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Highly Explosive Fuel Fraud

By Nirmala Kannangara

Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Limited (CPSTL) employees are up in arms against its Chairman for his failure to hold investigations into fuel frauds carried out by the private bowser owners.
Continuous fuel frauds carried out by  owners of private fuel bowsers over the past several years has now come to a serious juncture due to the failure by Chairman Maj. Gen. (Rtd) M. R. W. de Soyza and his predecessor Asantha de Mel to hold investigations to bring the culprits to book.
“Since most of these private bowser owners are related to CPSTL higher officials, no investigations are conducted,” alleged M. K. Hemapala, Organiser, Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya Petroleum Branch (JSSPB).
According to Hemapala, the CPSTL employees or their families are strictly prohibited to provide bowsers for fuel transportation although Chairman Soyza has openly allowed his associates to flout the company laws.
“There was one instance where a bowser was seized by two investigative officers. This bowser  owner was alleged to have a close family connection to Chairman Soyza and as a result present Chairman the then DGM (Security) threatened the investigation officers with death.
Like wise all the heads of the distribution, transport and bulk movement sections have provided bowsers for fuel distribution. In addition two bowsers – WP LC 3697 and WP LC 7026 owned by the father-in-law of the Bulk Movement Manager too are in operation.
Once the bowsers leave the CPSTL they are not allowed to stop anywhere other than at the destination.
However there are no rules and regulations for the private bowsers and are allowed delivering the consignment even on the following day. That is how the CPSTL have given them a chance to mix engine and black heavy oil ,” claimed Hemapala.
However Secretary Petroleum and Petroleum Resources Ministry Titus Jayawardena told The Sunday Leader that investigations have already started against the fuel frauds but added that he would look into as to why the CPSTL has allowed its employees to provide bowsers for fuel transportation.

15 Comments for “Highly Explosive Fuel Fraud”

  1. M.H.Sheriff

    This is why we wanted to bring a corrupt free president, but the 40yr experienced politician is taking such a long time to eradicate corruptions.

    • Hi Sheriff..How can a corrupt president erradicate corruption..He will have to start with himself first and erradicate himself.
      Is that possible…I don’t think so..

    • r u talking about Ali Baba & 40 (+balance of government MPs x sub ordinates of those MPs x others) thieves?

  2. BASH

    Dream on, HE will eradicate the corruption…. He rules with corruption so that these officials could be threatened if they go against the regime… Name of the game my dear

  3. NotCorrupt

    All these guys are Mahinda’s henchmen. Everyone receives a cut from all the corrupt dealings. Yes it leads all the way to the top!

    They think they are tough threatening people with death. I wonder how they will react when death comes knocking on their door?

    All this wont last long. We have to ensure the next leader is capable of meeting the many and varied challenges that lie ahead.

    • izzy

      There is no next leader. The Rajapaksa Dynasty will continue, from father to son or brother to brother, so on and so forth. There won’t be a Leader of the Opposition either or an opposition to oppose!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Asoka

    I know this fraudster in Kadawatha. He is known as Thel Anthony who collected burnt oil from sheds and deliverved to Brass factories on a Motorbyke.

    Now he is a billionare. Owns morethan 10 mantions, 5 Prados, 10 Bousers and three wives.

    Spent lavishly for a political lunatic in Kelaniya. He got the backing for this fraud from this lunatic. Bottom up in politics and petrolium gets a cut from the loot.

    Soon we will see investigations going nowhere.

  5. Lal

    Handing out top Government jobs to incompetent people seems to be the order of the day for the President and his brothers.

    De Mel is a relative (by marriage) to the Rajapaksas. He had no higher level managerial experience to handle CPC and CPSTL. However, he was appointed and as expected, messed up.

    De Soyza, although a General, was a civil engineer in the Army, now a close associate of the Secretary of Defence and has already proved his inefficiency.

    Death threats also seem to be a common part of De Soyza’s jargon, perhaps, merely to scare people.

    No action will be taken against these errant big wigs. Nothing will happen. Life goes on as usual folks.

  6. kaju

    These are all theives and culprits from top to bottom.From politicos and government servants( exept a handful)Weather its UNP,SLFP government. This country can be called “The land of the corruption”

    • Ashantha De Mel only had O/Level ..and that too with great difficulty.’Hiw he was guven to run a corporation astounds me.
      That was another disaster waiting to happen..
      You dont need qualification sif you qualify as a relative of the horapakses.

  7. Neomal

    Will the Govt investigate General Soyza? Nooooooooooooooo Way!

  8. guru

    Well…….i dont see any pro-government comments from the mad,stupid,blind henchmen of this lunatic regime. They only comment either to put the Gen & RW down or to praise MR for his Hambantota developments. What an ignarant bunch of jokers.

  9. Reality

    Robbery of fuel and manuplation of Crude Oil shipments have been happenning since 1978. This is nothing new and blaming the incumbent is only to add drama to the issue.

  10. mishmash

    Isnt this sort of connected with the oil hedging deals at $ 144 per barrel by the so-called CB Ponziman N(iv)erd Cabraal and his Company of thiefs ?

  11. Pres is the biggest crook and rogue..all these are his catchers and help karayas..

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