial.

      • Ari

        This UN panel was started by Federica J by publishing a false story on white flags…Poor Lasantha!

        Maybe its better that Lasantha’s newspaper should be shut and kept as a memoir for him, and him only and maybe its better that Frederica publishes a new newspaper under her own name(s)…

        Frederica is actually killing Lasantha’s Sunday Leader!

      • sandman

        U can just continue to raise kangaroos in your cuckoo land without commenting on things beyond u mate…………..

      • Roshan

        A LTTE member who fast unto death in 1987 during the regime of IPKF in Jaffna. He died after some days who didn’t even take a drop of water. This is for Frederica’s attention.

        • paul smith

          Roshan that was different. Initially he was fed from behind. Then He was prevented from consuming food or water.At the end he was begging for water,but the LTTE to further their political ends forced him to die. So Thileepan was actually killed.

        • Dilip Kumar

          Anani poopathy also died in Batticoal for demanding the IPKF to leave Sri Lanka

      • Rohan F

        wow you seemd to be in Aus and remort controling the MR era,if not for FJ we have to to listen and read the government sponserd news,so you are one who does not want a finger pointed at the govt;nice……..few like you will think that FJ got this UN thingy out of hand?
        FJ…………….you are very important even UN listen to you………………..

      • kaavi

        Wimal WAS a hero for me….
        I think he is a relation to Mervin Silva (May be Wimal like THOVIL too).
        apema ratak……

        Playboys and Lead Thugs are the best politicians…..

      • paul smith

        You also get Goons like Howard and Rudd in Australia who did not banned the LTTE and supplied the biggest revanue to buy arms to destroy Sri Lanka. They still accept LTTE terrorists as refugees.

    • Mahinda

      Wimal weerawansa can not do fast or any other thing more than 2-3 days. The reason is he has to do facial twice a week (even actresses do it for once a month). Time came to facial and president came to give him water. Drama was over.

    • Deshapremiya


  2. i. s senguttuvan

    From Hero to Zero is an expression one reads more in North Indian politics.
    By no means am I suggesting WW was a hero – anytime to anyone. Our system of politics lifts men of little learning and consequence to lofty positions and reduces the able, the educated and the efficient to positions of sycophancy.It will take at least 3 more generations for us to regain that decent society held by the combined strength of a virbrant judiciary, an indendent
    system of law and order and those other acceptable features of a civilise society. Until such time kudukarayas, gangsters, extortionists, crooks will masquerade as our “political leaders” when you read the names that go out as front line candidates for the post of Colombo Mayor soon coming for grabs the list clearly shows drud-traffickers and gangsters with the exception of a
    Tamil lawyer who had the good sense to decline.

    What more can you expect from a country that has ill-learned men like WW pushed to positions of high power.


  3. Amarapala

    Sadly in our country this type of idiots have a place.

    • Deshapremiya


  4. Bandu

    The real comedy is not weerawansa but HE the Preisdent of Sri Lanka going on his kneees to give water to the joker.

    • Bandu..I agree…..Also Buruwansa is dong the lick to the Boss.

      we can see that the guilty are they they are trying to push off the UN enquiry into human rughts violations..MR is also in the know of this or else why would he want cheap publicity and take photos giving this moron water..ruddy joke

    • I Hussein

      and MR himself is a joker. What an ugly and cheap drama that these two played. Appaling!
      Catostrophic for SL that these gits are governing the country.

  5. [...] A closer look at the whole fast unto death saga reveals the political game behind Weerawansa’s exercise carried out for three days outside the UN Office in Colombo. Weerawansa, who claimed that he would not budge an inch until Ban Ki-Moon withdrew the panel of experts on Sri Lanka, immediately sipped a glass of water offered to him by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and ended his ‘fast’ without even uttering a reason for his decision to call it off…………. READ MORE [...]

  6. Showman Joe

    Nominate him as best actor next IIFA -

  7. longus

    “Weerawansa has signed the letter under the name “Gam,” which was a name used by some of the JVP members following the pseudonym used by him, “Wimalasiri Gamlath.”

