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UNP Leaders To Meet On Tuesday

UNP MPs protesting in front of Parliament (file photo)

UNP leaders are to meet on Tuesday (14) to discuss the party’s strategy for the Local Government elections next year and the future of the party.

UNP Gampaha District Parliamentarian Joseph Michael Perera has been quoted in the media saying that Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya, General Secretary Tissa Attanayake, himself and several other senior members are scheduled to meet Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe at party headquarters Sirikotha to discuss the Local Government polls scheduled to be held under the first-past-the-post system.

Meanwhile, several UNP MPs have given an ultimatum to the UNP leadership to resolve the party crisis this week or else they would be forced to sit as independent MPs in parliament next week.

UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekera, who is leading the campaign calling for a quick resolution of the party crisis, has said they expect a meeting with Wickremesinghe this week to seek a solution to the crisis.

42 Comments for “UNP Leaders To Meet On Tuesday”

  1. ndyrob

    Ha Ha another diversionary tactic from Ranil’s main stooges to keep him going. These are the guys who should be publicly executed for propping up RW.

  2. P.L.J.B.palipana

    Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe has all the Leadership qualities to Lead the UNP as an opposition. Please read the small booklet “In search of excellence”.

    • gamunu

      Once again I have to disagree with your point of view. It is not the things written about him that matters it is his performance as a leader that can be counted.
      His performance so far has not helped the party to function as a cohesive unit.
      It is evident how fractured the unit with his subordinates pulling in various directions. If one has good leadership qualities, he or she must be able to make them all together to function as a unit no matter how difficult it is.
      In my opinion he is the worst leader the UNP ever had to put up with.

      • MaPer

        I fully agree with you – Ranil is the only leader who has all the Leadership qualities – but sadly hardly anyone will be able to read the booklet “in search of excellence”. Hope & pray he will ne day be our president – it is only then that the country can be truly developed – economically and spiritually

  3. The Local Govt. elections will definitely will be won by UPFA. So the defeat of the UNP will be another record for Ranil. So as it is he will go to the Guinness Book of Records !

  4. Manike

    Now it is high time for Mr Wickramasinghe to step down. If not UNP will be gone for ever. Defeat after defeat and all are leaving the party. But Mr Wickrmasinghe is waiting like a deaf and blind. Mr Wickramasinghe you are a good person but now you have to take a break. You are not allowing to have a strong opposition for the development of our country.

    • gamarala

      UNP suffered deafeats due to those who became MPs as UNPers and on UNP tickets from other parties, crossing over to the government ranks for portfolios & perks.
      Ranil cnnot be blamed for this.
      No leader can survive with such party members.
      Now the UNP is left with honourable MPs who are unwilling to sell their honour for bribes.

      • gamunu

        why not look at the root cause of defections instead of accusing them of greed and other reasons. Isn’t it patently clear the UNP vote base has been stagnant for the past two decades due to not having an effective leadership and a clear strategy and direction?
        It is easy to blame MPs for crossing over but in my opinion it is the party hierachy that must held responsible for such actions.
        How Would you describe Karu Jayasuriya’s action who once crossed over to UPFA claiming dissatisfation in the UNF and then came back again when he found matters difficult with the UPFA? Do you call him honourable too? It is not too long ago he was labelled as a traitor, now he is even lauded with the deputy leadership even after desrting the party for reasons we all know.

  5. D'Shan

    We have seen many leaders in UNP.. but these things not happened in their time.. something somewhere wrong.. What is that ?
    Is that Ranil’s leadership ?


      Totally I agree with you Shan but as far as the leadership is concern the preesent Leader Ranil is OK but he is not smart and bold enough to take appropriate decision at the correct time

  6. kanthi Ratnayake

    Not only a looser he is a self centered back bone less leader. U.N.P. also need a
    leader like M.R.

  7. I Hussein

    I totally disagree with you Kanthi. If UNP needs a leader like MR then its not UNP anymore. UNP needs a Dudley Senanayake, a leader with charisma and am image. UNP needs a far sighted just leader.
    RW is good but its a pity that many UNPers dont like him anymore.

    • gamunu

      I beg to disagree. Qualities that DSS and Dudley suited the era that we were in. The world has changed since and SL too has changed immensely. What matters are progressive qualities with modern trends. Politics and affairs were much simpler in those days than it is now. Only the elite in the capital and suburbs had any sense of knowledge of internal and external affairs, hence the life was less complicated. Those qualities would not have survived these days where people having better knowledge than our fore fathers.
      Sadly Ranil is solely responsible for the predicament we are in now. Had he passed the baton of leadership to someone with better qualities at least a decade ago, MR and the UPFA would not have been able to win such numbers in the parliament. If that were to have happened it would not be easy for latest developments.
      As it is the UNP once mighty force of SL politics has become just a pressure group with little or no ability to organise demos and protests to register people power. The DNF with the organising capability of the JVP does a better job of it than the UNP with the current leadership who is self centered and not popular among the rural folks that amounts to more than 70% of the vote base. UNP failed to change to suit the changing needs of the country. Following the western policies and economies blindly has been their down fall. West was cunningly happy to provide aid and loans so long as we pulled in their direction. They created economies in poorer nations to suit their own economies and the consumers at the expense of these poorer nations. The moment SL decided to have a different agenda they began harrasing the country. It is patently obvious what their intentions were in creating confusion and disharony among the populus so that they can dictate terms on how we should manage our affairs. Their intentions are “Divide and Rule”. You only have to look around the globe to see this.

