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Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva To The UN

Silva and Rajapaksa

Silva and Rajapaksa inspecting munitions

The External Affairs Ministry has said that Sri Lanka Army Director of Operations Major General Shavendra Silva has been appointed as Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN).

External Affairs Ministry sources have been quoted in the media saying he is to take up the posting shortly.

Major General Silva was the commander of the Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division during the war against the LTTE and was instrumental in the military capturing several former LTTE strongholds including the Mannar rice Bowl, Nachchikuda, Devils Point, Pooneryn, Kilinochchi, Elephant Pass, Vishvamadu and Puthukudirippu.

The local media quoting External Affairs Ministry sources have said Major General Silva, who was a frontline commander during the battles, is believed to be capable of sorting out the issues raised by the UN and its Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Major General Silva will fill the vacancy created by Bandula Jayasekera who was recalled this month.

This appointment comes in the wake of the UN’s allegations of human rights violations during the final stages of the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) last year.

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  1. Mossad

    take the war to enemies’ den

    • Ravana

      Does he even speak English ?

      • truth

        he does very well unlike you bathroom koolies

        • Ravana

          the TRUTH must be that you are either a Sakkiliya or a Rodiya if Sinhala as you make out to be.

          You must at least be an Anandian or a 3rd rate army officer promoted well above you abilities based on the war or some political bum sucking !

        • Roshan Khan

          We all are doubtful in everything that MR does. Latest is Nondia RATwatte’s appointment. MR’s Gota’s and other hoooligan’s English is such. Why you reacting as if this as Shavendra guy is a phD and we down graded him? We ll know the abilities of this immature regime. In fact bathroom coolies are harmless – they dont do cold blooded murders. So we dont like to insult those labourers comparing them with this disastrous regime.

        • preethi

          He does well with wives of ther men!! Right now he is unable to live in colombo as he has eloped with a wife of a very poweful businessman.n He fought the war by entertaining the media around him, thats how he became popular. It is well understood how he have cheated at exams in the Academy.

        • darling

          You are very right, this man found copying in an exam at the Army Commans and Staff College Batalanda. Thanks to one of his god fathers and crying before senior officers escaped from discharge. Disgraceful character.

        • darling

          Banda going to Colombo

      • MR rep

        no only sinhalese! But MR is planning on Making sinhalese an official language of the UN so the world can better understand what these inbred village idiots have to say!

        • Oz

          Since when the english was compulsory to become a UN official?? Go clean the white man’s toilet you dumb F.. . Bigots like you must be chased to tamilnadu where you belong.

      • better thean you, do not try to be a bousting man.

      • darling

        Disgraceful character once said to General Fonseka that “he is like a father to me” What a shameful character

    • MR rep

      OMG seriously! Is this village idiot the BEST Sri lanka can do?? Maybe MR has an inferiority complex?? so he has to find half wits to make him feel good!!!

      • Oz

        You colombian’s got a habit of bending over to the white masters. Thats exactly why you bigots fail in politics, education and life in general. Shavendra won the ar for us while your messiah F(G)onseka was fighting with women soldiers in his AC room in colombo.. look what happened to that fake war hero fool.

        • Hey OZ///Looks like yu just learnt aword in Bigot and yu just like using it,,even if is in the wrong context…Yu are a real fool Oz..Sad to say idiots like yu commenting in such a silly way…Bigot you.

        • rickJ

          Bigot = a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

          @Mot Decuise, Seems like you are the silly fool :)

        • Just wait

          You are a SOB.

        • Just wait

          I mean you Oz a SOB.

        • USA

          Gotaballa’s pupert trying to kill UN Officials!!! or trying their way out of war crimes

        • kevin

          stupid ass FS got shoot 2 times battle nearly got killed from suicide blast when he was the commander i think he has done his duty he served in jaffna as a young officer to unlike u fagots who talk big but will shit on ur pants if u hear a gun shot. pansy f……… we r the government and there is a difference between a government and a terrorist organization. we cant afford genocide or mass killing of civilians.

    • Rickj

      An inside source of Military says NATO has requested for the services of Gen Silva to head a team of strategic warfare advisory team in Afghanistan to combat the Taliban terrorists. This explains the reason for his sudden appointment to the UN.

  2. steve

    Why we send our second best candidate while we got Mervyn Silva as our best choice?