    I really don’t understand what the writer of this article meant by the above sentence. Maybe this is one evidence that a “confused mind’ has written this newspaper article.

    • senator

      Don’t look at the writer. Look at the contents instead.
      You are like that foolish dog that looked at the pointing finger instead of the pointed out piece of meat.

      • Rickj

        Contents are all fabricated and twisted.. Sunday Leader always do what it does best.

      • Don

        Senator- you people are disgusting. What would you feel if you find out suddenly that your personal letters ( that has nothing to do with politics) are published in a 3rd class paper and hundreds of people jumped with glee and gave their opinion on you personal life? Buddha preached in ” Attupanaike suthra” put yourself in that position and do not harm or hurt any one. That is one should think how one would feel before doing disgraceful things. In this so called letter there is no indication that this is about any sexual harassment. It could well be a normal husband wife conflict. The level this paper would stoop to get a few bucks and some attention is amazing.

      • aralu booolu

        What an idiot you must be. Ask any dog and you will know that dogs relish fresh meat on the finger better than dead meat thrown in front of it.

    • sandman

      U have a tubelight in place of brains chum….

  8. Sad to see the Sunday Leader returning to its former crass and tabloid level of character assasination of people. Why mention alleged suicide notes of the past? Is another newspaper accused Lasantha Wickramatunge of running a brothel house of young Colombo women and being the casting agent for budding “journalists”, would you like it?
    Grow up Sunday Leader. Forget your dirty past for your own good and the well being of readership standards.

  9. senator

    Sri Lanka has become laughing matter among Sri Lankans as well as the people of the world. I dip my head in shame!
    WW doesn’t deserve any blame. (There are such fools by tens of thousands in our country) Those who brought him to the forefront deserve all blame.

  10. Pooka

    Send the suicide note to singer Bryan Adams and he can add another verse to his original song……………..

  11. P.L.J.B.palipana

    Thanks lot Mr.Sentuthuwan for your comments.

  12. Nutcracker

    Doesn’t Wimal himself realize that he is a joke??? C’on!! A fast onto death while on saline?????? Hahahaha…… all anti-sunday leader people…don’t attack the paper for giving facts..this is exactly what happened….Care to explain og true patriots and true Sons of the Soil??? Please…am waiting… :)

  13. gonharaka

    President is hte dumbest. A person on fast to death (but given saline) gives water for this JOKER. U sri lankan MFS you aer destroying the whole country. President his family idiots mervyn silva Wihulu Wansa should get the f. out from politics. Our sri lankan morons still support this idiot. Leteracy rate is high but idiots cant think. Literacy rate should not be measure with read/write skills but with the IQ level. IQ level is very low in this damn sl’s including the ruling people and opposition leader RANIl.GET DE HELL OUT!!!!!!!

  14. M.H.Sheriff

    A dishonest betrayer of long lasting friendship & party rules for fame, & perks , for his greed with lust

  15. Deepal

    During these difficult times, we need people like Wimal Weerawansa. At least to provide us with some entertainment.

  16. Yoga

    Gota set Wimal Weerawansa up to fast on to death to scare the UN.
    If WW wants to know what’s fast onto death, he should go back in time to 1987 when Thileepan said he would fast onto death and he did so.

    • Deepal

      Thileepan’s was a fast. Wimal’s was farce(t).

    • bibile babule

      Or the Big Mac faster in front of Londons Parliament protesting tamil discriminationin sri langa..

    • nondi sarath

      Thileepan had no choice. He HAD to obey his masters voice. For him fasting to death was a bettter option than being skinned alive.

