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“I Take Full Responsibility” — Upeksha Swarnamali

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Swarnamali “Paba” pledging allegiance to the President Photo by Sudath Silva

Recent UNP defector Upeksha Swarnamali, who played “Paba” in the eponymous teledrama, has said she takes “full responsibility” for her actions.  UNP MP Rosy Senanayake said she met Swarnamali on Thursday evening as they were shooting for the Megastar programme on Swarnavahini.

Upon being asked by why she had decided to defect, Swarnamali had said, “I take full responsibility for my actions,” according to Senanayake. She added that as she had decided not to contest a second time, she would take what was offered to her. “Her only regret was she felt she didn’t do right by God,” said Senanayake.
The statement comes amidst a multitude of news reports alleging Swarnamali was physically abused by her own husband, who forced her to cross over.
According to the news reports, Swarnamali’s husband physically attacked her and threatened to divorce her if she did not support the 18th Amendment. It was further alleged that UPFA MP Sajin de Vaas Gunawardena offered Swarnamali’s husband Rs. 50 million if he could induce his wife to join the Government. She attended a UNP protest within the parliamentary complex, wearing a black sari, and sporting visible bruises. Immediately after that, it was said she met the President at Temple Trees, accompanied by her husband and MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena. Despite the scrutiny however Swarnamali maintained that the decision to cross over was purely her own on Thursday. Swarnamali’s phone has been switched off over the course of two days when The Sunday Leader attempted to contact her.

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  1. MaPer

    Poor girl – didnt she get married only recently. And is she worth only Rs 50mn? She seems to have landed herself in the same trouble as her good friend Anakarli. Maybe if she stuck with the radio man she would have joined the UPFA from the beginning, like Anakarli.

  2. MaPer

    I thought Paba joined the government because she wanted to be the Mega Star winner, with blessing from Dr MP Mervyn. Swarnavahini – pls let us know what happened to Ranjan Ramanayake on Mega Star show yesterday. He sang so well on Saturday.

  3. Suwimal

    She is just like Ranil; doesn’t know what she is talking about. When she says “I take responsibility” she does not know what that word means. When she says she will not contest a second time, it is like MR promising to abolish presidency. Poor thing! good for the bad thing.

    • Idiots like you battered women know nothing about women’s right. You all acting like unBuddhist who demean women including your own mother who gave birth to you. Paba many be uneducated.. but, academia who act like kindergarteners these days worst than Paba. At least she is give her marriage a chance before she cuts his willie.. or may be she like it who knows.. regardless.. she is only human… be nice to her or oneday.. your child might be in the same situatin..

  4. shehan jayawardene

    @ Suwimal
    She may contest a 2nd time or a 3rd time…but she can win only if the idiots of this country vote for her like 1,53,000 odd idiots voted for Mervin Silva! I will bet my last ‘Humanitarian Rupee’ that they will vote for her and Mervin in the next election as well! Quo vadis Sri Lanka?

  5. Go Go General

    u take Responsibility of UNPer s of gampaha who voted for u,come on Lady,u r disgrace to all of them

    • Shamil

      This is a good lesson for all those who voted for her. At least in the future think before you vote. Consider the professional background and the political acumen of the candidate you are going to vote. This lady got votes merely on the popularity of her tv darma. So the voters have to take part of the blame foe electing an unsuitable candidate.

  6. Somapala

    Mangala is the master of deception. To some degree his gimmcs work. Most of you guys talk about flaws of the government do not have a clue. The democracy got the boot when JRJ promulgated the new constitution and 17 amendments to it. We have a relatively peaceful country. It will take few more years for people to feel the real difference after being humiliated for 30 long years by the LTTE with death on hand.

  7. SUNIL

    She will take the responsibility and care of newly found wealth, but who will take care of Gampaha District voters who were taken for a ride.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Regardless of the party she will be in, those who voted her in will have to look after themselves anyway. She has no knowledge of anything and daft to the hilt. She is neither a loss to the UNP, nor a gain to the government. If Ranil feels that he lost her, all he has to do is to soak a few old newspapers in water from the Beira Lake, from which he could make ten Upekshas easily. The parliament has become a place for dumb actresses who have been dumped from TV shows, old actors/actresses, retired cricketers, retired Army men, and bankrupt businessmen. It’s basically a Home for Retired folks. At some point the public will have to stop electing night clubbers but those with conviction for politics.

      • Sen-UAE

        Well said Ruwan,
        The parliament today is just like a JUNK yard
        Those who fail in their profession like -nadu nathi lawyers, Kudu & Kassippu mudalalis,and all are there.
        When will we get people like Dudley, NM , Sir John,and so on, will it ever happen again???

      • saro

        Well said Ruwan.
        Now she can get her ‘act’ back on the TV teledrama with a different version of course!!