  3. Hard knox

    A bad move by the Rajapaksa regime. Shavendra Sila is a decorated great soldier who knows battle tactics. What we need in the UN is someone with good diplomatic skills. UN does not give a hoot about who did what during a war. All what they care is whether diplomatic channels were kept open to know no atrocities were committed. One country’s atrocities in a war are sometimes interpreted as heroic and humanistic by skillful diplomats. They are the winners at the UN. Not many (hardly any such diplomats in sri Lanka) we need Sri lankans like Rajiv Wijesinghe to fit this sort of positions.

    • biker dude

      only “tactic” this clown knows is to fall on his knees and blow MR like there was no tomorrow…albeit you have to give it to this clown some credit in that he was able to find MR’s leetle deek under his belly fat!

      • MR rep

        MR is a LIMP d!ck mother fawker!

        • Oz

          ask you mum about his LIMP d!ck… m0r0n

        • You must be a low life idiot. you don’t have anything else to say. MR is one of the greatest leaders of the world.Best person to lead the country.If you disagree tell me who else ? Ranil ?

      • Bizzi

        And your master Ranil and Fonseka only knows how to fall on their knees and blow WHITE MASTERS like there is no tomorrow. get a life dude. Shavendra is a real war hero. Not a fake sakk!ll! rapist like Fonseka.. or P0nnaya like Ranil.

        • Eluva the Goat

          Oz & Bizzy – The way you two nuts reacting its clear that MR got such one, although he is pretending to be a macho man randy savage. You people will never understand what we are going thru in this country and you keep praising this self made royal family. They are no more than some kind of plinkers. Your brain is such and it sucks!!!!!!
          By the way have you seen his one? you r so sure of that. Reckon that his brain is there, do check next time.

  4. wimal baas

    Rajiva Wijesinghe? Huh, what a windcock, what a sychopant. WAASi PATTHATA HOYYA

  5. Suwimal

    Is it not safe to keep him in Sri Lanka? GR Knows best.

  6. Ravana

    Or is he being sacrificed to be arrested for human rights abuses and taken to the Haig ?

  7. It may be possible,( Shavendra going to Haque) but sending Wimal Weeraya to assist him there , either to sit & do a “fast” fasting infront of UN or display placard
    of Ban-ki-moon & co might help Mr Silva !

  8. CW

    Don’t jump the gun. Wait & see what he does.

  9. Ian D.S

    This is his just reward for all the support he gave the government to Crucify his former boss SF. All the hosannas he sung on UPFAVahani duiring the elections praising the Goata and MR and belittling the role played by SF while glorifying his own role, he will be one good diplomat as all boot lickers are.
    It’s a pity because he actually contributed to the war victory, but leave it to people like the Rajapaksha’s to turn even good men into back stabbers for their narrow selfish ends.
    At the end Shavendra Silva will be remembered as a traitor by his colleagues as the privately talk even now , and will be forgotten as all undesirable characters are.

  10. Military expertise is not a qualification for a UN Diplomatic job.
    One tends to think yhat many top military men are sent out with an agenda!!!!

    • preethi

      I wonder how a serving military man can go to the UN? Isn’t this doing politics in uniform? This fellow will do anything what Gota says. One day he is on the roads distributing pamplets – this is a total disgrace to the army.

      • biker dude

        the army has nothing to loose Preethi, they are nothing but illiterate village idiots! You either join army or become a Buddhist monkey oops sorry Monk in lanka when you don’t have the brains to study!

      • Ruwan Ferdinandez

        You are day dreaming Preethi. He will no longer be an Army Officer if he accepts this post. Once he’s taken the post up, he will not be under the Defence Sec, Gota but the Foreign Secretary. He will, and can never ever be a disgrace to the Army. He was one of the very few to face the ruthless Terrorists and finish them off, he is even braver to accept this appointment. Best wishes to him! Good work by MR.

      • Bizzi

        @ Preethi..

        Go clean the toilets. I heard UNP’ers are cleaning toilets these days. Your Fonseka , the fake war hero is cleaning toilets in Bogambara now.. ha ha ha

        • Mirchiwala

          Bizzi, it seems that you dont have a toilet at home, may be in your village you go in the open air, otherwise who clean your toilet? HOO…HOOOO

  11. raj

    it is an insult to UN becasue UN has been accussing Sri Lankn military has violated human rights in Sri Lanka.

