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Why Does Sri Lanka Need Chinese Convicts?

By Udara Soysa

According to the latest report by the Policy Research Group, China is already creating its Africa Story in Sri Lanka.  “China Harbour Engineering Company and Sino-Hydro Corporation are pumping life at a cost of $1 billion into the port at Hambantota, which Sri Lanka hopes will give a boost to its earnings from merchant navies passing through the Indian Ocean. For the Chinese navy, it will be useful as a refuelling and docking station,” the report says.
China is also the fourth largest trading partner for Sri Lanka.
Brahma Chellaney, author of the international best-seller on China, Asian Juggernaut, commenting in the Japan Times states that “Thousands of Chinese convicts, for example, have been pressed into service in projects by state-run Chinese companies in Sri Lanka, a strategically important country for China, which is seeking a role in the Indian Ocean.”
Chellaney further states that the Chinese regime is relieving pressure on overcrowded national prisons by employing convicts as laborers at Chinese-run projects in the developing world.
However, Suresh Rajakaruna, 37, labourer and resident from Tissamaharama, Hambantota does not agree.
“Meka pissuwak” (this is insanity). Why are we allowing Chinese labour force and that too of convicted criminals when we have a great number of village youth without jobs?”
Many who spoke to The Sunday Leader from the South shared similar views.
“I personally feel that we are creating another problem by allowing a free flow of Chinese criminals to Sri Lanka. We just ended a major problem with the Tamil Tigers. We Sri Lankans never learn our lessons, do we?” said Natasha Padmini, a 29 year old school teacher from Hambantota.

51 Comments for “Why Does Sri Lanka Need Chinese Convicts?”

  1. izzy

    The Sri Lanka government should ensure that these Chinese criminals sit for a proficiency test in Sinhalese, so that they could mingle with our very own!!

    • Little Bird (AUS)

      And all these accusation come from ‘Sunday Leader” , The same publication who admitted to have run a anti-government agenda . LOL….

      • sandman

        Kangaroo, you are still harping……………

      • paithiyan

        yes i agree! frdrica you wrote lies abt the batalanda case & got our agents killed by LTTE terrorist. isn’t that criminal? isnt sunday leader a criminal news paper! you are the worst criminal bit….

  2. Anything free (or on loan) we will accept it even a headache. Now we need desperately a show piece to show we are seriously engaged in development work, baggers can’t be chooses. Long live CHINTA


    a LUNATIC NGO boy from Colombo south says “Hey we found something to attack MR, Let’s use this to topple the govt.” Then NGO man says “”Well Done my NGO son You have done a good job, keep attacking we will get lots of $’s for this, we will scare the Chinese and the MR at the same time” The begger said “Go to Hell !! NGO boy we need our country developed first ! and where the hell you have been during Tiger party , I didn’t saw you waving the SL flag? but my friend told me you were waving tiger flag insted ! then why the hell you want to save mother lanka all of a sudden? Is it your new proposal ?” he further said

  4. nizam

    Right destination for convicts. Sri Lanka has become a paradise for criminals.

  5. M.H.Sheriff

    Do we need development this way with double the interest payable in future depriving employment to our youths who are embracing nefarious activities due to poverty.

  6. P.L.J.B.palipana

    the China Harbour. We know what is China Harbour.

  7. Kandy Lamisi

    You sound more like a GOOBAMBARA!!!

  8. Lankan

    China didn’t support Srilanka in the UN against war crimes for free.
    From outside the harbor might look like no strings attached business. But only Mahinda knows to what depth he has sold Lanka to foreign powers.
    MR is building the harbor for China with the borrowed money from China. Win Win situation for China, and parippu for Lanka..

  9. Yakolis

    Who is branded as “A criminal” in China? Will Weerawansa also be branded as a “Criminal” in China for his misdeeds?

  10. godbless srilanka

    Will they allow tamils to do work in HABANTOA. WHAT A PITTY PEOPLE IN LANKA

  11. Vishnu Gupta

    China builds a port for her use and Sri Lanka borrows money at commercial terms from China and awards the contract to the same Chinese who in turn use convicts to build the port that benefits China…brilliant, from the Chinese point of view!

  12. Nariya

    Crimanal or not these chinese workers do a solid days work not like our unemployed village youth who want jobs that pay a fancy salary but do not want to work. If Mahinda uses sri lankan labour I do not think even Namal’s children will not be able to see the completed job. (for you idiots – I mean even Mahinda’s grandchildren will not live long enough to see the completion). Go ahead sir and get the job done as soon as possible we the people are behind you, donkeys may bray but the caravan must go on.

