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JVPers Harassed In Vavuniya

Lighting the lamp under a picture of Lenin

Lighting the lamp under a picture of Lenin

The JVP today (12) opened its Vavuniya District political office amidst accusations that party members who were making the necessary arrangements for the opening of the office were harassed allegedly by the Thandikulam police and persons identifying themselves as army intelligence personnel.

The JVP Media Unit in a statement said the OIC of the Thandikulam police had gathered information about the JVP members who were decorating the office premises and making the final preparations for the opening ceremony of a JVP District office in Vavuniya, by party secretary Tilvin Silva.

According to the JVP, party members have been harassed and threatened by these individuals from late last night and the owner of the building where the JVP office is located had been asked to report to the police to give a statement.

However Silva opened the party office today (12).

13 Comments for “JVPers Harassed In Vavuniya”

  1. Neomal

    Anybody who opposes the Govt will be harassed. Time, place etc will be immaterial.

  2. M.H.Sheriff

    Utter Provokation.

  3. Police State, here it comes!

    • gamarala

      You are correct. The police cum military regime was already there, but it is now reinforced by the 18th amendment. The police and armed services are now fully politicised. The Police Commission has been abolished and the president is C-in-C of the armed forces.He can do no wrong and has full immunity from prosecution.

      • janatha

        he is the C-in-C always …whether there is police commission or far the biggest wrong he has done is eradicating ” velupillai”..


  5. On the name board they put Tamil first. Why is this? Sinahala is the major language not Tamil. JVP cowards

    • Bk

      modayo ehe sihala katha karana aya adui.akawaththerenne nathi harak inna rate mona samayada

    • Harsha Mutucumarana

      That is Opportunism! They will do anything to lure a few youngsters whether Tamil or Sinhala.

  6. Kumar Wijayasekara

    It is easy blame for JVP’s previous destructive activities but nobody analyses why they have resorted to such activities. These things happens when all democratic routes are exhausted. They are now a democratic political force in the country who are mainly responsible of bringing MR in to power in 2005 and became part of the govt for a short period. They should be allowed to any political activity within the laws of the country. Criticizing the current regime does not mean that they are wrong. They are the only political force free of corrupt politicians stands for good governance today.

  7. CW

    Unrest in Vavuniya is inevitable now with these clowns setting up an Office. What are going to deiver?

  8. Harsha Mutucumarana

    We are yet to know how true this is my friend, The close association I have had with the JVP does not suggest anything to support it:

    “They are the only political force free of corrupt politicians stands for good governance today”

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