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Sri Lankan Illegal Immigrants Found In Mexico

Foreign news reports quoting an official source have stated that a group of 76 undocumented immigrants from Central America and Sri Lanka were rescued with signs of dehydration from inside a semi-trailer left abandoned in the southeastern state of Chiapas in Mexico.
The Latin America Herald Tribune has quoted the Chiapas delegation of the federal Attorney General’s Office saying that a semi trailer was found at Kilometer 21 (Mile 13) on the Villaflores-Ocozocoautla highway.
An anonymous report alerted cops to the plight of 76 immigrants found inside the truck “in a space approximately 3 meters (10 feet) wide by 8 meters (28 feet) long, and who showed visible signs of dehydration,” the source had said.
The immigrants, who had no proof they were in the country legally, have reportedly said they were from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Sri Lanka.

The source had not said how many were from which country or the number of men and women, nor if there were any children.
According to the news report, all were sent to the National Migration Institute for possible deportation, while the AG’s office investigates to find out who put the undocumented immigrants in that situation.

4 Comments for “Sri Lankan Illegal Immigrants Found In Mexico”

  1. Ari

    Oh. come on! Sri Lankans were going through Mexico for ages to USA and finally end up in Canada…


    you asylum seekers, please note that we have no more problem in sri lanka. you guys are lazy. risking your life to get PIN PADI in europe. wake up. come home and work hard. sri lanka is the heaven on earth. you can win if you run. still if you want PIN PADI go and beg with begging bowls. but, please do not go and lie and betray our motherland for your selfishness. because without lying about sri lanka you have no way get into those countries and get PIN PADI for 10 years. what a shame you lazy sri lankans.

    • kugan

      true, i agree with Mohamed Asfar
      but i will not agree , sri lanka is heaven

      but because of these asylum seekers, all the people holding sri lankan passport , who wants to visit developed countries for genuine reasons dont get their visas. these people r so selfish

  3. Mango tree

    Sri Lanka is a heaven for minorities. Government doesn’t kill minority civilians. Satellite images which depicts heinous act carried out by this government by hilling around 30,000 civilian is fabricated story. In 83 government & criminal Sinhalese didn’t get to gather to butcher thousands of Tamils in this country. All those dead were suicides and because of the heat wave all Tamil homes & their business premises caught fire. Within the last 3 decades no single minority was killed by state terrorists. These are rumors to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and minorities get every thing in this country. They have equal rights to live in this country and there is no need to be a Buddhist to become a president. We didn’t deprive people in North and East from accessing food and medicine. Our war planes never bomb civilian settlements and before we bomb a target we get the confirmation from LTTE that it is a military target. We didn’t bomb a single orphanage and those bombs were dropped by aliens to kill those innocent children. We condemn such brutal act carried by alien. We never block any independent investigation on alleged war crime & genocide in Sri Lanka and we never refused to issue visa with the intension to cover up any crime. Therefore there is no reason for minorities to look for asylum in another country.

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