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UNP Gets Draft Of Amendments

The UNP today (30) said it has received a copy of the proposed constitutional amendments.

The party has also said it would oppose the government’s decision to continue with the executive presidency by extending the terms of office held by the Executive President.

The UNP has said it would formally respond to the reforms proposals after the party’s Working Committee meeting on Wednesday (1).
Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe had held a discussion today with party seniors like General Secretary Tissa Attanayake and MPs Lakshman Kiriella, Kabir Hashim and Mangala Samaraweera.
Attanayake has been quoted in the media saying that the joint meeting of the parliamentary group and the Working Committee would be held on Wednesday at the party headquarters.
Attanayake has said there was no clarity on the five member committee which is to replace the Constitutional Council.

Meanwhile, UNP spokesperson and parliamentarian Gayantha Karunathileka told a press conference that the party had received a copy of the proposed constitutional amendments yesterday.

9 Comments for “UNP Gets Draft Of Amendments”

  1. Umesh

    it is too late. by engaging talks, UNP open path for cross over and support to the consititutional change.

  2. Maruwa

    Read the amended clauses on the constitution thoroughly and take the right decision. But don’t agree to extend the term of president’s office.

  3. Champ

    People have a right to vote to elect the President. I do not think these consitiutional amendments should take that right away. I think the amendment relates to term limits. If the term limits are removed even former President CBK should be able to contest. It should not be just about MR. People can decide who they want to be the President. Term limits basically limits peoples choices.

    Executive Presidency is a different kettle of fish. There is too much concentration of power in the Office of the President. This can lead to abuse. But let the people decide by exercising their right to vote.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Yes term limits limit people’s choices and there you are right. But that is one way of controlling abuse. As the UNP has now realised, executive presidency that they themselves created is wrong and also the rest have been campaigning against it since its inception, they all should make it an opportunity to abolish it, without being selfish.

      • Sri Lankan

        I don’t think abuse and term limits are related.

        Even a single term is long enough to abuse the power of executive presidency.

        Even without term limits, people can decide whether to extend the term, whether to send a president home after one term, or even to keep a good president as long as they wish.

    • Suwimal

      How can CBK contest from jail?

  4. NonResident

    Surprised UNP waited for it to arrive formally! They should have got a copy from MR’s mole Ranil W, he for sure had one in his brief case.

  5. willows

    Idiot Ranil now you can eat the copy??? what a pathetic fool you are RW???

  6. Deen

    Before everything why is the UNP not taking disciplinary action against MP Cader for
    going against the Opposition Whip and voting with the Govt for extending the Emergency. First try to put your house in order and then think of fighting the government.

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