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Ranil Wickremesinghe is a loyal old boy of Royal College who is seen regularly at the innumerable functions of his old school.
Being loyal to one’s alma mater is indeed an admirable trait but Wickremesinghe does not seem to follow the vital advice of his old school emblazoned on his school flag: Disce Aut Discede — Learn or depart. On the contrary, he seems to be following the motto of his old school rival S. Thomas’ College: Esto Perpetua — Be thou forever. A basic criticism made against him has been that he wants to continue as leader of the UNP and refuses to give up leadership of his party despite the many stunning defeats he has led it into. Wickremesinghe appears to be endowed with his rival school’s spirit of Thomian grit — never say die, even when the sky falls on you.

Old school loyalties apart, leadership of the oldest and one of the most powerful parties is of vital national interest. The failure of the party since 1995 is attributed to the poor leadership of Wickremesinghe. He does not seem to believe in the axiom that those who do not learn from history are condemned to re-live the past.

Wickremesinghe was suffered many defeats both under Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa. In defence of him it is said that he fought by the Queensberry rules where as his opponent is a natural exponent of pol adi. But in this day and age what matters is who is standing firm on the canvass and who is groping on it.

Since he became the leader of the UNP, he has made colossal blunders. After he became prime minister following his only convincing political victory (at a parliamentary election) he on his own did a deal with Velupillai Prabhakaran — the so called Peace Accord. While it did bring about a temporary cessation of hostilities, it created a de facto separate state with boundaries clearly demarcated. His attempts with the so called international community to work out a peace agreement was bound to flop because Prabhakaran did not want a federal solution that was being proposed, but a separate state. Wickremesinghe’s poor judgement resulted in disaster.

His ‘peace agreement’ with the LTTE also did not prevent Prabhakaran pulling the carpet under his feet by issuing a fatwa to all Tamils not to cast their ballots — ballots that were expected to pile up for Wickremesinghe. He misjudged himself, in that he was more powerful in the eyes of Prabhakaran than Rajapaksa because he had the backing of the international community that could cripple the Tamil expatriate LTTE financial power — the motive force of the LTTE.

While Mahinda Rajapaksa was President, Wickremesinghe was gullible enough to believe that Rajapaksa wanted to come to terms with the UNP to get the required parliamentary majority. It resulted in 18 UNP cut-throats crossing over to the government on the promise of cabinet portfolios with all perks given to ministers. This resulted in the Grand Old Party being virtually brought to its knees while it assured a very stable Rajapaksa government.

Despite all his regrettable experience, Wickremesinghe now engages himself in talks of amending the constitution in concurrence with Rajapaksa. The obvious question Wickremesinghe should ask himself is: Why should Rajapaksa, now firmly ensconced in presidency and with an assured two thirds majority in parliament, now require his services in constitution making? It could be said that Rajapaksa is seeking the cooperation of the main opposition party in formulating a constitution in accordance with democratic practice and convention. Wickremesinghe should at least now realise from his bad experiences that Rajapaksa is no follower of constitutional niceties and traditions and he has another move up his sleeve. Most probably he wants Ranil Wickremesinghe’s finger prints on some political goondas that is being worked out, which he would present as his own proposals after ditching Wickremesinghe. If the move goes wrong, it would be declared as a Wickremesinghe proposal. If it works out, it would be once again, an illustration of the incomparable Mahinda Chinthanaya. It is once again the Rajapaksa ‘karapincha strategy’ at play: Inveigling opposition members to his service, making use of them and then ditching them as used curry leaves in the sink.

Wickremesinghe is once again acting on his own. Has he obtained party permission for negotiation on so vital an issue?

The first issue taken up by the two leaders is the non extension of the third term of presidency. Why this change of heart by Rajapaksa after going public on his intentions? He is agreeable to an executive premiership, probably with no limitations on the terms of the executive premiership. An executive premier could be as powerful with all dictatorial powers as an executive president, if he has a supine parliament under his control. This was seen in the first few years of the United Front Government of Sirima Bandaranaike but it ceased to be after the coalition partners, the Samasamajists, called it a day.

