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UNP MPs Threaten To Sit Independently

Several UNP MPs have threatened to sit as independent members in parliament if the party crisis is not resolved by next week.

The parliamentarians have said that time has already been wasted and a solution to the party crisis was now crucial.

Following the defection of six UNP MPs to the government, 25 UNP legislators signed a letter and handed it over to Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to summon a an urgent meeting to discuss the party’s future.

UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekera told the media today (10) that several UNP MPs including him would sit independently in parliament if the party crisis is not resolved by next week.

“Enough is enough. For years we have been talking about revamping the party and no one is doing anything. This is a never ending problem for all the UNP supporters and members. We urge the leader to have a have a quick and urgent solution,” Jayasekera has been quoted as saying.
The UNP is to now meet on Tuesday (14) and the meeting is to take place between UNP Leader Wickremesinghe and several UNP members who have been calling for an end to the leadership crisis.

26 Comments for “UNP MPs Threaten To Sit Independently”

  1. Malla

    Yeah good action Dayasiri and 25 MPs and make someone else the Opposition Leader. MR might bring saviors to protect Ranil.

  2. Saiver Diet

    That buffoon Ranil and his cohorts will wait untill UNP is totally buried to write the epitaph!!!

  3. murugs

    Wow ! still 25 + left ?. Not to worry, MR will help ‘finish’ the trouble by taking Ranil also with him. Poor Ranil has no life in the UNP because he is giving an agonising death to the once mighty party.

  4. Sri Lankan

    “For the party, for the party, for the party”! Can’t you guys for ones say “for the country”?

    • they cant because they dont love the country example when the country was fighting the war they talk against the troops when GSP issue was up they spread blatant lies againt goverment we lost GSP THEY ONLY WANT POWER TO HANG OUR PRESIDENT AND DEFENCE SEC.

      • Lasantha Wickramathunga

        Well said gentlemen, the last idiot was Reinzy Algama who set him self fire on behalf of a political party. This kind of idiots cannot be found anywhere in the world other than in Sri Lanka. (specially in UNP).

  5. Buddhadasa

    Already 7 UNP MP’s joined the government side. So UNP left with only 53 MPs now. if Dayasiri could organise 27 MP’S to sit as independently, instead of 25, then UNP left with only 26 MPs’. In this situation UNP cannot be the opposition and the independent group will automatically become the opposition. Is this is possible by the law of elections in Sri Lanka. Please let me know if someone knows about it

  6. ada

    It is always the maggots like Mr. Dayasiri Lame Jokes Co Ltd who shackles the party in to pieces .. I understand the growing need to change the party leadership, but the way these goods are acting is far beyond belief .
    Mr. Dayasiri stay put dear… you have a great political career ahead, pls don’t be that dimwit breaking away from the flock to make a name ..

  7. Plain Talking

    Good on you Dayasiri… somebody need to take the leadership in this revolt. Enogh is enough. Mother Lanka wants a vibrant opposition to have a good government. Somebody nees to rock the boat hard. It will become ugly but need to be done for the sake of party and the country. When the dust settles it will be better as UNP cannot go lower than this.

  8. Lanka Lion

    Good, Mr. Dayasiri. Opposition leader is the biggest joke of our time. This guy Ranil is a good general commission agent. Kick him out of the party, and get someone else to lead by action. Actions speak louder than words… Don’t ever vote for a joker specially like comedy king Ranil.

  9. Maruwa

    Good move, Time to appoint a new leader to UNP, otherwise there will be big disaster to our country’s economic due to absence of strong opposition.

  10. Desha Premi

    Well said and good work if you could do this Dayasiri. It is highly recommended that you do it. There has to be a good opposition and Ranil is not the fellow for that. He is ruining the UNP. There was a time when I thought that he worked and thought using his brains but not anymore or it has been bought over by MR. He is not pro-active, otherwise he would have taken some action against the party jumpers long ago.

    Way to go…..Sajith is an excellent candidate for the leadership. Let Ranil meditate…on his own…

  11. S. Selvarajah

    Now the party politics is over in Sri Lanka. Every politician dreams of being in the ruling party and having a Ministerial post. So, very soon, the opposition and other minor parties will perish. RW should act fast this time. He already missed the offer of PM post. He can cross over now before the rest of the 25 members and secure foreign minister post. He can use the NCM against GL to do this. Otherwise, poor supporters of the UNP will have to prepare themselves to see a lonely RW in the opposition ranks.

    A sitiuation is going to come where all 225 members will be with the government and the people will be the opposition.

    God save Sri Lanka.

  12. If Ranil has an ounce of self respect in him, it is high time he steps down.

    Who knows there could be a time when he will be invited to lead the UNP again.

  13. If Ranil has an ounce of self respect in him, it is high time he steps down.

    Who knows there could be a time when he will be invited to lead the UNP again, if Democracy returns to our country

  14. Nalin(melb)

    Ranil If you believe in democracy , resign and challenge for leader ship 1st within the party if you have guts then you can go and debate for parlimentory
    politics. Man realise when to get in and get out with dignity if you have.
    Sorry You are a disgrace and a traitor who distroy and divide Sri Lanka. People will never forget thats the truth, thats the rality.
    Well done Dayasiry its time to get your parties HIV virus out.

  15. RohanF

    wow………………dayasiri has Balls,go on buddy thats the way to go.but the Ranil the man will appoint a another set of donkeys to look in to this,so you take a stance stand ny it don’t be fooled by Ranil’s antiques.I wish you all the best somewhere you have to have a start.tell the so called leader to fly a kyte……………

  16. Confucius

    Ranil’s solution will be easy to predict. He will appoint committee to inquire and report within a week. Then this term will be extended to a few more weeks. After that the decisions will remain unimplemented for various reasons. By that time the UNPers who agitate for change would forget the issue.

    Not only Ranil, but also the old guard of the UNP & Colombo elite who protected Ranil’s leadership are responsible for the present crisis. This unfortunate situation has resulted a in a weak opposition and given a free hand to the government to do as they like such as the Mervyn Silva episode.

    All these people should all resign from the UNP in shame and allow genuine members to appoint a charismatic people friendly leader.

    • Dear Dayasiri – You also will be offered a post like Asst. Leader. Be careful.
      Don’t give up until you chase RA – Nil ( Rate’ anagatayata – Nil ). This will be a good opportunity. Obata Jaya.

  17. Buddhadasa

    Sorry, I have miscalculated earlier. There are only 43 MPs left within the UNP now. Dayasiri needs only 22 MPs, where this group then automatically become the Opposition. The best ever way to topple the government is to ask Ranil W. to join the Government so that atleast the MP who left the opposition will come back to the party. But the next leader (hopefully Sajith) will have to make sure to screen them before they are been taken back to the party as some of them are greedy of Money & Power (MP’s)

  18. Wije silva

    Ranil the killer of UNP. Get out. Go to Namil Nadu and get the citizenship. Dont come back.

    • Rajinda Silva

      This is good action. Try and convince more MP to Join You so the three Rats will be left alone.Since there isn’t much left, break away temporarily
      You can not stop the President!! Stop what you can. The Rot.

  19. muzammil

    If it’s serious this time,good news.If the party doesn’t do anything except
    cowing the people then someone has to come out very strongly head on.Let
    him sit alone with his like minded ones and the rest go seperate.If really really
    serious this time,Jayawewa Paba and Lakshman.IT IS NOT MAHINDA,RANIL

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