      • respect

        Ruwan, good way to think these idiots. Thanks for your comments, one more thing, Sri Lanka parliament is place to lunatics.

      • I Hussein

        T’riffic Ruwan!
        You have out it simply and thoughtfully in few sentences.

      • Lokubandara

        Hey Ruwan Ferdinandez, I like to rephrase your statement “It’s basically a Home for Retired folks.”

        I say “It’s basically a Home for Retarded folks.” :O)

      • Sajee

        Well said Ruwan!!


    Its really sad how all you people say degratory things about this lady. Who are we to stand in judgment of anyone when are lives are so full of crap. Some of you use filth. Maybe this is how you get your kick, but do it at the expense of your wife/mother/sister/daughter that you know, not someone you don’t know. shame, shame, shame you bigots attacking this girl. I see all the negative comments tinged with green (envy) and I am sure all of you, if you were lured with even a paltry sum of Rs.100,00/- you would have done thesame, you pathetic rats. Please creep back into your holes and leave the lady alone.

  9. Nushad Perera

    Dear SUDATH JAYAWICKREMA I am kind of happy to see you commenting on using un parliamentary words. Commenting on you bribe of 100,000. we have seen our share of heroes. TELO leader Kutimany & Thangathurai who were in jail for life in 1983. JR offered to pardon & offered both MP position only show legions to the country & they declined and was killed in jail. R Premadasa was threatened with a coup with Indian support if he request IPKF to leave , He stood his grounds, Even Praba was offered Chife minister post by Rajive Gandhi he declined. Even Sarath have shown is caliber by not bowing down to pressure, how many times did the govt try to scare & bribe my friend Lasantha? Do not compare all with these third grade political paraiyas.

    • Lasi

      Your friend Lasantha had been bribed by INGO and CIA to help LTTE terrorists. This bloody dollar vulture had tailored stories for LTTE propaganda until his death. Recall that Ranil mentioned in UNP working committee meeting that he channeled dollars he received for the last presidential election 2010 to Sunday Leader.

  10. Srilal

    She should not have been in politics in the first place let alone acting.she is neither good in acting nor doing politics.this lady once asked in public as to what MR has done for the people of this country.a few months later she is supporting his family dream.It is a disgrace on the people of this country to have selected such a person to represent them in parliament.this lady does not seem to understand the head or tail.So how can she take responsibility for what she has done.You will see more of this type of treacherous people in parliament.She was a parachute to acting as well as politics.My deepest sympathies to the people who voted for her.we need people of standing to represent us in parliament and these kind of opportunistic people.i am sure she got what she very correctly stated by another gentleman if she contests again stupid people of this country will vote her in again.It has become a real joke beyond any imagination.Good luck mother lanka with this kind of people??????

  11. How come no one had talked about her husband abusing her…..Who the hell he thinks he is to abuse a women. Why is this not an issue to people who wrote comments???????????

  12. Hussain

    O yes she is acting on the diarectors action. Any one can act with her.if money act in any role given in front of camera and politicco.




    UNPers will cross to the PA for free. no demands. no money. this is the true situation of the loosing UNPers.

  15. Susatha

    First is survival and wont to be rich .Other wise she too will be next to SF for a long time.Good move.By the way when are you getting the New benz car?

  16. rayna

    It is a shame. These types are opportunists, they don’t deserve to be public representatives of democracies. Sri Lankan politicians have no guts to say no when it is wrong. They abuse peoples vote and betray the people & democracy and the very trust they promise to uphold. There are no values or statesmanship in their path it is only shame and money. May God Bless Sri Lanka !!

  17. relative of mervyn silva

  18. Samdman

    Every one talking about Upesha but actually who should be blamed for all of this, our voters, you cannot find humans with perfect qualities at-least find people with personality to cope up with the pressure of politics and act as per his/her conscience then we won’t come across this sort of dramas.

  19. Iceman

    CW I agree Kuma should refrain from using filth. But Have you ever heard SF speach in Sinhala and English…. Can you compare SF with MR…….dont bias you speak on prima facia.

  20. kanthi Ratnayake

    She is an idiot to the core, the man who introdused her to politics and gave her
    the UNP ticket to Gampaha is to be blamed.

  21. Pradeep

    Money talks ,has anyone got any doubt about it..?

  22. Upeksha,
    You went to the p’ment thru the votes of UNP votes in Gampaha and they all were against this regime. What have you done to them before accepting your ransome from the corrupted govt and betraying them.
    You deserve a Mervyn Silva kind of treat by Gampaha voters and no wonder if MR offers you minister of Car Sales to support your husband.
    Your short term is a long term pain for the country. Please give up if you are immatured without disgracing democracy any further.. Remember, popularity is short lived and conscious will come behind you. Be ready …

    • Sri Lankan

      Is it only UNP voters? How about the Upeksha fans who only wanted her in the Parliament who may have liked nor disliked the “regime”?