  12. izzy

    I hope he does not do what Bandula Jayasekera did in the U.S. and also in Canada?????

    • nakedboy

      Nobody can beat Bandula Jjayasekere in his game. He is a super master.

      • izzy

        Fortunately you are “nakedboy” otherwise B….J…..won’t spare you!!!!!!!

      • Ruwan FErdinandez

        BJ only has guts nothing else. He can neither express himself, nor put forward a message clearly. He struggled in interviews during the war, because he thought he knew a lot but in reality he didn’t. He wasn’t strong enough for that kind of posts, and that is one reason perhaps why he was recalled.

  13. DON

    Road leading to become UPFA member of matale district.

  14. The good General should capture Ban-ki and send him to Guantanamo Bay. Horaay!!!

  15. kara

    What General?? he was just a Corporal few months ago!

    • Bizzi

      Ungrateful son of a B.. He is a real war hero. Not like your fake war hero Fonseka.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      If he was a corporal a few months ago, he is an amazingly clever dude, to be Major General today, blighme. That explains why he is the best man for the job! So Banki, be warned!

      • Dictator

        He wasn’t a corporal, he was a Brigadier general, as are all division commanders. The next logical promotion (and well deserved) is major general.

  16. Yohan

    Why all these army officers been posted to diplomatic post. Are we trying to show the world that we are a country of military talent. Are we short of career diplomats ?
    Or is this a handshake for the dirty work done for the Rajapakses. Poor decisions and appointments, which the country suffers at last. On the other hand it shows what a foolish regime we have , by bringing these war veterans into the international world we are trying to hide something which the UN wants to get at. This is maradana polictics.. sorry Hambantota politcis

    • biker dude

      Yohan: they are getting these posts so that they don’t tell the world about human rights violations! Simple as that! Time for MR to pay up to keep his secret!!

    • Hard knox

      Yohan, remember “Behaviour breeds Behaviour”. We must be vigilant , not only to the remanents of LTTE, also equally the action taken by the Rajapaksa regime. It seems these actions reflect the “Things to expect from this government” . It is not a poor judgement in the part of the GOSL. It is deliberate and calculated action to fortify the position of GOSL leaders but not to protect the national interests.

      • Ruwan Ferdinandez

        @Hard Knox, Ranil appointed Faiz Mustafa, his lawyer as the High Commissioner to London, who delivered a shabby duty by appointing his kith and kin to the embassy. Journalist Bandula Jayasekera was the man who held this position before Shavendra. JRJ’s HC in London is now a salesman in London. Kshenuka was appointed from nowhere to London by CBK as they were friends. MR appointed Dayan J, Palitha Kohona who are clever people who would fit anywhere. Anyway, all these can be taken as calculated, deliberate actions to strenthen one’s position as you see it, but more than that, there are other reasons that you and I probably don’t know. Probably, that is how they show their gratitude to their friends but in cases like Dayan, Palitha and Shavendra, clearly they are the most capable men around.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Tell me Yohan, who was the last career diplomat that brought so much to the country? You know, for these positions, what is needed is somebody who is capable of handling heavy political pressure than somebody who has passed several exams. His office will be full of career diplomats, he will have that support. He is a gutsy man who would not be scared off by even a cyanide trapped, gun weilding terrorist. He is so brave and courages that he can easily stand any political or other pressure. The appointment is nothing but a slap in the face of Banki.

      • Yohan

        Ruwan : Then may I ask you why do we need a Foreign service or a Civil service if you could appoint all these military officers who does not know 2 cents of Foreign service protocol. But in the past there have been exceptions with highly talented forces commanders who first had there University education or post graduate education whilst being in the forces. Today honestly could you say we have that caliber. Facts seem hard to digest with you people who would call Rajapakse shit … gold. Any man who has common sense whould know that these appointments are a golden handshake for the dirty work they did for the Rajapakses , like coming on media in uniform during the elections, giving false evidence against a National hero of Gen. SF, or the Rajapakses trying to test the UN and International pluse before they are put into the frying pan, or a plan to hide these officers who have been ungreatful to a former commander and fear for their lives from lower rankers in the Army at some point in time. I suppose these are requests made by these guys themselves to get out of the country, since they may feel more safer outside than inside the country.

