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China Says SL Should Receive International Support

Chinese Foreign Affairs Minster Yang Jiechi says that Sri Lanka, having rid itself of terrorism and embarked on the course of accelerated economic development with determination, should receive the support of the international community in achieving its objectives

Jiechi had made this comment to External Affairs Minster Prof. G.L. Peiris in Beijing.

The External Affairs Ministry stated that Jiechi has added that China would make the maximum effort to fulfill Sri Lanka’s needs as the country addresses itself to the task of attempting to use its natural strengths to improve the lives of its citizens, with the dawn of peace and stability.

Countries big and small have their own problems, and it is important to remember that solutions have to be found to suit the circumstances of each situation in keeping with the wishes of the country in question without hectoring or pressure from outside, he had said.

Prof. Peiris had informed China’s Foreign Minister that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa had held its first public sitting on the previous day and commenced its work.

It is of the utmost importance that the Commission should receive every encouragement from the international community to begin and continue its work, Minister Peiris had observed.

Thanking Minister Jiechi for China’s generous assistance with regard to infrastructure development in Sri Lanka, Minister Peiris had said that Sri Lanka was proud of her achievement in securing a growth rate of 7% in respect of her economy.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa considered it even more important to ensure that the benefits of this development should be enjoyed equitably throughout the Island, especially in the rural sector, the Minister added.  From this perspective, Sri Lanka particularly appreciates China’s role in contributing massively to the development of ports and harbours, highways and other infrastructure facilities in regions of the Island which had hitherto been relatively neglected, Prof. Peiris had said.

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    sure sure, this snake eyed chink wants another human rights violator to keep his fellow chinks company!!! Good going…send some more of your convicts to work at Hambantota and leave some little Chinkalese behind when you get done!!

  2. Lal

    sure sure, this snake eyed chink wants another human rights violator to keep his fellow chinks company!!! Good going…send some more of your convicts to work at Hambantota and leave some little Chinkalese behind when you get done!!

  3. Ranbanda

    Lal, keep your low-down racist comments to yourself. Just shows your lack of breeding.

    • raj

      Ranbanda! I agree with Lal, and I do not agree with your response since I do not find any recism within Lal’s comments. May be you need to see things with different perspectives. Never looks things from a human rights violator’s perspective. Once you change your perspective, you can understand the importance of human rights. Srl Lanka has its own Chemical Alie who ordered to kill Lasantha, and to schell on hospitals.

  4. Deepal

    China has the worst human rights record in the world. They should straighten that out before trying to meddle in our affairs.

    • longus

      Leave alone the “worst human rights record” as claimed by the Western media,don’t you know that China is the 2nd biggest economy in the world, having overtaken Japan last week?

      • raj

        longus! Due to lack of educaiton you could not value the importance of human rights. Human rights is every thing. Without that democracy is nothing. Human rights emphasie freedom of speech, indiviudal right, equality, and so. If you do need more information on human rights, there are many resources available online. Educate yourself and educate other about the importance of human rights.

      • vj(usa)

        if usa stop buying one month from china ….its going to be 2nd wrost economy????

        • Ranjan

          If China call in all the money/loans that she has given to US to conduct its adventures in Iraq and Afganistan, you guys will be history in about an hours time.

      • karasi

        Longus, What’s the point of having a country which is the 2nd biggest economy in the world when China cheated their own people, took their land to build the Olympic stadium, promised them condominiums will be given and these poor people did not get it and were crying their eyes out. I watched this documentary on T.V. Now, China thinks other countries must give support . Most important, people want basic human rights. What’s the point of having riches when you have a con government.

  5. vj(usa)

    orage ammagen lankawa pena asanawa…wrost human right violated on earth sri lanka 2nd to CHINA.

  6. Lankawick

    ” Human Rights’ is absolute Garbage…..its the new Mantra / Religion of —-

    .a) – pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora – the die-hard supporters of that terrorist found
    floating in a Sri Lankan lagoon….

    b) – so-called ” International Community” …..
    the nations responsible for the Genocide of the Native Peoples of ….
    North, Central, & South America…..the Carribbean Islands…Australia etc…

    Responsible for the Slavery of the African people….
    Holocaust of the Jewish & Roma people in Europe…..