  17. godbless srilanka

    Sadly India intrdouced the hunger fasting but only Srilankan’s followed to death, ANNI PUPATHI and Theleepan.India exported to Sl.I belive Srilankas can do better than any where in the world if they reconcile with tamils , and chrisitian OTHER WISE YOU will this polical jokers like Sarath said wil continue to do.Think about a situation if Mervin does this type of things.
    What a demcratic counrty. A Singal doctor was given a bai on murder case becuase he suspected on rape and killing a tamil nurse. Poor tamils belive one side belived Prbakaran and now got into eveil’s hands

  18. K Ramesh

    Anyone wanting to know how the reasonable world sees Sri Lanka must watch the panel discussion at Frontline club at:

    The government mouthpiece, concocter and terrible racist Douglas Wickramaratne representing the governments views was fairly and respectably roasted. For the thick skinned racist DW, it is nothing other than glamour and publicity. DW is = to Wimal Weerawanse. They are doing enormous damage to the reputation of Sri Lanka.

    DW who lived in the UK for over 40 years and enjoying the previlages of a tolerant society is a rabid s-o-b who discharge so much hatred towards the Tamils and take cover by accusing the LTTE for all the evils. Both DW and Wimal must be having some good astrological connection to carryon this path.

  19. Yakolis

    This clown has wittingly or unwittingly landed Sri Lanka into a Pol Mess internationally, where even some of those countries that have been supporting Sri Lanka are now too embarrassed to support Sri Lanka. MR has made matters worse by publicly condoning and supporting this jokers actions. International affairs must be handled by trained diplomats, not by pothe guras or political clowns.

  20. Jeddah based Lankan

    Wow, So this was the 2nd suicidal attempt by WW,
    1st Drama – To satisfy his wife (at least a written one)
    2nd Drama – To Satisfy MR
    Dr Mervyn must be a worried man, being a Dutugamunu he couldn’t
    Do anything like what WW did for MR.

    • Geronimo

      Who knows. Maybe MR and WW stole one of HIS scripts to stage this drama. Could be the reason Merve selected a seat at Kanatte-the perve was peeved at having been hoodwinked!

    • solo

      But you know, he would eat unto death.

  21. Mahanama

    when politicians and doctors collude with a clown in a deliberate act of farce- it ends up being a tragi-comedy. The Vaiko protest in Chennai before our HC office was no doubt a direct response to our local farce and more so with the entry of MR in the final scene.

  22. Every human has its weaknesses, so let it be with Wimal Weerawansa or Lasantha Wickramathunga.
    But we never forget Weerawnsa’s bravery & commitments for the country during the past years.

  23. I have heard while inside the portable toilet installed next to his fasting shed he had eaten Nice buiscuits and drank glucose



  25. Saro

    It is good that he consumed water, otherwise, Sri Lanka would have lost one of her citizens who single handedly or with the support of the government of Rajapakse brothers made the UN members, specially the NAM, to realise the need to go ahead with UN panel on accountability issues. His death might have aroused his supporters to riot and target the minorities in vengeance.

  26. Dr Gamunu

    SL version of Karunanidhi. At least Buruwansa’s fast lasted a bit longer than his Tamilnadu counterpart.


    Weerawansa’ fast unto death was not against the UN but it was against Mahinda Rajapakse.

    When Rajapakse gave him the glass of water Weerawanse got what he wanted from MR like a baby receiving the mother’s breast.

    He mery fasted to get MR’s attention.

  28. roger dissanayake

    How sad and unhappy I am for the Sri Lankans. I was hoping that this guy would have continued his fasting till he was dead so sri lanka would have got rid of a lunatic and put the breaks on Rajapaksha. but I guess the sril lankans have sinned a lot so they have to put up with monkies like this for sometime.

  29. Tiny

    Mr Pissuwansa,
    Please read these comments. You have become a disgrace. Your death fast (farce !!) and having saline during this is a absolute joke not only in SL but abroad.

    You thrive on cheap publicity. Sri Lanka doesn’t deserve these cardboard politicians.

    Please go and hide in shame never to surface again in public. Do you acts privately and satisfy yourself. Lanka doesn’t have time for pathetic jokers like you !

  30. janaka thennakoon

    Irome shirmila(iron lady of manipur) is still fasting.wimal can leran something from her.

