Supreme Court Dismisses Airtel Case On Mobile Phone Tariffs

The Supreme Court today (29) dismissed a fundamental rights petition filed by Bharati Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. challenging floor price imposed on mobile phone tariffs.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commissions (TRC) recently announced the introduction of floor prices to mobile phone operators.

TRC’s revised floor price are as follows: Off Net – Rs 2 and On Net – Rs 1 per minute basis Tariff Plans; Off Net – Rs 2.50 and On Net – Rs 1.25 per Second Basis Tariff Plans; and Off Net – Rs 0.25 and On Net – Rs 0.10 for SMS.
Airtel filed an FR petition at the Supreme Court complaining that the TRC’s decision to impose a new scheme was against the interest of the customers and is ultra vires the powers of the commission.
The company further claimed that the TRC decision prevented a level playing field and discriminated between sections of consumers and/or sections of operators.

The Supreme Court however refused to grant leave to proceed with the FR petition filed by the Bharati Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. and those filed by two consumers challenging the floor price imposed on mobile phone tariffs.

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