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MR Approves, SF Loses Military Ranks

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today (14) authorised the verdict of the first court martial against former Army Commander and DNA parliamentarian General Sarath Fonseka.

The first court martial yesterday delivered an order sentencing General Fonseka for a dishonorable discharge from rank for allegedly being engaged in politics while being in active service.

Army sources said that following the President’s approval, General Fonseka would now lose all military ranks held by him.

General Fonseka and the DNA have however objected to the ruling claiming the court martial proceedings were held without the defence counsel present.

48 Comments for “MR Approves, SF Loses Military Ranks”

  1. BASH

    Wait and see your son could also face the same fate

    • There is really something in the air. Doomsday is around the corner for the Rajapaksas. Do they belong to the Sinhala race????

    • San31

      Doomsday for Fonseka..LOL

      • Mervin R. Silva

        [General Sarath Fonseka RWP RSP VSV USP] This is clearly a politically motivated stunt by the Maha Raja & Company. Unfortunately the Kaevum-kana Moda Sinxalayas can not understand it. WE MUST NOT FORGET HOW GEN SARATH FONSEKA & THE OTHERS SUFFERED ON THE BATTLEFIELD TO DEFEAT THE RUTHLESS TERRORISTS (for the moment they are toothless thanks to Gen SF, but will gain “power” again with the help of MR & Co)! Some died on the battlefield owing to dehydration while the armchair “commanders” in the South ate buriyani and drank whisky! Is this the way to treat the man who saved the country?? Even Col. F. C. de Saram and the others who were involved in the 1962 coup attempt were not treated the way Gen SF is treated today. It is pretty hard to come to terms with MR’s (& his servants’/cleaners’) shabby treatment of Gen SF. ANYWAY, NO ONE COULD ERASE GEN SARATH FONSEKA FROM THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE WHO RESPECT AND ADMIRE HIM. Gen Sarath Fonseka has gone down in history as one of the greatest Sri Lankan/ Ceylonese, and, will be remembered for EVER as we remember: Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Lt. Gen. Nalin Angammana, Maj. Gen. Lakshman Wijeratne, Maj. Gen. Vijaya Wimalaratne, Maj. Gen. Ananda Hamangoda, Maj. Gen. Larry Wijeratne, Maj. Gen. Susantha Mendis, Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera, Cpl. Kularathna Y.G.G. (SLSR) – Hasalaka Veeraya of “the Mother of all Battles” and ALL OUR BELOVED BROTHER OFFICERS AND MEN WHO LAID DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR THE COUNTRY (ON BEHALF OF us). @Unconventional morons, please stop insulting the General.

  2. BASH

    Hey, wait.. what about the official declaration ceremony that the war was over…

  3. Psycho

    Well done MR my hero.

  4. Yohan

    The worst day of shame for Sri Lanka. God please forgive these sinners for they do not know what they do. General ; as long as we live you will always be in our hearts. They can take away your stars and medals, but they cannot take away your dignity and our hearts. Its better to bring down the national flag down today, since the Rajapakses have taken all the pride out of it.

    • Lanka follower

      one chinahala balla biting another chinala balla…thats all folks! Nothing to see here move along.

    • perumal

      Yes, I am in full agreement

    • berny

      hello fool yohan
      fonseka wanted betray whole country for the war crimes to the so-called western camp, in order to get his political power. if that day happen before this, what
      U gonna say?

  5. I totally agree with Yohan. Today should declare as national “kanna deepu ata hapakana” day. Dear General, we are with you. Forget about the ranks and medals. Your heart knows what you have done to the nation. Be satisfy with that. No body could take out your pride and dignity. Take care.

  6. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    You guys will preach but do you have sany idea what his dear family goes through? Eulogies and carols will decorate your mindset but the poor man will continue to suffer. There is only one way out. It is obvious Foseka keeps doing mistakes, but that is not uncommon if you associate the JVP (just remind yourself of the great Mangala Sutra). Right or wrong, Anoma or his daughters, please now distance yourselves from the JVP , who drag you along the distater lane, meet up with the president and discuss a viable solution out. Otherwise, these eulogists will continue to preach and you will continue to suffer, such an illustrious career will end up like a bank robber.