  31. Hey, all you guys are wrong. He was actually planning to FART unto death!

  32. N.C.Wijeratne

    I am inclined to think that Weerawansa took a massive bet with some other joker that he will make the President of Sri Lanka feed him with aglass of water with HE kneeling beside him to perform this act-and which he wanted captured on video.Lo and behold that rascal even though a joker has won the BET!
    Everbody knows that this joker is a JOKER! But the funny part of the whole episode is that he had a VVIP who goes around with so many Advisors-Security top Officials and the like, A JOKER!!

  33. Dinesh Samarawansa

    Why did the Wester Province people cast their vote for such an idiot? Pity he did not die or else we could have gone to he polls and rectified this mistake.

  34. MaPer

    I wonder how many other women WW has seduced. It was surprising to see his wife grinning, while other women were screaming and crying.

  35. MaPer

    What a president to go on all fours worshipping Weerawansa. What a laugh. What a farce. And what sort of doctors are we producing from our medical colleges (all from tax payers moneys), to give saline to a persons who wants to commit suicide.

    • solo

      ?Good thoughts that Doctors treating a suicidal attempt. that shows the nobility of profession. The onus on the person fasting WW to refuse it. who knows he would have requested it.

      If you step into a govt hospital you would see at least a handful of attempted suicide victims who are treated and not allowed to die.

  36. Jude

    Sri Lankans, send in all your nominations for the evaluation committee of the Guinness Records on behalf of a fellow genius, who had invented to fast with the saline unto death.

  37. D'Shan

    After this idiot’s action Ban Ki-Moon appointed anoter 8-person committee to assist for the original committee.. now what Buruwansa has to do ? another comedy to remove that ?.. Uneducated person like this damaging country’s image internationally.. he is not different from the script writer -Percy & director – Gota..all doesn’t have brain or not using it cause any human being have it, even a bull has it… .. Buruwansa became his Master’s 1980′s Percy is the one brought those Human Right matters to international forum against Premadsa.. now it became a boomarang to him.. When Ban Ki-Moon appoint this committee for the same purpose Percy against it this time.. Double standerrd idiots.. Who knows Sri Lanka’s future with these people ?…

  38. Kumara Victor

    Wimal is a coward, who is scared of death. This henchman of Rajapakse regime has no shame. Wimal wants to save the war criminals from justice in return for his luxury life. He calls LTTE as terrorist, but LTTE’s Thileepan was a real hero who sacrifised his life by doing a fast unto death and made the Indians ashmed for not honoring the mahatma Ghandi’s principels. Its not just Wimal’s masters but Wimal too has comited war crimes!

  39. Fances

    Little Bird, you are a maggot and a tool. Should’t you be focusing your efforts in the beautiful country (best in the world) you are living in rather than a fly infested beggarly third world dump like SL?

  40. kaavi

    Wimal WAS a hero for me….
    I think he is a relation to Mervin Silva (May be Wimal like THOVIL too).
    apema ratak……

  41. pinky


  42. Snake

    Australia is a paradise and among the top three most livable countries in the world. Sri Lankans from the dirty garbage fly infested land are NOT suited to live in this beautiful country with the best quality of life than anywhere else on planet earth.

    • sharukh

      snake! let me put this straight. you are an a** ho**. if you have at least gone to a third grade school in australia, you’ll be able to fill in the missing characters. who ranked australia among the top most livable countries in the world? don’t try to show your stupidity by posting comments on public forums.

  43. josh

    the best comedian actor in the world

    the oscars for the best actor can be given to him without doubt and the oscar for director to MR!!

  44. mulu ratama hora kana raja horadegu horu me kalakani.


  46. Im telling u wimala, mahinda, …… the great lover of wimala, when people were on hunger strik to release G. Sarath Fonseka you idiots drag them using your iodiotic ways.drag them away by using your thugerry….you idiots in the government thought people don’t understan .you’ll cannot bluff for ever. one day you will be on the streets drag by people.

  47. D'Shan

    Thileepan of LTTE & The guy who burnt himself recently ( UNP supporter) far better than this guy. He said he select the death if Ban Ki- Moon not withdraw the pannel.. Now he is late point to talk about him.. his past also not a nice one specially his mouth.. even this pic clearly can see the saline drip.. What a game !!!!!

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