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SLMC Decision Today

Rauf Hakeem, Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mangala Samaraweera

Rauf Hakeem, Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mangala Samaraweera

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) High Command is to meet today (27) to arrive at a final decision whether the party should extend its support to the government to approve the proposed constitutional amendments.

The meeting is to be held at the party headquarters Darusalam today.

SLMC Leader Rauf Hakeem met with President Mahninda Rajapaksa in Kandy on the 25th and discussed about the government’s proposed constitutional amendments including the proposal to extend the terms of office held by the Executive President.

A majority of the SLMC MPs has said the party needed to support the government.

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    Please support the President to stay in power for another two terms if we really want to see the development in our motherland. no time for petty politics. this is the crucial juncture in the history of Sri Lanka. This is our duty as a minority to support this government which gave all communities peace. Mr. Rauf Hakeem, do the right thing. All right thinking muslims are with you.

    • sira

      Question is will Hakeem lend his a$$ to Mahinde once again?
      Selfish opportunist got no shame in them!

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Are you a minority Mohamed? what way? To me in Sri Lanka the majority are the minority. What I mean is, the very poor people who are the majority, can not get any justice done from a police station, do not have the access to basic facilities like electricity or running water or even have no way to carry an elderly to a hospital because there is no infrastructure, no roads running to these villages. (In developed societies, even the accessibility to broadband internet is almost a basic right now). Regardless of the language they speak or their faith, those poor folk constitute the minority.

    • Ratu Toppi

      Here comes the Kattusas

  2. kara

    This cannot be true! how can anyone extend their support for a dictatorship??
    And how sooner can they forget the resent past??

    Mahinde, Hakeemte ayeth hake-purinde yanne!
    Mewage moda harak…?

  3. steve

    All MR wants is 5…
    All it takes is 5 more selfish, gullible patriots to turn this country into a dictatorship!
    Once again the constitution will be change to suit selfish agendas and will drag this country into destruction. And i am afraid that it is not that difficult to find 5 more of such among our constituents.

  4. Hewa

    This is a good lesson for those who voted for these idiotic MPs. At least think before voting next time around.

  5. Mohottige

    SLMC voted against Rajapakshe and the Government in two elections early this year. So what has changed to now suddenly wanting to support the president suggestions of giving him even more power? Probably they have been bought with promisses of positions, money and power. Otherwice how to explain how now supporting something they fought during elections and which have grown even worse since then? No ideology or spine at all. Totally unreliable party!

  6. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    This photo and the story reminds me of the Three-Musketeers. Mahinda offers various perks to the three, like D’Artagnan, who offered the officer’s commission to the three guys. Mangala joined the UNP like Athos, who retired to his estates, Hakeem will accept a lucrative deal, a portfolio, like Porthos, who married the widow of a wealthy lawyer and Ranil will have nothing left, no allies and will perhaps have to follow Aramis, who became a priest. Just like the original story, they will meet again in a few years for another attempt to spoil Mahinda’s fun.

  7. aliyar

    Dear SLMC MP’s
    I have deep respect and support for all of you as I am member of the party from its beginning back in 1988 , even before its current leader Mr Rauf Hakkem.
    Current motive to joint the government is not to serve the public rather for selfish benefits from MR regime.
    One thing about MR regime they will use you guys then throw you out to road. Be strong with fellow oppotion members as single voice.Dont go for price for petty meats or coins.
    Our party formed for a purpose to safe guard minority rights. Our voters did not vote you to support dictatorship.
    Dont ever deceive our wonderful people and its founder Marhoom Ashraf.

  8. aaaa

    Muslims are a shameful community in sri lanka so you got to expect this from them…they will even sell their mothers for some gain

  9. Ratu Toppi


  10. wanted man

    Whoever make comments agaisnt muslims must keep it your mind very important things without fail, Rauf Hakeem is not leader of all muslim community and he is a similar politicans like a others, dont compare with these politicians activities with whole muslim community in srilanka. If we proper mind we must understand about politics and politicians decisions. If Muslim congress led by Rauf hakeem doenst support President in any terms also there are no development process will carry out from this government in eastern province specially majority of muslims are living. He should support the government without going behind Ranil, because Ranil will never ever will win elections accept stay in UNP as a leader. If Rauf Hakeem is support or not support to the government, some others will defenietly jump from UNP without any delay. Thats the reason President discuss with him and ask his support not for anything else. As a srilankan we must come together and solve our problem without race or relegion. We have to say only we are srilankans and follow your relegion thats it. If we continue to be racist we will never win anything in our poverty accept suffering. Once again whole muslim community not with Hakeem or SLMC, most of the muslims are with UNP and SLFP only. “Politics is a dirty game” nothing else. We are still talking and blaming eachother but we dont talk about our reality. All countries are developing faster than srilanka but we only devided for nothing. Long live srilankans

  11. sali

    its a smart move mr.hakeem, rather than oppsing MR and put ur self in trouble, get some millions and be happy, because ranil cannot deliver things, so its better surrender to the master, so u can save your life without political death threts. good,


    These Tip Cut Thumbies led by Rauf Hakim opposed MR in two elections.Now they have been bribed by the “Rajjuwo” to get a 2/3 majority so that the King can stay in power till the clown prince can ascend the throne!
    The Thumbies can never be trusted!
    What future for Sri Lanka?

  13. Observer

    Again, act of a single man or party is generalized. Whole community and even religion is blamed. It is very sad to see the racial and narrow mentality of some who use this opportunity to blame the Muslim community. We can see this trend throughout all media (in comment section).

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