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UNP Calls For Referendum

The UNP today (31) called on the government to hold a referendum on the proposed constitutional amendments.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told a press conference that the government was in a hurry to pass the constitutional amendments in parliament with a two-thirds majority without considering the many problems faced by the people in the country.

Attanatyake also said an important bill like the constitutional amendments is to be brought before Parliament as an Urgent Bill without even presenting them to the people.

He said the people have a right to known what the amendments are.

Attanayake said the UNP strongly opposed the government’s move to hurriedly push through the constitutional amendments through parliament.

The amendments which have been approved by the cabinet will be presented to Parliament next week.

7 Comments for “UNP Calls For Referendum”

  1. kara

    Only in Sri Lanka; where else!

  2. for the Referendum westing country noney. UNP canot creat publicopinion
    in the country very weak plitical propaganda. There for let him do what necessary also 1978 Mr. J.R.Jayawardena did every thing with his brother Mr. H.W.Jayawardena with out asking his cabinet and at the time Mr. Rani Wickramasingha was in the cabinet but he was silent he did not ask any question. If he question Mr. Jayawardena will expel him. so……for ever and ever…and ever.

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Really you are very correct Mr.Kuranage. The entire oppositin have to do more tasks at this particular juncture because the population is undergoing severe hardships. I have very poor relatives in SL and I am monitoring the situation. Let baila men dance to the tune of the Aritta Keevendus.

  4. Umesh

    I agree with the request. Since the government did not have their 2/3 on its own, it is better to have referrundum.

  5. Maruwa

    It should pass through the referendum since people have the right to accept it reject it.

  6. I Hussein

    There is nothing wrong in holding a referendum. Govt doesnt have a clear mandate although they claim.
    If the majority give the green light to MR then he can go ahead indeed.
    But Percy will not take a chance – He knows what will be the outcome. Most of UPFA supporters dont like this idea.

  7. w.pedidurdge

    too late. The horse has gone.

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