    • Ruwan FErdinandez

      Yohan, you guys are amazingly petty political minded. Army chiefs were always sent on diplomatic posts, since the war began. Even before the war began this was occasionally practised. Wanasinghe, Artigala were early day diplomats. With the escalation of the war, more high ranking officers were absorbed into the diplomatic circuit. Janaka Perera was the Aus HC for a while upon his retirement. Today the war is over and those who did a yoemen service to rescue Sri Lanka deserve anything as long as they don’t betray the country. A few of the Maj.Generals will get some positions and such brave people will only do good to the country.

  17. Rajiv Wijethunge came to the scene thanks to his father, Sam Wijesinghe, former Head of the Parliament. I note he took double pensions and got caught.

    Shavendra Silva does not know the ABC of diplomacy. Someone who is brilliant with fluent English and a personality must be appointed. I thins someone with legal qualifications is the best – a former judge or a brilliant lawyer is the best

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Wijethunge was Wijesinghe’s son??

      Anyway, this is not an attorney General’s postm, this is a Diplomatic post. Dayan J, Palitha Kohona were the best diplomats but they came from nowhere. Mo0st other High Commissioners/Ambassadors are often political appointments and they do well. Mangala Moonesnghe was one example. As long as the man is clever and brave, it is a job for him. Shavendra has those qualities in bundles.

  18. Preethi

    If Shavendra and his Partner are in love why are you worried. Whether he eloped with someone or resuced someone we don’t know; only the two of them know. Don’t go and criticise things without knowing 100% of the facts

    • MR rep

      Sriyani did this clown bang you and dump you? You sound bitter???

      • MR rep

        anyways too late now sweetheart, just make sure you get yourself tested for STDs. You may have contracted some disease from this r@pist.

        • murugs

          Wimal Weeravansa also should accmpany Mr Silva to stage any ‘fast until death”
          thing infront of UN or display placard of Ban-ki-moon in Tiger uniform !

        • Bizzi

          I thought the rapist is Fonseka..

      • Marlon

        Are u connected to that idiot too Sriyani? A super villege idiot has been appointed by the big idiot t, so we are worried as the country’s image is tarnished internationally.

        • Oz

          @marlon.. bigots like you damage the country’s image…catch the next boat to canada you sakk!ll! UNP toilet cleaners.

      • Ruwan Ferdinandez

        You sound like somebody who hasn’t been to school even to take cover from rain. She doesn’t sound bitter but is charitable enough to educate that poor Preethi who sounds like your half sister.

    • preethi

      why don’t you know that he is married to a lady doctor and has two daughters who are attending visaka!! are these good morals?? Maybe you too are in the same boat that’s why you don’t see anything wrong in it!! Yea rescuing females is a good one for him. ha! ha! ha! Sriyani. If you don;t know that’s why he was even summoned by the defense secretary about this!!
      No his wife has filed for divorce…. maybe you to can try

  19. biker dude

    this buffoon does not even have A Level passes…another broken English goddaya to represent Lanka great going you damn inbred Mahhinda Kereepakasa!

  20. Rajiv Wijethunge came to the scene thanks to his father, Sam Wijesinghe is former Head of the Parliament.

    I think Shavendra Silva does not know the ABC of international diplomacy. Someone who is brilliant with fluent English and a strong personality must be appointed. Someone who can move with Whites on a one to one basis, and someone who has the guts to say things. I think someone with legal background is the best – a former judge or a brilliant lawyer is the best, not a soldier

  21. Ranbanda

    The unbowed and unafraid folks approve inane and/or obscene and all the ha ha comments, but sensible, well thought out and articulated comments are junked. Unbowed bow wow!

    • Bizzi

      oh well what can I say.. all the colombian UNP bigots hate to see Shavendra at the top spot while his ex-boss ( the fake war hero) the rapist ka11aweddha is cleaning toilets in the jail.

      • Mirchiwala

        Bizzi, shut your f…….mouth you b……….d, dont write again about the toilet and the rape. you dont have any positive things to write. Damn shame…

      • guru

        this guy is a toiletmaniac. I am sure that some thing must have happened to him in toilets. see a doc Mr. T.

  22. NS

    Is this the press freedom that Sunday leader is fighting for? One should wonder what kind of a tabloid it is to publish comments what’s listed here. Feel very sad how news papers conduct business in the country and cry foul when action is taken against them. At least have some kind of censorship to gain respect to your paper.

    • Tharanga

      excellent !!

