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World Bank VP: Reconciliation For Development

Isabel Guerrero, World Bank VP

World Bank Vice President says that reconciliation is a pre-requisite for development.

World Bank Vice President for South Asia, Isabel Guerrero has made this statement concluding a three-day visit to Sri Lanka pledging support to the country’s transit to a middle income country at peace.

During her visit to Sri Lanka, Guerrero had called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and key officials of the Government.

Guerrero has said that Sri Lanka, emerging from three decade-long armed conflict, is at a critical juncture of transition to a middle income country in lasting peace.

“The World Bank is ready to support this transition through global knowledge sharing, policy dialogue and projects. In our meeting with the President, we talked about the importance of his government’s commitment to securing a lasting peace through reconciliation,” said Guerrero.

President Rajapaksa has told Guerrero that the Sri Lankan leadership has initiated several development projects in the north and thanked the Bank for its support to bring normalcy to the life of the displaced people through the Cash for Work programme.

Guerrero during her stay in Sri Lanka had visited the recently rehabilitated Adampan Hospital, which is now operating an Out Patients Service, and the conflict affected village of Panakattukottu in Mannar.

In Kilinochchi, she had visited the Uruthirapuram village and met beneficiaries of the Cash for Work programme.

“I am encouraged to see that the Bank-funded Cash for Work program, co-financed by the government of Australia, has been supporting returnees with an immediate income and helping them rebuild much needed community infrastructure of their choice. I hope this program continues to help them until they are able to resume their livelihoods,” said Guerrero.

The Vice President had also met with development partners, civil society and private sector, to share views on ways to support the country’s transition, how to address development challenges and realize the new emerging opportunities.

“The World Bank will align our assistance to support the transition, continuing to assist the conflict affected north and east. In doing so, we will work together with partners under the leadership of the government,” Guerrero said.

15 Comments for “World Bank VP: Reconciliation For Development”

  1. Ravi C Sam

    Sri Lanka has the potential of growing at a rate of 9% a year. But people of this country should cultivate the ability to think on long term goals.

    Country is trapped on transition. Unfortunately our politicians too seems to be not thinking beyond boundaries.

    World Bank thank you for your contributions at his time to heal the country

  2. Nandasiri

    Sri Lanka is still a third world dump. It is worse than Zimbabwe and Iraq. Who would want to live in this fly infested filth? I live overseas in a rich western country that lends money to the world bank.

    • Jayantha

      Good. Please do not come back.

    • Jay Ranaweera

      Nandasiri,Yes, pl go to a western country of your choice and live happily and we are lucky to get rid of another UNGREATFUL MAN WHO HAD UNDERGONE FREE EDUCATION FROM MOTHERE LANKA.

    • Charuka P

      I am very happy to hear a mother fxcxxr like you is not living in Sri Lanka any more.

  3. A woman who loves plessure, good talker but will not produce solid work

  4. rajan

    Tamils still treated as a second class citizen. Even now Tamils need to register in police. This is a total discrimination in their own land.
    How can you expect srilanka accommodate other communities

  5. miron

    how can reconsiliate when West has anti-Sinhalese aganda. It can be proved in a matter of time; only Sri lanka need an organized intiligent agency to find out how someTamil have been secretly comunicating with outsiders by closing the eyes of all Sri lankan governsments mostly since 1980

    • Banda

      The day the Sinhala civilians of Lanka wake up understand the plight of the Tamils and what their sucessive governments have done to the Tamil people is when that nation can grow. For all the Sinhala patriotism every person wants to leave the country. To be like Singapore they have to function like Singapore not like a buddist monastery

  6. Jayantha

    Please do not come back.

  7. miron

    any invastigation can be done without hurting any innocent, be it Sinhalese or Tamil
    the investigation with right method is good for both side to keep to keep the peace. Sri lanka has right to keep away forigners who bribe local news papers and the people from both Tamil and sinhalese. This is the law praticed by US, Canada, EU and every country in the world. I am not advacating anything against innocent Tamil people, what I am talling is Sri lanka need to keep away any foreign element who may harm Sri lanka in short term or long term

    • RayJ

      miron, you are exactly correct on your opinions, SL gove must find a good and active way to find all this NGO’s trace out and kick out from the country before do any investigation on secret communications. These foreigners are the one who screw every thing from the beginning to destroy our Sri Lanka to start with British colonial era. We SL should not hate Tamils as they are very nice and innocent race, but we must win their hearts by playing a true game to make them feel that they can live anywhere in Sri Lanka with Sinhalese who protect them since Sinhalese kingdom.

  8. miron

    I would like to repeat that I am not against reconsiliation, but West has a defferent mean it, they want seperate Sri lankan land for Tamil.

  9. bon-bon

    Hi Nandasiri , are you homo sexual…. ?

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