  7. NotCorrupt

    MR and his brothers better watch out. Your days are numbered. If you really believe in Buddhism we will see your Karmaya played out in this life itself. Pain and suffering awaits all of you.

    You can only have so many faces before all will find out your true nature.

    Maybe we should start with all of MR’s hora catches around Colombo. I can name quite a few from even when he was a minister/prime minister. He sneaks out in the middle of the night for some late night fun….Then he gets on stage and proclaims his undying love for his wife. Was on national womens day if I am not mistaken.

    Its time to reveal the true Rajapookses!

    Rise up Sri Lanka!

    • Mossad

      What a fool you are ?? SF raped women in Army …!!! find something better to throw at MR as SF was a notorious sexual predator in Army

      • Kasyapa

        Why was Rajapakshe colluding with SF by letting him carry on in the army until SF decided to retire? ……..Are u still looking for a fig leaf to cover your nudity ? ……….The real reason why all these and other rubbish against SF surfacing now is because he had the balls to stand up to nepotistic MR. SF’ s only crime was that he spoilt Rajapakshe party where he wanted to get elected unopposed. In a country that boasts of 94% literacy, (where our scientists have even gone and tested moon rock samples) and where people are believed to follow the purest form of Buddhism, it is mind boggling to think that the best they can come up with as the rightful leader is Rajapakshe.

  8. Mossad

    Good lesson to foolish general ..!!! he forgot who made he as the chief of army .. After white flag trial I hope he would be hanged..!!!!

    • vj(usa)

      international war crime do not forget MR,GOTA,MOSSAD…….

      • Mossad

        Dude I feel sorry for you even they are tried at international war crime tribunal nothing will happen to them , do some research on “Omar al-Bashir ” he is living happily and still the president of Sudan..
        only benefit will be Tamil refugees living abroad might get a reason to gain citizenship from relevant countries ..!!!!

    • Siri

      We wish and pray that the UN investigates the whole bunch of these un grateful traitors from Mahinda down, for all the trickery, war crimes and deceit that they have committed. Sri Lanka already have produced the next Al-Bashir. You cannot suppress the truth for ever – when it erupts it will blow the culprits to smithereens. The majority of the country lives in fear now, like Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iran, Mianmar etc. – that’s the Subha Anagathaya they promised.

  9. Government may take the medals back, people of Sri Lanka will continue to call him General

  10. NotCorrupt

    Mossad by the looks of it is The goat.

    You ran away at the height of the war. You are the biggest coward in SL. Oh Mervin will come close.

    Now go back to pumping gas in LA a suitable job for the so called patriots.

  11. perumal

    This reminds me of a person. He declared “I am the party: I am the state: I am the leader”

  12. Banda

    You will be always our General. Now is the time for the whole opposition to unite. UNP should immediately adopt democratic changes and let the younger generation take over with guidance of Senior Leaders like Rukman, Karu and Ranil at the advisory level while contesting for seats. But younger leaders like Sajit and Dayasiri to take the leadership. General should join the UNP if he is to be a threat to Rajapakse clan. A win at the next election will be assured if UNP has Sajit as the Presidential Candidate with the support of the General, Ranil and the JVP. Even the Hela Urumaya should be approached. Minority parties will align with the strong party to get their needs for certain and UNP anyway will have minority votes on its own.

  13. perumal


  14. Third Angle

    Even medical council of Canada withdraws credentials of doctors after finding any misconduct of ethics of the profession.

  15. raj

    if both directly or indirectly involve in war crime, it is God who brings this fighting among them to expose the truth.

    • karmaya

      truth is exposed. LTTE did the war crime. PRABHAKARAN. yes, but there is no
      LTTE now ! tamils and singhalees enjoy the island. give them little time, when
      the country develop this mul-ti national country, budhist, hindu , muslim, bhurger, maley, crhistian, catholic ,would have a free country.

      • raj

        to prove that you should have hand in over to the international war crime courts. remember former yougeslavia always denied any war crimes. Later its leader was arrested and prosecuted by international war crime courts.

