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A One Way Street
It’s all one way traffic these days. With the Mussalmans and  some Green types thinking of doing a high jump.  No, not to give the Boys in Blue the two third to change the rules of the game, but because the grass is so much greener on the blue side. One could almost predict the outcome immediately after our Leader of the Opposing kind met the Benevolent Leader. Deja vu!
No Home Sweet Home
Wee Flower pushed forward his cupboard paper with pride. He wanted to build houses in Colombo. But of course, he wanted funding from the treasure trove. The Benevolent Leader would have nothing of it. Build villages first, he said chucking the paper…you know where? In the WPB.. Pau, Wee Flower. Pau.


Spinning Around
‘Mathata Thitha’ has been spun on its head. Now, it’s ‘thithata matha’. For 2009, us paradisians gulped 140 million litres of alcohol brewed legit. No count is possible of the consumption done of those brewed illegally, of course. You cant fault paradisians, what with rulers granting 2800 new liquor licenses to enjoy the booze. But don’t worry, there’s a solution. There will be no free medical treatment for tipplers with alcohol related illnesses. And the Daily Noise has a treatment for obesity. Eat more goraka.  Huzzah!
Voluntary Service
In a not so surprising move, Merv the Perv was fully exonerated by the Boys in Blue. Why? Cos the Samurdhian who was tied to a mango tree said he did it voluntarily, in evidence to the disciplinary type meeting. And no surprise, not a single witness too came forward to give evidence against the Merv. No, not even the khakied gentry who stood by watching the episode. Hooray!
Join the Military!

And the latest thing all career diplomats will be doing is to join the military. With many top brass holding down Diplomutts posts there will be many a vacancy in the Arrr Mi. The top brass are getting foreign postings left, right and centre. Want a trip to the US, the UK? Or maybe the Bahamas? Join the military, we say? No fighting, more flying! What a lifestyle, no?

3 Comments for “IN A NUTSHELL”

  1. M.L.J.Dean

    Your reference to Mussulmans under the caption ‘one way street’ is totally unbecoming. In an age where every terrorist activity is branded Islamic I suppose the Sunday Leader must necessarily follow suit. I suggest the editor go through the website to discover the greatest hoax of the century, perpetrated by the mightiest men on earth and conveniently blamed on Islaam and Islamic Terrorists.

    • fsalieh

      Whats wrong in referring to a Mussulman as such? If the people concerned can call their party as the Congress of Sri Lanka mussulmans, its quite in order to refer to them as such.

  2. Ahamed Jalal

    what is irritating about the Musalmans and cannot be digested so easily

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