Whatever proposals the Rajapaksa-Wickremesinghe combo may turn up with, it has to be pointed out that both are disqualified from being constitutional architects. We have cited earlier, the naivety of Wickremesinghe as reasons for his disqualification. Rajapaksa is a very powerful president no doubt, but his scant regard for most of the vital sections of the 1978 Constitution has rendered it a rag-tag document that could be exploited only for his benefit. Denial of the many powers of parliament, such as the control of finance, blatant disregard for judicial decisions, making the executive branch of government a clerical department under presidential dictates, ignoring the 17th Amendment passed unanimously by parliament that could have restored the democratic system of governance, making both the state and most of the privately owned media lackeys of government while appointing well known thugs as ministers of government with immunity from prosecution, while building up a family plutocracy that has 75 per cent control of the national budget, are good reasons why Mahinda Rajapaksa should be kept far away from the constitution making process.

Besides, the main cause for constitutional reform — accommodation of minority demands — are not even  being subjected to debate. Any constitution that ignores the minorities, will end up in the same pathetic state as the previous constitutions.

Let a constitutional assembly representative of all political parties and various national interests consider the proposals placed before them to formulate a constitution.
Political manipulators can never be successful constitutional architects.




    • Ari

      Well, Frederica has less judgement in politics, though she writes a lot. She wants the President out of constitution making…what a laugh!

      And you can’t keep the opposition leader out of it too…

      Poor Lasantha! Left a nutbar as a editor of this tabloid…

      • mandy

        Lasantha was Ranil’s pal ha ha ha

      • Mustapha

        Ari , I think Fedrika’s judgment is many times better than Ranil’s. Even a kid would know that now.

      • visha




        YOU KNOW WHY?….






    • Carmen

      Guys in Colombo should have taught Ranil a lesson like Gampaha taught Karu.

      • Mustapha

        Agree 1000% Carmen. Next time it will be so. We are angry that no Muslim was elected from UNP in Colombo and Ranil refused to nominate any Muslims. He a dictatorial man. UNP should chase him from the leadership.

      • visha


        Let this guy be opposition Leader forever then MR can carry country to Prosperity…..

        But you guys should press MR to do right things at right time!


    • Carmen

      He is a fool Boobamba. Wait and see the results….. more MPs willcross if Sajit is not made the leader.

    • Bronco

      Ranil is the Learder of the opposition appointed by Rajapakse…hik hik hik…

      • visha


        you are correct…Ranil Need MR support to him to keep opposition Leadership and MR is offering that….

  2. Pooka

    There is nothing wrong, the bloody editor is jealous that the leaders seem to be working together for the good of the country. Bloody hell, if they have discussions it is wrong, if they do not have discussions it is wrong, what the hell does the editor want, I only feel sorry for her husband, poor bugger must be waiting to fast unto death without saline………………………

    • Bronco

      Ranil working together for the country ? my foot. He is working for EU, UN, USA, and India as their cat’s paw.

      • visha


        Well said,

        Ranil will do any thing preach by US,EU,UN & INDIA as he can’t do any thing by himself!

        Secondly he behave has western or Indian agent as he don’t have true Sinhalese Blood.

        Ranil’s Uncle JR had Indian chetty (or some other race) descend so he hated Sinhala people & country!

        JR’s son Ravi Jayawardenna who is now living as Spiritual person has revealed everything about his father.

        JR always hated sinhales & he paved way to spread LTTE & JVP during his time.

        During that time JR blamed for LTTE & JVP in front of people but behind the scene JR fueled fire!

        Then JVP insurgent busted late nineties & then LTTE grown so rapidly.
        All of these are timely planned things by JR to fulfill his hate with Sinhalese.

        Really we compare JR hate to people who hate Buddhism but without reading single page of genuine Buddhist book!

        You know if any one who agree with science will agree with Buddhism after reading & analyzing a buddhist book!

        So Ranil is JR’s copy but with weak genes!


  3. Saman

    Yes it is wrong, why? Because we remember what has happened earliar. Rajapakse brothers just want to get rid of the mess now they are facing.There is nothing for the country.Thats why!

    • visha


      Man are standing on your foot in Sri Lanka?….

      Then don’t become an idiot or sin person by blaming to Rajapaksha who saved country from death of LTTE!

      Not only rajapaksha but everyone has wrongs including you & me…

      So first be greatfull to Rajapaksha for giving life to you (Otherwise you would next Bomb Victim that time) then press them to solve other issues……okay right MAN!


  4. Mr. RW is playing into MR trap as he has lost the whole World opinion and lost the economy; he has played the monkey tricks before and had 20 MP join him.
    And there should not be an Executive Premier there has to be Executive President to take correct decisions for the benefit of the Peoples, if you ever give Cabinet MP’s and Ministers all the Power that been vested with the President they will go to town.
    As it is MP’s abuse there power they have and give them more power its like giving a monkey a ladder to climb a tree.
    RW is also trying to retain his status as OP/Leader, Change is what all UNP’S want as I am a diehard UNPer and would say it from the Horses Mouth and call a spade a spade.