    • Dulmini

      මෙතන මේ කමෙන්ට් කරන ඉංග්‍රීසි කතා කරන නූගත් පැලැන්තියේ බූරුවන්ට වඩා අපිට අපේ රණවිරුවන්ව වටිනවා ,,,,

      this is for the benefit of the Kalu Suddos who worship English :
      We value our real war heroes than u buggers !

  23. Marlon

    OZ – Do u know you talk like a poose’
    I can go to Canada or anywhere and still I can survive, unlike you and your masters who jabbaer nonsence and cant even put dew sentences properly ( you the same Mr Bigot). They can only jump up next few years in SL after that you guys have to find a place for them to live. They cant do some minor job at 7/11 too in future.
    When SF is out he will have your balls and serve you at breakfast the next morning you moron, with goat balls too.

    • rickJ

      I live in Sri Lanka, and the country has never been better under the guidance of MR. Few disgruntled opposition supporters like you only have animosity towards the current government for mere political advantage. Your blind faith in failed policies of UNP/DNA will take you nowhere . UNP/DNA will never come to power for at least another 10 years. The majority of intelligent lankans would never elect UNP in the near future. So my friend, keep dreaming.

    • gamunu

      Marlon , your writing reflects your knowledge in English. It is best you improve to write and think English before you insult others. Furthermore there are millions of workers at 7/11 who are not preficient in English but they all do work well. If one has an inferiority complex it is a serious problem. This is what you suffer from.
      So do you think the nation want a leader who wll eat others’ testicals for breakfast? This may be the kind you strive to see as a leader. this is no doubt coming from one who has a hate driven opinion and nothing else.
      Finally to represent a nation at the UN (contrary to what some of the UNP Colombians think) English is not a requirement. Russians, Chinese and many other nations don’t “give two hoots” for English. They proudly speak in their languages to get messages across. It is pathetic people in countries like SL who think abilty to speak Sing(lish) is the most important qualification have this kind of view.
      Marlon, boy do I sympathise with you for your inferiority complex!!

  24. There is very little talent left in the country and this is one reason why career diplomats are scarce. Of course there are some with “Doctorates”

    There is however a surplus of military talent.
    We even send some to Haiti, although some were sent back for misbehaviour.

    One must also think of those who idle, now that the war is over, could be dangerous to the rulers, and so should be sent out for their safety,

    • Ekuva the Goat

      Mr Silva, Your point is correct. As you suggest if the renegates could be dangerous to the rulers its good. I guess they will be needed to throw this rogues out. Which will happen soon. We have seen in the past many rulers jumped a lot and vanished in thin air.
      If they are a danger to the public then they must be eliminated.

      • gamunu

        Ekuva the Goat, You are correct because you have experienced it with Karuna, Pillean and others. Sure they helped to throw out rogues and murders but it is a different ball game now. The rulers and potential rulers who were bombed out were done with the blessings from your SunGod. That is the different with VP and the present regime.

    • mantoman

      Your point must be true. Thats why even former army guys who have been cold-blooded murderers are being sent abroad as our Ambassadors.

  25. Percy Mandawala

    Shavendra was one of our great field commanders under General Fonseka and later did politics while in uniform during presidential elections for MR.

  26. bani

    UN should follow the standard set by Canada. Canada will not even issue visas to any individual who has served in Sri Lankan military forces or police as they are considered as human right violators. Now they have proved to be war criminals too. I couldn’t understand why UN allow such war criminals to be part of such elite body which decide the fate of this world

    • rickJ

      You are correct. Canada only issue visa’s, only if you are a terrorist who have butchered innocent women and children .

      • bani

        Hi rickJ, If so I guess Rajapaksa family & you will get Canadian visa. The whole world has realised the fact behind butchering 30,000 civilians in 3 months. Where the hell you are? I guess you must be enjoying the Kondakevum

    • Lankawick

      Canadian troops in Afganistan…has committed many Human Rights violations….

      Canada will of course issue visa’s to not only LTTE terrorists…..
      but also terrorists World wide

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Canada is a dumpyard for terrorist lame ducks. The last time a Canadian MP went to Sri Lanka, he was humiliated at the imigration and not allowed in, what a spineless nation. There was no action whatsoever done against that on sri Lanka by Canada. Who would want to take a leaf from their books!!

    • gamunu

      Would you agree to see SF being appointed to this post instead?

