Dengue: CMC Turns To Homeopathy, Mervyn Threatens To Tie Officials To Trees

Mervyn Silva

The Colombo Municipal Council is beginning to look at alternative methods to combat dengue, it is learnt.

Chief Medical Officer of Indegenous Medicine at the CMC, Palitha Ratna said the council was turning to homeopathic medicine in order to prevent the further spread of dengue. Ratna explained that a homeopathic remedy centre had been set up in the Kichilan Community Centre, Slave Island. The medicine works as a mosquito repellent, Ratna explained. He added that this medicine had been employed with some success in rural areas. So far, the CMC together with Rotarians and other welfare organisations have distributed 3000 packets of the medicine in 3 days in Slave Island alone.  Ratna said further evaluation needed to be done before the medicine could be distributed throughout Colombo.

“The people have responded well,” Ratna said of the initiative. However, he admitted that the medicine was not 100% perfect.

A Presidential Task Unit, together with all 3 segments of the military have come together in order to attempt to eradicate the dengue menace.  As of today, 22,758  dengue cases (and deaths) have been reported. Of those, 3,682 were in Colombo, which is the hardest hit area.

In a bizarre turn, Deputy Minister of Highways Mervyn Silva also got involved. At a press briefing he allegedly said that if there were any more deaths due to dengue, he would take steps to tie local Government officials to a tree, close to the victim’s residence.

(More details forthcoming in this Sunday’s Leader)

36 Comments for “Dengue: CMC Turns To Homeopathy, Mervyn Threatens To Tie Officials To Trees”

  1. raj

    it proves that law and order can be done by an individual like Mervin Silva. I have never heard any ministry ever make statement like this. It looks like that Sri Lanka has its own Taliban government!

  2. nada

    Mervin is a KILL Dr! Why can’t he do some thing to kill mosquitoes.Instead of being a ‘sandia’ he can while away the time by killing the dangerous insects.

  3. BASH

    Differetn states have different laws, In Dr Mervin’s state, it is tying govt officials to the trees, like dogs when they get mischievous, and our police force and courts dare not challenge this… they too could be tied like this

  4. Ajith Ratnayake

    For once Mervyn is making sense, do it man, do it.

  5. Rajapaksha

    164 deaths and officials are still looking for cures. As the Health Minister said Local Governments and the Ministry of Environment are responsible for the spreading of dengue. In a way, Hon. Mervin Silva is right, this may be the only way some officials understand.

  6. nihal

    Mervyn you are right. Dont stop halfway like weerawansha.
    This is the maladministration of health dept.
    Do it mervyn. Thats the correct way.
    We need a leader like premadasa.

  7. Ferdy


    • Bandara - Matara



    What Homeopathy? Nonsense. Best way to combat this to have clean air and cleanliness where you live.

    Mervyn is a joke in the pack of jokers of Mahinday Aiya. He is a minister and what a standard he is setting to younger generation like our comrade cardboard chandiya Buruwansa.

    • lasantha

      Homeopathy is not nonsense. Western farmacuticle mafia never let these alternative medicine be used effectively. Thanks to the present government these changes happen. But in the countries that we believe there is freedom and democracy these mafia are untouchables.

      • Sri Lankan

        Why do you want to make people sick why cannot the government just bring the stuff that had already been tested to remove dengue moscito from CUBA. This is simply silly. Just like the war we are using Dengue to cover the in competence of the AUTHORITIES.

  9. potta siva

    Mervyn, ban the mosquitos from public places. Also send them warning notices that if they bite people they will be bitten back.

  10. amude sarath

    Better still, warn the mosquitos that they will also be tied to trees.

  11. lasantha

    For me it’s down sindrome power. What fresh air? British nuclear testing has destroyed all your ozone layer. Skin cancer is called national cancer. School children are not allowed to come out without completely covering themselves from the sun. Media freedom? Yes they talk about only footy and masterchef. Real problems are never discussed on TV. Genocide? Yes, but not in Sri Lanka. It is systamatically happening to the aboriginies even today. Looting their land and destroying their culture steeling the children is the real downunder power. Stay there and enjoy it. Bye Bye.

    • shan

      Good One Lasantha!

      Down under! you really need to be aware of your down under!lol

      anyways why do you even bother to come to this forum, while you’re better off in your so called new homeland!

  12. Quality of Life

    I see that man lasantha is jealous that he cannot experience the lifestyle that we in the west are experiencing. Sour grapes mate. Stay in your cave and don’t come out. For your information the country that we live in was declared the the 3rd most livable country in the world behind Norway and New Zealand.