  16. SHM

    Poor fellow was totally misled by the JVP wolves, to achieve their selfish motives.
    He was foolish to believe these cunning foxes. They wanted a man to beat Mahinda failing which capable enough to stage a JVP styled revolution…….former
    General in vain ‘direcha lanuwa kewa!’ Finally lost everything……………….

  17. Chinthaka

    Fair enough… Don’t forget that Yesterday’s hero is Today’s worst traitor… Yesrterday’s gone…. Today prevails…. You act upon first today, thereafter other times….

    So-called General is a threat to democracy…. shame to SL Army…. germ for a peaceful atmosphere… So, shouldn’t be tolerated or left out until he cannot do anything of his own… He’s dangerous and stupidly egoistic enough to be imprisoned forever..

    I don’t think you can ever have him rehabilitated… He’s a weirdo… Well sometimes weirdo needed to get rid of another weirdo… That’s what happened in Eelam 4… Main thing is peace loving public can now be safe… Let them reap what they sow….

    • karmaya

      OH ! you are awesome. chinthaka real philosopher.

    • Third Angle

      Well said Chinthaka. You are a genuine thinker. But as a professional I wonder why some professionals like Arjuna Ranatunga, Gen. Sarath Fonseka prostituted their hard earned popularity just for their individual interests.

    • Lakshi

      I’m just to trying analyze how the mind works? See their inside and it proves that the Mother of the nation comes from the Yakkas and the Father comes from the Thieves clan, deported from another country, slowly moved to another country, got connected with the woman who was in charge of the land, conned her and got everything from her in a cunning way like a fox and finally killed her, chased her children to the jungle …….and finally this HORA who came from MARS got hold of the whole land. what a nice story? But this is the truth of our people.
      So guys don’t be fooled you are naked showing all your secrets to the open world and now we have become the laughing stock. During the stone age people were like this but most of the nations are trying to be civilized, what has happen to a nation whose majority is Buddhists. We are a disgrace to Buddhism because we always talk about Buddhism but always follow the “MUSS VEDDHA” from behind. These people will be in hell!!!

      Let their KARMA follow them. we peace loving people should carry on our duties as pure Buddhist and should try to get out this “SAMSARA” as soon as possible.


    Remember what he said just after the war ended – ‘This is sinhala Buddist country-

    Let the law of country apply for all- even to Gen”

  19. garawi

    SF, the ex-general, you selected a path of destruction for yourself instead of a glorious exit. Your own egoism, was too much. Being the Army commander you should have better judgment than to believe UNP and JVP that with the help of the US you can be the next president. You underestimated MR’s popularity and acceptance by the people that MR himself took the decision to defeat the LTTE and you were only employed to take directions from him to execute the task. That’s all you did and noting much. Now you pay for your sins of being a traitor to the forces you directed and the country as a whole!

  20. Randy Mathew


  21. Randy Mathew


  22. Concerned Citizen

    He was MR’s ‘best general in the world’ till he became politically ambitious. Then the best general became ‘the worst traitor in the world’. How petty minded are these Rajapakses! Twisting and turning events for their benefit and thereafter brainwashing the masses.

  23. izzy

    The master crook approves the verdict – what a laugh!!!!!

  24. feroz


  25. velu

    More to come on SF…Loosing rank and medals in the Army is only the beginning for him….We are aware that those who are conspiring against Sri Lanka want to use this Army Chandiya against this country. He is a maniac and the people of Sri Lanka showed him the exit door at the last presidential election…Extremist tamils feel very happy and think and pray that both Mr. Sarath Fonseka (Mr. is also too honourable for him) and HE MR will get eliminated in the process..that is their wishful thinking
    It is high time all communities in this island work towards building this nation. Sri Lanka belongs to all Tamils, Muslims & Sinhalese in this country. We all will get together and rebuild it for our future generations

  26. Lankapet01

    So what’s the big deal, ole man SF has made his bloody money. Do they really hope to prosper having done what they have done. They are all headed to hell, no matter how many piriths and strings they tie around the wrists. May they all rott in hell.

    see article: (copy paste the link)

    w w

  27. Randy Mathew


  28. velu

    Mathews are known as Godayas in UK… Godayas in UK are trying to portray as posh people in Sri Lanka.. your comments only exposed your godey qualities Andy…

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