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Anuruddha Ratwatte To Head SL Mission In Malaysia

  • Ex Navy Chief As HC To The UK

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

General Anuruddha Ratwatte is tipped to be appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Malaysia.
External Affairs Ministry Secretary Romesh Jayasinghe when contacted by The Sunday Leader did not deny Ratwatte’s appointment, but said appointments of high commissioners and ambassadors to Sri Lankan mission overseas was the prerogative of the President.
Former Navy Commander and National Security Advisor to the President, Wasantha Karannagoda  is tipped to be appointed as the High Commissioner to the UK. Ratwatte, who is heading the list of names to head the Sri Lankan mission in Malaysia, is facing bribery and corruption charges in the high court
Ratwatte diplomatic nomination comes despite the Court of Appeal last month ordering that General Ratwatte, be tried once again before the High Court for having concealed a sum of Rs. 43 million worth of certificates of deposits in a bank vault in what was construed to be in excess of his income amounting to an alleged act of bribery and corruption.
The case is in relation to September 2002 when a vault at Hatton National Bank in Ratwatte’s name was found to contain Rs. 43 million worth of Certificates of Deposits (CDs).
The Court of Appeal in July this year allowed an appeal by the Bribery Commission to set aside the High Court order of November 30, 2007, when Ratwatte on a technicality was discharged by the courts.
In 2002, a police raid of General Ratwatte’s vault at Hatton National Bank caused a national stir. After discovering Rs. 43 million worth of CDs, sleuths attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) checked the Hatton National Bank branches in Kandy and Katugastota too on September 4, 2002, to ascertain if General Ratwatte had vaults in these banks too, hoarding a secret stash of money. The search proved fruitless.
Senior sleuths have confided they were convinced there is more of General Ratwatte’s wealth secretly stashed away and they will continue to hunt for the hidden treasure.
Despite General Ratwatte’s proclamations to the CID that the CDs belonged to numerous friends, he never was able to furnish the names of these “friends” to the police in order to ascertain their credibility.
The monetary haul meanwhile sparked a controversy of a different nature.  Allegations were made that General Ratwatte’s hidden stash of money were pickings from numerous weapons “deals” and commissions, the General collected over a seven year period while serving as Deputy Defence Minister.

89 Comments for “Anuruddha Ratwatte To Head SL Mission In Malaysia”

  1. This is the problem of Executive Presidency.
    The Executive will be judged by his “executions”.

    JR will be turning in his grave i.e in hell.

  2. Marlon

    Blunders after Blunders from a chronic goventment . The best part is still some people supporting this mongal regime. I wonder if they just stupid or perhaps deaf and dumb.

  3. RohanF

    Icing on the cake,very soon we will hear that Chandrika is also appointed to a top post,we have memories about this shameless man,topics to remember,Joel Pera,Udathalavinna,cahs on vaults,defence(when he was the minister)I mean self appointed General,
    when the true Generals are stipped of their hard earned medles and benifits these monkies climb up the ladder,


    what about the millions found in the bank deposits ? please do not appoint him as our ambassoder. it will pave way to the international community to shout we are corrup to the core. stop this please.

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    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  6. Jayantha

    This is not accptable. This man was a looser and was not capable during his time as the deputy Minister of defence. Try him before courts for bribery and corruption, not giving these prestegious posts.

  7. Suwimal

    Stealing (robbing) of public funds have been brought down to a fine-art in Sri Lanka. It is the main profession of those who rob under the pretext of politicians. That is what MR, GR and BR are doing and NR is about to do. So, the most appropriate job to extend robbing profession into their old age is ambassadorship. It’s robbing unto death!!

  8. Mirchiwala

    Murderer of Muslims goes to Malaysia, Great! if you look at Sri Lanka’s profile, you will suprise to see what are the qualification of all high ranking position from top to bottom. Oh…Mother Lanka..don;t you have any patriotic son with revolution mind to wipe out these all b…..s. God Bless Mother Lanka!

    • wicks

      This self-made General his one cousin and her husband and their daughter all called themselves patriotic and needless to say the present patriotic royal family. these are the patriotic sons and daughters where as the real people who should and can take this country towards the right path are keeping silent.
      People who wear sarong are fooling the whole country. Their suporters adore these sarong fellows because they are real ‘sinhalese’. These nutty Sarong fellows appoint other nutty fellows for top posts for thier own survival. These are dealings!
      This is the present SL.

  9. Ilankai Thamizhan


  10. kara

    Mahinde Chinthane;
    . Heroes arrested and harassed (SF)
    . Terrorists are given VIP treat (KP & Karuna)
    . Criminals and robbers are promoted (Ratwatte, Mervyn, Johnson….)

  11. This crooked ‘ B ‘ is appointing Rathwatte as Ambassador to Malaysia to please Chandrika, through Rathwatte he can stop Chandrika contesting as President when he changes the constitution to contest the third time as President, he is a crook of all crooks.

  12. faz

    His sons will be the new Don’s of Malaysia..he will start 1. real esate biz 2. Easy access to Aussie people who needs to go to aussie by paying cash

  13. Hello This is valuable info, am into all this… gud sh!t mate

  14. R.Rajaguru

    This is incredible. This man is charged with having unaccounted money and has been unable to clear his name.LIkewise Fonseka is now been charged for taking commissions through his son in law. There is no great deal of difference between the two, Also other crooks like Lalith Kotelawala and Sakvithi Ranasinghe are on the mat for defrauding innocent people.
    If Ratwatte is to be appointed our Ambassador,these other guys should also be pardoned and be given suitable overseas postings.

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