  27. Shavendra was in a loveless marriage so he separated from her and found a new love; so what’s wrong with that. To allege he raped women, my foot. If it was consensual sex it was fine. Yes I practice this principle. But, please bear in mind I have sex with only the person I love, when he is gone I will not have sex until I find my next love. I think I am right

    • gamunu

      Sriyani, don’t get into this unsavoury issue and try to defend your points with people who think they ride the moral high ground. You are wasting your efforts.
      There are multitude of instances where even world leaders, (Bill Clinton) was involved in extra marital affairs. I am not saying it is correct but they do happen and mark my word in the 21 century quite a lot will change around the world.
      All these accusations of rape and infedility are innuendo witrhout any evidence. In SL a lot being said about politicians, and other prominent people with no evidence to back them up. People say these in secret but will not do so in public. That is Srilanka my dear!!!!!!

  28. If Shavendra had consensual sex with too many women at the same time (if he was not in love with anyone in particular at that time), then that’s fine. But if he was in love with someone he should not have done it, even if it was consensual love. Hope everyone has lerant from me

    • Lankawick

      Sriyani – agree with you…..

      I have had consensual SEX…Worldwide….

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Shavendra has sex (consensual or otherwise) with many a woman at the same time, he must a worshipped..But I doubt if its possible, of course unless he is somebody who has sensual organs all over his body.

      • Ruwan Ferdinandez

        My bloody keyboard…
        If Shavendra has sex (consensual or otherwise) with many a woman at the same time, he must be worshiped..But I doubt if its possible, of course unless he is somebody who has sensual organs all over his body.

  29. I am a 35 year old school teacher in a leading girl’s school. Still looking for my true love

  30. Palipan are you single? Out of everyone you are the only one that attracted me. yes I am attractive (very). I am a true Buddhist, with considerable asets including a Lancer

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Sriyani, Are you trying to be funny? Palipana will not understand your assets!!! But if you are attracted to him, you must be somebody who is into big empty balls, ‘cos that is what he talks.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Sriyani, Are you trying to be funny? Palipana will not understand your assets!!! But if you are attracted to him, you must be somebody who is into big empty balls, ‘cos that is what he talks.

  31. Gayan

    Haha. The Tamil dispora is worried. Look at their comments. Already shivering with anger and fear!

  32. LankanLion

    If I am correct as per the Dublin report submitted in January 2010 regarding war crime committed in Sri Lanka, Brigadier Shavendra Silva is one of the alleged war criminal. Since these allegations are true Sri Lankan government refused to coperate with any of the independent investigation on war crime. Instead our blood thirsty president resorted to dummy presidential commission calling it as reconsiliation committee. I think we started to follow the foot step of China. China is exporting it’s prisoners (since China has a huge prisoner population) and we export war criminals (since we have too many war criinals). So when are we going to export Mr.Gothabaya Rajapaksa?

    • gamunu

      Lanka Lion,
      Do you consider the UN in the present state to be a credible organisation to which one want to send their citizens to face trial in kangaroo courts? Of course you would , won’t you to punish the GOSL for annihilating the LTTE? You have no one else to lean onto now than to beg the white man. That is your problem mate!!!

      LTTE lost all its credibilty as a fighting force feared as number one terrorist organisation. With that they lost the backers all over the world who funded and supplied ammunition to the LTTE. Now gradually, important evidence keep appearing about nations and individuals who were cohorts in such nafarious activities and this has ruffled a few.
      So when the diaspora began to realise this, they together with those who were involved were desperate to distract the attention and that is how the cry for an investigation into the killings of the final days of the war. Why don’t the UN wants to investigate into civillians killed by the terrorist activities with the support of aliens around the world?
      None of those who insist on a proper investigation wants to investigate into what took place before that phase because there are lots of hidden skeletons in their cupboards.
      I am not a follower of Shavendra Silva, and would not care if he is able to speak English or not (to please the white man) because he successfully discharged his duties. If he is able to present the srilankan cause in a strong way that is what matter. Like most other countries these diplomats have back up staff to help them. We don’t need people with degrees and doctorates but the abilty to represent the nation. No one is born a diplomat. They work through this.
      Your problem with China is understandable, so I have no need to write any more.