      I am not saying UNPers didn’t vote for her. Don’t put all her votes to a single UNP anti-government bucket.

      Disclaimer: I am NOT one of her fans. It is a disgrace to even talk to this dumb woman with no brains.

    • true sri lankan

      Well said. i was to post a similar message.

  23. Susatha

    Please do not say things like that.She is trying to stay alive.

  24. Thali NOOR

    You are too pritty to be near this fellows.

  25. Hullang

    18 position good money.

  26. Kandy

    This article is full of rubbish and these are like fairy stories.Everybody knows that there is no future for UNP and like they continue for 17 years by crook and by hook now it is going to be the same.How can Sajith be a saver when he robbed so many ancient sites for ” Nidan Wastu”?.His mother robbed the whole presidential palace when she left it after Premadasa’s death.And how come Premadasa kept more than a few billion rupees at the presidential palace when it is impossible to collect such an amount of money by saving his salary?UNP leader signed the peace pact with tigers by not saying a word to the Parliament and now UNPers are crying faul!!!

  27. Kandy

    I am happy to hear about what Lakshman Seneviratna said about UNP.If UNP leader was right then why all the committee memebrs want to sit independently in the Parliament.I think “Paba ” was not wrong to leave UNP as all of us know Mahinda is a more capable and much more strong leader.He proved it by crushing LTTE.We Sri Lankans should thank him as now there are no bombs going on in public buildings or in public transport.With all the power they had did UNP ever tried to do a single thing like that or a any single development programme?

    • Shunmugam

      Your are correct “kandy”. But some bias idiots here dont understand the truth. Most of the people here have fogot the past. Ungrateful people. She did the right thing. Ranil also wanted to join the govenment but MR did not want him. Thats the truth.

  28. May be Dayasiri Jayasekara should be the leader of the UNP,, at least he seems to have balls…

    Get rid of all Croons of the party and get all new educated people to represent the electrates.. not buruwas or idiots like Karunanayake.. he is pathatic..

  29. apooo

    my god whats going on in lanka?????? god bless sri lanka

  30. gusgemba

    All these are baseless alegations by so called journelists.Shame on you Sunday Leader.

  31. aliyar

    It is a serious crime to bribe a MP. It is a crime to even offer a bribe ,Whi is guilt here, long list.
    Bills are past for national interest only but here against it.
    Sorry lady , you have lost your respect, you have been Greatest if yo have divorced that stupid mad criminal husband.

  32. TONY

    Her husband’s motive was clearly predicted in few news papers even during the elelction time. I remember reading two such articles. This man was described as shrewd and manipulating person with some political connections. So, as expected he manipulated the event and instigated her to act for his benefit. They are up not only with 50million. But all pariamentary previledges and benefits for next 6 years plus a pension for the rest of her life after that. She sounds being an innocen victim caught for her hubby’s trap.She knows that this is the end of her political career as she declared no more second term. If so, there is no need to serve her elected people any more.A clever move to be up in the deal just for being in politics for just 6 months. But could she ever escape from being guilty conscious ??

    • Lanka for all

      Tony: You are assuming she has a concision, which is non existent in SL politics. Now is the time to over throw this corrupt regime. Its has to start at the grass roots. Billions being spent on silly projects and price of bread goes up 3 bucks, how long can the common man survive.

  33. ranasinghe

    poor girl she is really unlucky to have such a husband

  34. Lokubandara

    LOL :O)

  35. Lokubandara

    Well said ariff …………………………..
    Harak tika ekathu wela “gona”ta chande dunna !

  36. Mark

    So the voter(Harak) are to blame for voting UNP (Gona)?? tipi and Ariff you are buffoons of the highest order. This as a cruelly manipulated crossover engineered by a tyrant called Mahendra Percival Rajapksha. In this instanse he used his son the junior demon to put pressure on the huband (his friend)including assaulting the poor girl. These are your leaders and their values. Beating up on your own wife a defenseless women is now also justified. What next murder? Anything to get their way and you buffoons come on this site and try to obfuscate the facts by posting rubbish.

  37. citizen

    If you are full responsible for your decision, you cheated your voters, shame and curse on you

  38. Umesh

    how do we know if this statement is made by force in the dark?

  39. Umesh

    Like Tamils thought Pirabaharan is the only man for Tamils, Sinhalese think Rajapakse is the only man for Sinhalese1

  40. Marco

    What a sell-out.She betrayed big time ! Very dis-appointed.Worse still a very bad example as an Iconic person-People will now think its not “that” bad to sele out-
    Pity Mother Lanka

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