    • raj

      Lankawick! supporting either terrorist or war criminals is absolute wrong and very dangerous. You should first realize that there is a strong suspecion of war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the war. Only an international inquiry can clear the air. War criminals being in the government is very dangerrous to its ctiizens. International community should protect ordinary citien from war criminals by taking proper action.

  7. BASH


  8. Lankawick

    This is GLOBALISATION……the interplay of both Monetary & Human resources…..World wide…

    This is why a million Sri Lankans are working in the Middle East…plus tens of thousand others in various other nations….
    Add to this – Immigrants & refugees from Sri Lanka working / living in other nations….

    In some narions ….same comments…Sri Lankans are taking away their jobs…

    “Bash”…..know what you are taling about…not simply anti-GOSL rants…

  9. Roncaly Peiris

    Prof.Peiris, Your Government can not be trusted,even before the arrival of Prabakaran on the scene.Since 1948 and every two years after that your SriLankan Government was involved in State Terrorism(this was the period during which Nelson Mandela was labelled as a Terrorist.) and now you want tamil expatriates to Trust you.You got to be kidding.

    • DJ

      Definitely Poncaly Peiris.. these governments labelled Mr. Pirabakaran too as a terrorist but he managed to attain the sainthood in the Nandikadal lagoon.. elevated even higher than Nelson Mandela!!

  10. MJ

    Indian spies should be banned from entering Lanka. Their only purpose is to interfere in Lanka and support insurgents. We need China and Russia our allies to make in no uncertain terms that if India tries to mess with us there will be a huge price to be paid.

  11. If not for the role played by China in Eelam war iv , Sri Lanka would still be under the Jack Boots of the LTTE, with suicide bombers walking freely in the South. India, as well as the West did not want to interfere in the war as in the past mainly because of China. Otherwise India would have sent all the “Parippu” Jets to Nanthikadal Lagoon to save Prabhakaran. When India and the west declined arms and armaments it was China which came to our rescue. The aid given by the west comes to only about 10 per cent of what China had given. We must not forget that Sri Lanka stands proud among the terrorists because of China. So it is not a case of China sending workers because there is so much employment opportunities China and their Rem Min Bi is worth more than the Rupee.

    • karasi

      Hello Samaraweera, You think China is great, one day they will fall to pieces. Look at England, once called Great Britain, controlling most countries, now they are nothing. Majority of their companies sold off and nothing much left that you will call British. China sold arms because they want to make money and invest in Sri Lanka to make more money. This is the reason they came to rescue you, there was motive behind it and does not want war crimes investigation because all their arms supplied will be looked into too.

  12. Mr Samaraweera has sadly mistaken. If not for India, SL couldn’ t have crushed LTTE.India helped in enormous way, with arms,ammunitions,logistical help,ships watching all along the north & east shores,technical advisors,(about 256), radars, radar technicians,money,diplomatic help all over the world etc., et c.,
    India doesn’t want publicity because of Tamil Nadu people & Govt. The 30 odd years of war was completed mainly with India’s help.Sri lankan govt knows that, but they still don’t trust India, because India always play “games”. NEVER EVER trust India though.China,Pakistan,Iran & some other countries only gave arms or money on LOAN. Remember SL has to pay all that back. But India’s is all FREE. Why Free ?
    India & even SL knows why. NOt you or me. One day later , India may turn around & help LTTE , again, to destabilize the country. Beware !!

  13. SL

    What is Mr Muruga going at in the beginning. India help? Yes you mean help support LTTE against Lanka so Lanka is bogged down by the terrorists. Today, we stand proud and victorious. Imagine what would happen if India had its way, we would be a Tamil terror nation controlled by New Delhi. With now our economy growth at 7% and rising thanks to China, we will grow much faster than India. We will be the shining star of South Asia.

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