    • basil

      Agree 200%. Ranil is trying to survive and be the perpetual UNP leader.

    • visha

      Tom Cruse Jr,

      I agree with economy but man it will be worse with Ranil I predict.

      What Ranil will do if he come in to power….First Destroy Public Sector, Then National Industries, then allow business people to do what ever they like,
      Allow US,EU,India to do any thing they want in SL Economey!

      Do you think a country will develop & economy will boost that way!

      Show me one country develop by going Ranil type of policy?


  5. Pooka

    What a bunch of losers you are, Mahinda will be in power for the next six years or more and the people have voted him in, he does not need Ranil or anyone to continue his rule, but it is for everyone’s good if the opposition can get together with him and help to put this country back on track and maybe a forerunner in asia. You idiots who have deserted the country have maybe spent time with monkeys to talk of monkey tricks and family tricks. These
    Rajapakse’s were voted into power and that is what matters, now will all you donkeys stop braying and unite to help him and the government to progesssssssssssssss

    • Hey, you should really change your name!!!

    • basil

      That is what Ranil will do if not chased out, he will keep Rajapakse’s in power for another 30 years.

    • visha


      you are great….

      MR is planning things for after 5-6 time from today….
      Today he don’t have any trouble at all….

      Buy you guys should push MR to do right things in Economy & Good Governance (Like in people’s freedom to open society)


  6. Yakolis

    Another Jilmart ! Obviously Ranil cannot openly cross over like some of the former UNP jokers who are now holding ministerial posts. So Ranil is “being consulted”.

    • Saman

      Yep, Ranil has unofficially crossed over to Rajapakse government.
      let’s elet a new leader for the UNP then,

  7. dagobert

    Editor has blown the issue out of propotion & is attempting to make a mountain of a simple mole hill. Do not mislead readers. Its simple. Opposition wants a change, then engage or else don’t balme the GOSL if they do not want to participate.

    Also, the Prez has announced that he would not entertain Cross – Overs.
    Therefore, he wants the Opposition in a constructive engagement to make ammendments as the Opposition has much interest in a change to the Constitution.

    • basil

      Ha ha how many times has President said he does not encourage cross overs in the last 6 years … what joke…. dogobert…. what a joke… and Ranil has crossed over the Rajapakse clan.

    • visha


      U R Correct….

      It is for constitutional change & finding way to Ranil be Opposition Leader for another few years of time.

      So MR & Ranil corporate each other!


  8. This is so simple to understand.
    Sri Lankan ruling MP’S say Sri Lanka will be a Singapore model one day.
    And this is very very diffrent from that model when the opposition party is leader is sought for this reform.
    But of course this reform resemblence to singapore model where senior ministers
    can stay in power till their 80′s and 90′s as well.
    This can be a trap to oposition leader and as well it can be corruption governmnet
    if actively oposition leader is involved in this reform

  9. Because the reform can have either good or bad effect or both.

    If good happens , do you think , ruling party like to give credit to Mr Ranil ?.

    If bad happens, of course , Mr Ranil will be criticized.

    So why Mr Ranil is invited in this matter, when the people have given a very very
    clear mandate. ??????

    • visha


      you are wrong in this point!

      It is all about transferring powers of Exec President to Eexc Premier.

      Nothing will change no new bad or new good things will happen!

      It is like Tiger want be different after changing hill you know!

      MR will good & bad like today if he selected for Exec Premiership in the Future!


  10. BASH

    I agree with the story… there were so many strategical blunders by RW.. even Chandrika used him and when things go wrong blamed Ranil and in this instance also he looks like HAPPY TO GIVE THE CHEEK to get slapped for some body else’s experimental blunder…

    • Geronimo

      Quite true. Ranil is a glutton for being led by his nose and he is also suffering from amnesia. He should be a once bitten, twice chap by now. MR is the father of all foxes and is not to be trusted The UNP should tread very cautiously here. Regardles of what anyone says, MR upto something no good!!

  11. Concerned Citizen

    MR will do what he wants whether RW agrees or not! He merely wants to cover his shrewd tactics with a coat of decency by showing to the masses that he even consulted the opposition. RW is like a dying man clinging to a straw, trying to show his party that he still has the strength of a leader…. Both are using each other for their selfish purposes and not for the benefit of the country.

