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UNP Emphasizes Need For Broad Political Alliance

The UNP today (16) said there is a need for a broad alliance to fight against the anti-democratic actions of the government.

UNP Spokesperson and parliamentarian Gayantha Karunathileka told The Sunday Leader that the party is ready to assist such an alliance.

Karunathileka said the party is even ready to assist such an alliance as proposed by the JVP and form a broad alliance together, as the UNP was already in the process of forming an alliance to restore democracy in the country and fight for what is right.

According to Karunathileka, the leadership of the alliance was not an important fact as long as it opposed what he called the wrong decisions of the government.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva yesterday told a press briefing that the party had already initiated a dialogue to form a broad alliance to take on the government.

13 Comments for “UNP Emphasizes Need For Broad Political Alliance”

  1. Third Angle

    Sri Lanka is in the right track now. Maha Raja is steering the country towards a developed country in Asia. Whether you like it or not UNP and JVP will have no political survival if this process goes smoothly. The only way left for JVP is to make unrest among University students and bring them to roads to sabotage the current trend of development. It worked very well in past 30 years but I am sure students entering universities now have correct judgment about JVP. Whatever broad alliance you form now to obstruct the government will not be successful anyway.

    • BASH

      Specially with GOATA”S ELU Army and the GON police

    • Suwimal

      If you say China, Myanmar, Iran, North Korea and Russia are on right track, yes, Sri Lanka is on right track. And it goes without saying that India, Bangladesh, Japan, England and US are on the wrong track.(or at least not on the right track). Mind you, some degree of development is possible under dictatorships too; like former USSR.

  2. dsk

    ILL HIM………………….

  3. I Hussein

    All UNP need is unity in the party and close relationship with JVP when making stragic decesions. Collective decesion must be taken. UNP & JVP may have defferences and maybe two extrems but in order to fight this regime against anti-democraticy and human right violations its not hard to be united. Gota’s ELU ARMY and GON police will be null and void if there is a strong opposition, people are with you. This regime is actually hanging on a threat.

  4. I Hussein

    *thread’, i meant.

  5. Sapumal

    We need broad political alliance to defeat this corrupted ,unethical regime as soon as possible.The danger is not very far.If you want to prevent happening another disaster like in 1980 s ,you have to act immediately.Then broad political alliance can lead the masses with patiance and to a victorious direction.We have seen what happened to constitutional dictators in the past.We have seen the flowing blood in everywhere.I dont think we something like that again.If it happens again, that day Mervin Silva have no where to go!

  6. muzammil

    UNP should rightly decide whether it needs an alliance to face a multi legged
    govt which has a hereditary disease of requiring more than two legs to stand up.JRJ in 1977 fought it only with a couple of brave and master brains.He walked the talk.He started, sending Dudley to the back seat.Resigned from his electorate challenging the amended constitution.Staged protest at the doorstep of sirimavo in Attanagalle and many many.RANIL DOESN’T HAVE

    • Malla

      UNP is a part capable of winning single handedly if a Charismatic leader takes over. All others parties in the opposition will fall in line then to support UNP. So let the Democracy rein in the UNP first.

      • muzammil

        The very talk of alliance itself is enough to bring down the image of a party
        which is the size of an elephant in people’s minds.Enough has already been done to cut the size of an elephant to a cow.Stand up on your feet and sit on your backs.Forget the rest.Top priority,bring back the vigour that
        was lost due to negligence.

  7. ranjit de mel

    it would be better for the unp to work together constructively with the government.jvp ,the national socialist party is dead,fonseka with time would be buried.2010 presidential e. ,was it not a broad alliance. ranjit de mel berlin/colombo

  8. Sapumal

    UNP must work towards to chase this corrupt regime home!Enough is enough.

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