    • Suresh

      Very true, there are lots of donkeys braying. Unfortunately most of them are either sitting in parliament or supporting MR… :)

  13. Pakolis

    If our President depended on sri Lankan labour to do this work it would have been completed in about fifty years and his grandson would probably be president…………..

  14. karasi

    Well there is shortage of criminals in Sri Lanka so the government need more of them.

  15. Tiny

    China is absolutely right. Lanka is a place where criminals, convicts, drug addict, drug barons,killers etc mostly masquarading as politicians not only roam freely but also where the govt. recognises them for high positions.The biggest criminal, and a national disgrace is rewarded as a minister!

    So, China has given the best for their lesser citizens.

    • Geronimo

      Well said Tiny. And they are not konde bandapu ones either. Now the only thing missing are convicts from India!



    • Geronimo

      Another good mouthful. Veryn soon they may enter Sri Lanka politics and join the UPFA!!!!

  17. JAMES

    If MR is convicted of War Crimes perhaps the Judge can award him hard Labor so he can help build the
    Hambantota Port!

  18. Bashir

    Does Suresh Rajakaruna know that he and his next generation too is/will be paying for employing Chinese convicts through taxes plus interest (unknown as yet) on the massive loan? Smart economics on the part of the Chinese!


    If it’s true may be Chinese convicts feel at home among other master criminals in compassionate Buddhist Sri Lanka. Yet again Sri Lanka is leading the world in humanitarian act.

  20. Bharathier

    What goes arround comes arround…
    I feel sorry for the people who voted for the foxy, corrupted rajapaksa brothers and company.
    God Bless S. Lankaaaaa!!!

  21. Roy

    we will see more chinese/singala faces for next generation in MR’s province.

  22. LankaLiar

    These Chinease criminals are here for further trainning in Lying kidnapping rape and murder. Is good bussiness for Sri Lanka. Are they trained in humanitarian operations also? We must make sure that they dont overtake us in these areas.

  23. Appu

    At least one newspaper is finally coming out with the truth which has been known for awhile but never publicly written about. I wonder how many sinhalese papers carry such articles. If the villege folks who keep voting for the enablers of such gigantic cock ups are not educated there is no hope for Sri Lanka. Publishing this stuff in English just wont do.

  24. Fances

    I was in SL not too long ago for a holiday. I am not suprised it attracts criminals and convicts from China. SL is a dirty, fly infested, corrupt, with filty roads. SL is a third world garbage dump. I live in a beaitufil western country in my luxury pad………..haaa…hooo….eeehhhh…

  25. Vasanthakumar.

    Now Srilanka has completely dominated by the Chinese govt as GOSL obtained unlimited loans. Whatever the Chinese govt say GOSL can’t react. In future Srilanka will be a colony of China, there is no doubt. Again another aggressive were made by the GOSL and the people will have to face terrible situation in the country too.

  26. Suresh

    It’s a pretty good deal for China. They lend us the money, we pay it back to them on the construction contracts… and then we pay them back AGAIN with a loan interest added!

    As a bonus, China gets to cut down on their prison population and the costs of keeping them alive too!

    Brilliant display of economic juggling by the Chinese I must say… :)

  27. Yakolis

    Frances! Are you real? Can you reveal your beautiful Western country ? Some of us have been to those so called beautiful countries and also met some of the “Educated and Cultured” morons in those countries.

  28. deyyia

    ela kiri…soon we will find little china kids playing at the port entrance………

  29. Kalag

    We need Chinese workers, even if they are convicts because we can’t trust Tamils. We can trust Chinese.
    We can’t trust Indians as well. Look what happened to Indian collies who came to work in our country. They want a portion of the country, if not whole of it.

    • karasi

      Hello Kalag, Don’t worry the Chinese are buddhist and they will take over Sri Lanka and you all will be their subordinates. There are so many jobs in China, lot of foreigners are going there to work. China is smart, they want to take the bright ones from western and Asia countries and dump all their rubbish into Sri Lanka, and it will not be safe for your sisters, wife or children to walk around the streets. Your are an indian as well from India if you look at history.

      • Kalag

        It is better than having Indian cross babies and Tamil cross babies.
        Chinese have to be encouraged to invest and work in Sri Lanka. Just look at Malaysia, They contribute more than 50% of the country’s wealth. Indians and Tamils are sucking the blood of the country.

    • deviya

      Hi Kalag da Chinhalese:

      Are you just a pure moron or is this because you were born to a brother and sister? you inbred faawk wit?