    • visha

      Concerned Citizen….

      You are absolutely correct!

      MR wanted finished LTTE but he done that amidst huge Western Country Pressure…..

      This Constitutional change is simple thing to MR but he is trying to do it in gentlemen tactical way!


  12. N.C.Wijeratne

    Whatever that may be-NO CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS until Election Petitions are heard in court!

    • visha


      Looser has lot of things to complaint!

      Is SF a man to govern a country.

      He has fisherman qualities, Lying, Hate others, jealous others, ready to work with evil western forces who always try to eat our country,His speech is non consistent, he is not patient… MAN what you are talking about Election Petitions Initiated by this type of useless person….

      I think U also useless guy!..

      Get Rehab MAN or get Lost!


  13. Concerned Citizen

    MR will do what he wants whether RW agrees or not! He merely wants to cover his shrewd tactics with a coat of decency by showing to the masses that he even consulted the opposition. RW is like a dying man clinging to a straw, trying to show his party that he still has the strength of a leader…. Both are using each other for their selfish purposes and not for the benefit of the country.

    • Carmen

      Agree. Ranil is eating the bait. He has no other option. The weakest UNP leader ever.

      • visha


        Well said…

        RW is Biggest Looser in World Politics!

        But we forgot one thing! There should be Biggest Looser at the end like last man in a cricket Team…

        So don’t laugh to RW.


  14. Psycho

    Negativity seems to be the hallmark of Sunday Leader.

    Please, please dont be a traitor with a tangent views which taints the triumph and tangles the truth.

    • Bronco

      You mean Ranil right not Leader. Leader is positive after years f negative writing under late Lasantha.

  15. Kalag

    It is not only right but also is needed. We need constitutional change. There are Tamils in govt party as well as in UNF. If they oppose or demand some unjustified claim of political solution, we need Singhalese MPs from UNF. That is why they have to talk and agree.

  16. Carmen

    According to the constitution the changes to the constitution should be done by the constitutional council or else illegal. RW is helping MR to do a illegal deed in order to survive.

  17. Prince Vijaya

    This is a ploy between Mahinda and Ranil to keep Sajith at Bay. Ranil and Mahinda both of them equally believe that Sajith , a commoner should never given a chance to be the next leader.Sajith is a threat to both of them in Sri Lankan politics. Sajith is the only leader who will be able to defeat Mahinda. As long as Sajith lives, Ranil will always be a looser.

    • Kalag

      Sajith? A commoner? He is the son of former prime minister/president. How can he be a commoner?

      • visha


        I think he commoner as his father was not from Royal or High Privilege family…

        In that sense he is common person but sajith’s children want be common people….

        U recon?…


    • Psycho

      Oh dear giving my country to Sajith? may god save my country!.

      Can’t you remember who the father is? All his actions are exactly like his father.

      • visha


        Yes U R Correct…his father was serial killer but he develop country really…

        Now we have peace so need to find economic development soon…

        So it doesn’t matter even dictator can do this…..because otherwise our people & children suffering whole life to come!…


    • visha

      Prince Vijaya,

      U correct but MR has told Sajith to stay in opposition because MR seen sajith will have very good chance in UNP than crossing to MR camp!.

      But same time like you said which leader including MR like to see strong good leader in opposition and loose the power!

      So it complex issue man lets see & wait!


  18. NonResident

    Why are we all wasting precious time and money discussing about this idiotic imbecile (RW) who is not competent and matured to understand public outcry. He should be ashamed to call himself a Royalist and him calling himself one is a royal insult to Royalists.

    • visha

      RW is useless traitor of course….

      But as always user he can help governments to stay in power…..ha ha…


  19. Dudley

    Esto perpetua ( Be thou forever) and nver say die Thomain grit works well only for Thomians!!! Certainly not for a idiotic fool who lacks insight into his incompetency and repeated failures. What should work well for him is learn or depart. This puffter is a passive fellow with no leadership qualities and a historical looser in politics, marriage and many other walks of life.He is what Anura B was to the SLFP!!!!nothing but a great obstacle to win elections

    • visha

      Hey Dudley,

      Your Comments are correct but don’t criticize some ones personal life because that is not related to his politics in Sri Lanka…

      Like U We also expect new good opposition leader who loves the country,people & its prosperity will come to UNP Leadership….

      Hope RW saga will end one day like every thing has end!


  20. Sajith or Ranil not suitable for UNP leadership. It must goes to new face with professional qulification.

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