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Parliament To Debate Amendments On Sept. 8

The government today (30) said it would present the proposed constitutional amendments before parliament next week for a two day debate.

The proposed constitutional amendments were approved by a special Cabinet meeting today.

SLFP General Secretary and Minister Maithipala Sirisena told a press conference today (30) that the proposals will be presented to Parliament on September 8 and debated that day and on September 9.

Sirisena also said the government has the backing of 160 members for the reforms proposals.

19 Comments for “Parliament To Debate Amendments On Sept. 8”

  1. kiri

    Does any one know what the amendments are? Shouldn’t the public know the what these amendments are before they ratify in the parliament?

    • Sri Lankan

      The representatives of the public are going to debate and put it to vote, since parliament is not big enough to host 20 million public.

      • kiri

        I know 20 million cannot be in the parliament. If the amendment is not know to the public how can we comment about it on this column?
        Voters no need to attend the parliament to debate about it at least the public and the media should know what the amendments are!

        • Sri Lankan

          Won’t we all get to know all about it when it gets debated in the parliament? And that is before the vote.

  2. M.H.Sheriff

    Bloody dirty selfish rogue politicians are dragging all of us to the cesspit.
    severe consequence awaits for silent professionals & intellectuals & poor downtrodden masses.

  3. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    Yes The Government knows them and the UNP has been given a copy of the draft so that’s almost all the representatives. Did you know when the 1978 consitution was promulgated? Nobody knew. But that’s why we elect represntatives, so that they could make intelligent decisions for us. Unfortunately most representatives the people elect are not intelligent, and some young ones are very immature. That’s the reason why the 1978 constitution was such a mess. If MR somehow amended the constitution to further strengthen the Executiv presidency, that would be a crime and those who supported will suffer oneday.

    • Sri Lankan

      Not only the 1978 constitution. The 2001 peace accord was not shown not only to the public, but also to the president of the country!

      • kara

        We don’t care if the president knows about it; that bugger is a mutt. But the public have the right to know and that’s how the democracy works.

  4. NonResident

    News Flash!!!!!!! Ranil W, Karu J, Ravi K and Tissa A are included in the count of 160. Well done MR. Not forgetting Malik S, well done Malik and thank you for delivering the 2/3rds on a plate, you masterminded the SLRFU constitution and now you had role to play in the Country’s constitution. You are growing in stature, and you must be hoping one fine day the country will be governed by one of your kind!

  5. izzy

    What is there to debate? Our King and his goons are the judge, jury and executioner!!! Debate my foot!

  6. Sinhalayek

    Srilanka`s down fall has just “Begun”. It is going back to 1971.

  7. Karthik

    When a common man gets executive powers, thousands of military men guarding him and when he thinks he can do anything this kind of things happen… Now our greed king needs to be the leader forever… I know another man who was this kind… That is Prabhakaran. Kind should take it as a lesson and split the powers now. Or the enemy will be by his side

  8. sali

    Dear Mrs.Chandrika kumaranathunga, please contest the president election on 2016, since the two tearm barrier is no more holding you to become the president again, you can do it.. plz come back and save the gost town

  9. Deen

    There shouldn’t be a limitation because re-election depends on the performance
    of the President. However, it is very essential that there is free and fair election not like what we have been experiencing. There should be an Election Commission
    similar to the one in India. All the past elections held in Sri Lanka cannot be
    considered and free and fair election. So, subject to there being an Election
    Commission like in India, a President should be allowed to contest any number of times.

    • Sri Lankan

      This is really true. If the elections are fair, the number of terms don’t matter. But that is a big IF.

      However, these days it is very difficult to make a big change by using “hora chanda”, unless it is a close competition like in the 2005 election.

      The other complain is the incumbent’s advantage of using government resources, including media. Other resources definitely yes, but using ITN and other media like that would have REDUCED votes for MR/PA. ;-)

  10. If ex president after two terms has voting rights,why not right to contest again. Remember that people has the power to select or not to. A good administerator will come back again. That will be good thing to country.

  11. Malli

    An Obituary | මරණ දැන්වීමයි ෴

    D.E.M.O’CRACY, beloved husband of T. Ruth, loving father of L.I. Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope and Justice, expired after a brief illness. – Araliya Medura, Panagiyawatte, Anduruwella. Burial on Wednesday 8, 2010 at Diyawanna Cemetery, Kotte. (No flowers by request)

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