  33. velu

    Preethi your brain is very small and you talk personal things of other people… You don’t even fit to be living in Tamil Nadu…anyway from your many postings .. your espionage on the personal lives of top political and military leaders have been totally futile….Lets share your assignments/collections about Sarath Fonny….whom you wanted bumped off some time you are planning to use him against Sri Lanka…

  34. velu

    Though you call yourself Lankan Lion you are actually a blood thirsty Eelam gave your money to LTTE to butcher innocent Sinhalese people..war criminals were buried in Nandikadal…other war criminals like you should also be brought to justice…

    • LankanLion

      If so why government is not letting any independent investigation on war crime? When this issue discussed why your (war criminal) leaders and you wet the pants. I have no intension of justifing LTTE. LTTE committed 10% of the crime and the balance 90% crime was committed by state terrorists and its war maniac supporters like you.

      • gamunu

        If you are so clean why not talk of all the atrocities committed by the LTTE? How about and open investigation into them too?

  35. Is he sent to the UN so he will have Diplomatic Immunity when he is due to be charged for war crimes?

    • gamunu

      Speak like a SriLankan not as a DNF or a UNP supporter. Treat Shavendra Silva as one of our citizens. You may have your political difference with MR, but remember this issue about crimes against humanity is serious and the whole nation, especially the sinhalese (of which you are part) will be tarnished forever as murderers. No matter how you try to deny we will all be labelled as such. There are enough evidence in the world of such labelling.
      If you not aware let me tell you it is already being portrayed as such. Our forces and leaders did not murder innocent tamils. That is a fact. Please watch how the propaganda machine is worknig for diaspora, other nations and individuals who were involved in supporting a terrorist group.
      That is the crux of the matter. You are in it as much as all other sinhalese people. That is what the Tamil diaspora trying to do to get sympathy from the world to carve up a state in SL. If you want that to happen go ahead and reducle these appointments.
      When all this finishes it will not be a case UPFA Vs Ranil, SF or anybody. It is serious and we will all regret if we are not united. We will become the laughing stock at the end.

  36. Is he then the only one to be charged?

  37. Lankawick

    Sending Major-General Shavendra Silva to represent Sri Lanka is a great move by GOSL-MR…..

    This is like throwing cow dung in the face of Moon & his panel….

  38. Palipana I’, m interested in you – what’s your phone number in Surry?

  39. Pundit

    Shavendra Siva’s appointment to UN could be a punishment transfer by MR!! Will wait to hear the inside story!



    • gamunu

      Perriyale Bandula Perera,
      Get real before writing these stupid comments. Try and find some useful thing to do. Even digging grave would be better than this.
      You must be from Colombo who speak (sing)lish and wear trousers? You must have an enormous superiority complex to call people from villages as idiots. That is you problem. People like you hardly left home at night when the LTTE were on full offensive.
      Now you have the b***** to call them names when your only particaption in the war was to use the remote control to change news channels. Your kind is pathetic. Remember 80 % live out of Colombo and they see things in a better perspective and they are the true heros. Cowards like you live in Colombo. Funny you have a portugese name too.

  41. warrior

    what abt the other Seniors….scared of shavendra!

  42. I heard there is a fierece woman in the New York office of the UN who runs the office with absolute power (she is brining sexual harrassment claims against people) I hope the same wont happen to Shavendra (like most recently to Bandula)

  43. kumaraya

    A strategic move by the Rajapaksayas!!

  44. D'Shan

    I think this another trick from Gota.. now Shavendra can go easily from
    New York to Hage… Gota get rid-off one by one..

  45. Mirchiwala

    you are absolutely right, only poor gamunu doen’t know that Colombo is in Sri Lanka, he hate Colombo and never visit ed, may be he did his Phd in down south. Also he never study the ‘history of Ceylon’, he thouhgt Perera is just coming Lisbon. For his info, MR too living in Colombo.

  46. Palipana if you are married that’s ok,just divorce her. I’ll come to Surry. I like Canada. Currently I am teaching at Visakha

  47. anil

    Sriyani why are you begging so much, are you really hardup? If you are a teacher you are bringing shame to the profession!!

  48. San

    I dont know much Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva so I dont talk about his capabilities. He may be or may not be capable to handle the Job. But the sad thing is militarising all the posts. Dont we have enough intelectual civil servents? is that the reason to look for military personnel to fill these Jobs? or Ruling Family needs their henchmen for all higher posts?

  49. Shavendra is a real national hero. He is capable to answer anuone in the world. Cheers

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