  30. This writer moans about a billion dollar Chinese loan for our harbour project. The writer should have mentioned that there are so many Chinese ships passing by and we could generate enough income from them to pay back the loan.

    One billion dollars is nothing for China. Its reserves are 2,500 billion, right now and mostly invested in US bond market. India has only 850 billion. Neo-colonist resent these two rising super powers. So they employ well paid hands to discredit it. Brahma Chellaney is just one of them. There are many other western journalists and few local parrots as well.

    British sold opium to Chinese to corrupt them during the 19th century. See the film ‘Opium War’ if you can. You will understand what the British had done to Chinese people. So, China knows what it to be an underdog.

    Now, talking about Chinese being employed to build the harbour, doesn’t this writer understand that time is the most important factor in this kind of a project. If the required skilled labour are not found locally they have to be imported. So, what’s wrong importing them temporarily.

    Now about the convicts; isn’t that a matter for the Chinese to worry about? If Chinese labourers or whoever are coming with a passport and go back with it; why do we worry about it. This is typical of the neo-colonists. Does this writer heard about the British sending shiploads of convicts to Australia? According to convicts’ records, more than 165,000 convicts were transported to Australia. Do we worry? No.

    China has become a true friend to many small nations around the globe. China does not put their finger in to affairs of other countries. Neo colonists resent this as well. So, it is not surprising they look for some avenue to criticize the Chinese. Earlier they came up with a China bogey to India. Then, they and their NGO cohorts criticize Chinese help to small nations. Now they come up with this convicted labour being employed in Chinese projects. Who cares? None I suppose.

  31. Nandaguptha

    Good example of poor journalism. Reporter needs to do proper research before publishing a statement from an Indian author. Did Udara Soyza give an opportunity to the Chinese contractors to respond to these allegations? There are some Indians who are paranoid about Sri Lanka getting help from China. In reality China is a great ally of Sri Lanka. They used the Chinese labor and build and donated the BMICH. In the international arena China always stood by side with us. Labeling the Chinese work force in Sri Lanka as criminals and interviewing people with that statement which has no merits to begin with is a good example of poor journalism. One has to read the agreement between the Chinese government and the Sri Lanka government about use of labor.
    As far as jobs concern in Sri Lanka, reality is, it is very hard to find a good carpenter, a mason or an electrician. Most of them are ill-trained and wants to work according to their own schedule. And the rest of the youths want to be managers with no proper schooling or skills. There are many hard working people who are doing well with their skills and making a good living. Others should learn from these hard working people and acquire a good skill and join the labor force rather than complaining about the Chinese labor.

  32. Bashir

    The BMICH is a good example of an excellent job. China supplied WMDs- good job . But what is that ‘Fishy job’ in Mullaitivu? And who is bashing the skulls of beggars in the slums of Colombo’s clean-up job?

  33. deviya

    ok too funny people…..having heard of the type of women in Hambantota and how the lazy the average Sinhala male is….the new mixed babies can be referred to as Chinhalese!!! too funny! Good lesson for all you numb nuts that voted for this thug!

  34. NonResident

    When we have murders, rapists, extortioners, and common thugs in parliament, we for sure can live with a few chinese criminal laborers! If having chinese criminals is a “Pissuwak”, what should we call a parliament full of criminals? “Pissu ghuhaawak” ?

  35. Appu

    At the rate that is costing Sri Lanka any country will love to be our ally. That the journalist writing this article is qouting another article is common practice in journalism. May I also point out that we built the entire Mahaveli scheme with mostly Sri Lankan labour even when a portion of the money came as outright grant aid from the sposoring country never needing to be paid back.


    • The_Observer

      I don’t think this is true but even if it were so, what is so wrong about hard labour for convicts. For example, it may be the case that the Chinese would offer a reduced sentence in return for work. If this is being done in SL, the latter gets new infrastructure and China keeps these convicts occupied and their costs for prisoner upkeep and labour down. For all parties concerned that is a win-win situation.The working convicts would be under the watch of guards. As long as the convicts are returned to prison to complete whatever sentence remaining there should not be a problem.

  37. SL

    Why in hell are we believing this “Brahma Chellaney” Indian dumbskull and what he has to say. It is well known that India is extremely jealous and resentful of the powerful dragon and will write up whatever propaganda in order the tarnish China’s image. Im not even gonna mention the kind of machniations India has done to Sri Lanka in past decades. EVeryone knows. Chinese are the only ones who are giving load and aid defending us at the UN. We have to make sure project get done and then the operation jobs of harbour and stadia will go to locals.

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