    • lasantha

      I lived 23 years in Europe and have been living in melbourne for the past 3 years. Come on mate lifestyle that you in the west enjoy? Some grapes are sour, don’t yoy know?

    • renate

      Hei quality of life – dont you know living in Norway sucks. Living in Norway for the past 20 years and all you do is WORK WORK and pay your bills and pay high taxes.Havnt you heard that Sri lanka is U laugh a lot, U eat a lot,U drink a LOT and U sleep a lot.

  13. Genaraala


    Why not tie that rogue Nimal Siripala 1st. He is the one who let demgue go unchecked while he made millions from tenders

  14. Bernard

    This guy said he will resign his seat if DNA wins one single seat. But he is still here talking BS.

  15. Cedric Fernando

    I brought to Sri Lanka over 10 years ago “BTI” the talked about & PROVEN medicine from Cuba, and submitted it to be registered. After months of waiting, I called the then registrar Dr Manoveera to see how long more this would take, he replied ” If you get this registered ,you would make a lot of money no”

    It is shocking how our people have such warped mentalities whilst holding such responsible posts.


  16. sarath

    very true Cedric, you cannot blame the polititians all the time, its the officials who are lathargic in all matters in SL.

    Theses institutions should be privatised or run as agents.

    First I would point my finger at the CEO of the government, Mr president for all this mess, he is the one who got the power and upmost responsibility to serve the pople of SL. If he rule the country with honesty, responsibility and accountability every officials under him will act accordingly.

    god save sri lanka

  17. ruwan

    these doctors are the most jealous people in SL…

  18. inizam

    This man Manoveera must have got jealous that you will benefit financially from it. This is the dog- in- the- manger mentality of most Lankans. Hope he is reading this today. If he has a conscience he must writhe in guilt for the hundreds of deaths that have occured so far which could have been prevented. Its so sad that people who can do something always guage what they would get in return. Sad indeed.


  20. Hey Buddy,

    Go and tie all the ministers, MPs and goverment officers to the trees. If you find there are not enough trees in Sri Lanka will start a new campaign for that too. Goverment is there to fund for it. Goooooooooooooo !!
    You are coooooooool.

  21. rizvie

    Merwyn you are only person who can eleminate the mosquitoes and if you are successful then you will be the next President. Merwyn you are right that the officials are not doing there job properly and sill get paid from the tax payers for doing nothing. Well done, keep it up.

  22. silva

    Force tavern owners to spray Arak. After inhaling, mosquitos will get drunk and fight to kill each other. See!! the problem solved. Start from Kelaniya and you can even get patent rights for this.

  23. Jabba

    Lasantha, are you on a student visa? If you are when does it expire because we Aussies don’t need people like you in our beautiful paradise peaceful clean living country. Go back to where you came from when your visa expires. By the way, learn to spell and write properly. Oh, I forgot, you are from that dump next to India, so you have no hope.

  24. Dear CHRISCO, you sound like a Dr?

  25. izzy

    Is Mervyn really a doctor (call it what you may)? He talks nonsense all of the time, like Modawansa!!

  26. Psycho

    Mervyn is my hero, not only they should tie they tie these lazy inefficient officials to trees, they should put “red wild ants” inside the fellows trousers.

    • muzammil

      oh my god! It’s four in the morning and you’r still up? take your tablets and
      back to bed.quick !quick!

  27. nada

    Have you all forgotten the Hon.Thermis,one time M.P who was a postman! He was 1000 times better than our beloved Dr Mervin.He was very sane[Thermis]

  28. san

    Dr. Mervin, my dearest Deputy Minister of Highways

    We appreciate your concern over the dengue issue. It really hurt everyone including you. All Sri Lankan has to do something on this issue. We don’t want our children to die because of dengue.

    We and you know most of the government officers do not care on this issue. They should be brought in justice for their negligence of duty. But not the way you like. Because if you are going to tie up all the officers who do mistakes then you will not find enough trees in Sri Lankan.

    If we follow your jungle law, first we have to start tie up the Government ministers, MPs and the list goes on. In this list you also has a place. My question is who will tie you up in the trees for the mistakes you do?

    Having said that, I would like to bring the concern of every one that, if you don’t keep your neighborhood clean and tidy, then you will end up with dengue, It is irrelevant that the government officers come for prevention programme or Mr. Mervin tie up all the officials to trees.

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