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DNA Asks What KP Is Doing In The Country

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake today (5) asked the government if senior LTTE member Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP is in the custody of the government on a court order or on a detention order by the Defence Secretary and if the government was planning on pardoning him.

Dissanayake posed several questions to the government in parliament today under Clause 23/2 of the parliamentary Standing Orders.

He also asked the government to divulge details as to where KP was held since his arrest a year ago and if there has been an investigation conducted into him.

Dissanayake through his queries requested for a detailed explanation from the government on KP.

He charged that the lack of transparency in dealing with a man whom the government has termed as a terrorist, arms and drug dealer posed doubts on the country’s rule of law.

Dissanayake noted that the government has taken steps to provide freedoms to KP while detaining the youths who were forcibly enlisted to the LTTE by the likes of KP.

15 Comments for “DNA Asks What KP Is Doing In The Country”

  1. dagobert

    KP is speaking to the Tamil People.
    Tamil people are more comfortable speaking to a Tamil.

    The GOSL is getting KP to speak to the Tamils in order to reach out to them. I suppose this is a worry to the opportunists.

    • eugene

      its worrying the LTTE diaspora opposed to wanting peace in SL as they wl loose refugee status

    • San31

      The government is clearly wining the battle. Good move by the Rajapaksha administration.

    • raj

      dagobert! He is not speaking to Tamil people. It is a commedy show directed and produced by so and so.

      • gamunu

        Raj, Are you speaking for tamil people then? Comedy shows as you indicated are played by the diaspora that includes you. Go and ask the leader of your mother country (USA) for a seperate state so that you and your diaspora friends can live comfortable lives with all the strappings that come along with. It was the LTTE that you supported that brought SL to this level. Your intention was to destroy Sl economically and politically to gain what you wanted. So what I say to is leave SriLanka alone.
        At the moment we in srilanka are trying to make amends and put behind past atrocities (commited by both sides) and for that even hard hearted Ex LTTE seniors are welcome. Any tamil who wants to join hands with Sinhalese are traitors. Your kind is the last thing we want to heal wounds differences.
        You talk as if only tamils suffred as a result of LTTE. Your problem is you lot hold an eternal hatred towards the sinhala race, and as such you are racists. You never want compromises. Just one objective. EALAM at any costs. It is a case of “end justifies the means”. As I mentioned earlier go and ask uncle SAM or even better UK or Canada for an EALAM. May be you might even be lucky with the help of Navi Pillai to stir up things a bit.

        • raj

          gammnu! I am not with any political party or organization inorder myself to be independent. You blame Tamils destroy Sri Lanka. you don’t realize that Sinhalese politicians too played racial card to get elected. By doing so Sinhalese politicians too have participated in the destruction of the country. There is no more LTTE military so you can’t blame on it anymore. I don’t know why people like you accept Taliban style governments.

    • Ashoka Jayalath

      BS. The 2nd in command to VP need to be dealt with only one way. Charge him ina court of law of treason, murder, rackettering, hoarding and drug smuggling. There can be dozens more charges.
      Right now MR & family is sleeping with the enemy because of KP’s bank accounts..

    • raj

      dagobert! It is a drama to fool people. Poeple are not ready to get fooled any more!

  2. M.H.Sheriff

    Very Good Question Posed by DNA minister.

  3. I Hussein

    AKD must grill the govt more. JVP must highly get involved to let the public know whats exactly going on. RW is too decent for these complicated issues so he wont talk much. Sajith is too busy working on how to get the leadership. We all know what a drama going on. KP and MR both cheating the people. Its obviouse that MR wants LTTE for the dybnasty that he is building. He will offer KP some position as he did to Karuna.

    • gamunu

      Hussain, Isn’t it time we invited the Tamil community to get involved in development? Explain how else this shoud be done. Have you any other solution? All the talk are that minorities are not being given chances and the moment it was given mad dogs like you are crying foul. If you have a grudge against MR handle it in a respectable way.

      KP may have been a criminal but just like Karuna and others at least they are in SriLanka to get involved. Do you expect the diaspora to come down and begin development. I am sure your priority is to forget every thing to defeat MR government.
      Some of your muslim colleages are in the government and the rest in the opposition. So there is no problem is it? Think real before writing petty comments.

      • I Hussein

        gamunu – i have no grudge at all personaly with MR (or his goons) but yes i like to see his back as the leader of the country. this regime is not doing any good for the country at all except tarnishing SL image internationally.
        I believe firmly in involve pragmatic tamil intectualls in building the north. Its actually high time but has MR realised it? probably he has but is he doing anything?
        For people like you KP and Karuna maybe heroes, but not for us. they were murderes/killers directly or otherwise. they were involved in cold blooded killings. you maybe an MR supporter, i have no problem with that u can support whoever u like. But people like u are just talking like MR’s chintanaya without any actions or contributions. actually we dont know which side u are in as u r confused like the leadership. say some oneday and do some other thing the next day. your own comments are contradicting each time. you are nit a drug addict, are u?

  4. dagobert

    Raj………….. You are halucinating…………… Your clout in the North is disintergrating. Sour grapes……………….

  5. Entreprenur

    First of all the government must address the immediate problem that is to bring down the cost of living, set proper legal standards as per international law and order. The way the GOSL is going about is totally wrong there seems to be no forward planning for even a strategy. Can this government set a proper law and order in this country. Now after the war what we see today is abductions, killings, thefts, parliment ministers playing the goat (some fasting and feasting with saline) another tying civilian to tree, if you look at this country at a glance it seems like Mr. Bean or some animated cartoons

    The goverment is more concerned now of showing of a clean image in colombo, demolishing buildings, building bridges, roads, etc All this can happen and should happen but it must be in the second phase

    1st Phase Bring down the cost of Living
    2nd Phase set proper law and order
    3rd Implementation and planning strategy
    4th Good governess
    5th Reaching out to the people
    6th secure and improve economic
    7th Make Sri Lanka the best tourist destination in all of asia
    8th Implement E Commerce (makes life easier)
    9 Dicipline, rehabilitation, improve education methods
    10 Improve medical standards intorudce insurance
    11 UNITY amongst everyone

    I dont see any of these commings the only industry that is thriving in success is the courts, and newspapers

  6. gamarala

    KP should be prosecuted in court for his part in the LTTE insurgence. But Rambukwella says that he is an ‘asset’ to the government, and a ‘crown’ witness in prosecutions to be launched against the captured LTTE cadres.How can he, when he was abroad the whole time.
    Now KP wants tamils abroad to finance his ‘NGO’.He must think that all of them are fools. Gotabaya, who promotes this idea is an even bigger fool.

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