  8. desh

    If we had an election amongst UNPers countrywide to elect a leader Ranil will get 15%.Ravi will get 2% Dayasiri will get 30%Sajith will get 53%. So, lets make Sajith leader and Dayasiri deputy leader and let all the other people support them . At least some of these old politicians can be ministers in a future UNP govt. Or spend some money and do an independant poll to see the situation. All Ranil is doing is making Rajas hand stronger everyday.

    • Malla

      Agreed 100%. As Karu is not supporting the reforms and he not re-organizing the party, let’s demote him too.

    • gamunu

      Desh, I will not go along with the figures but agree with you that the leadership must change with a youger person who is acceptable not only to Colombo elite, but who is closer to the pulse of the whole. Then, and only then will the party can be resurrected. Ranil and his close allies have been a total disaster and must be evicted sooner rather than late. It is only a myth that Ranil is the only person to unite with good leadership qualities.
      To die hard UNPers any dissatified MP is a traitor but RW is revered as a messiah despite the mayhem he cause to the party.

  9. Lasantha Wickramathunga

    Reform or no reform, UNP´s chronic, degenerative disease can only be cured by completely removing all the cancerous cells such as Ravi Karunanayaka, Laxmon Kiriells, Jayalath Jayawardana, Mongala Samaraweera and Rosy Senanayaka. Unfortunatly most UNP idiots who commented on this web cannot understand the truth.

  10. Sinhaya

    Are there anyone left to meet?????

  11. Sinhaya

    UNP is like a sinking ship because the captain has not heeded the storm warnings. Some of his crew are rowing in one direction while the others are rowing in the opposite direction. Some have abandoned ship and escaped in the life rafts to the opposite side where it is safer. Now the captain just wants to sit and relax and listen to the band playing the last waltz. Bon voyage ss “UNP”!

  12. RohanF

    what else to expect,always Ranil the man has evaded party problems this way,so the so called comeety is going to talk about a loosing election,while there is a big crack inevitable,within the party,
    are all these Joseph,Tissa and the karu,dancing according to the tune of Ranil.
    Gutless so called leaders…………..

  13. Harsha Mutucumarana

    Did you say leaders? Which ones please?

  14. P.L.J.B.palipana

    There is no any reasonable factor to blame Hon.Ranil Wickramasinghe. I have expressed several times the Relative Time Factor in politics. Unfortunately our UNP MPs couldn’t understand that most important factor till now. This is a particular situation and they must adapt to face it peacefully.

  15. csilva

    Why are they meeting now? The severe damage is done already on 8th Sep at parliament. UNP will be wiped out by the dictator MR soon

    • gamunu

      csilva, this wil not have happened if the UNP was able to muster more MPs in the parliament. The root cause is RW . He was joker that caused this situation. Even after the election the membership is not totally satisfied (for good reason) . As you rightly said the UNP will soon be in an irreversible position unless firm action is taken to remove the unpopular RW immediately. Even with a change of leadership do not expect a sudden change in fortunes for a while because the damage done by RW is so immense, the new comer will have to work hard for a while to win the pulse of the nation. So in my opinion a change in leadership will only stop further deterioration in the immediate aftermath.

  16. naseeff

    It is too late for UNP to come back and they missed out opportunities and Why did Ranil went three times to see the MR before this constitutional reform and yet Ranil could not foresee what is going to happen and MR trapped him and knocked him out politically:

    • gamunu

      naseeff, It is because RW has poor judgemental qualities and has no clear strtegy. he is leading the party and the population in a blind alley.

  17. Ranil Wickramasinghe is MOST corrupt. He played out billions of UNP party funds and when he was the Prmie Minister; that’s why he is a billionarie today. he can rule as long as there are idiots like Palipana that praise him. Ranil and MR are best of pals, Ranil will never criticise the Government genuinely

    • Malla

      Agree 100% with you. Ranil is corrupt than MR at times.

    • gamunu

      It is hard prove the corruption because he never used the money to buy property etc, but spent mostly on helping his ” boy brigade”. Peopl esee him as someone who did not benefit from corruptions but they fail to see the darker side of RW.
      He still hasn’t given account of how the party funds were used. His only jibe was at the Sunday Leader who he claimed to have given money. Sunday Leader never denied it or accepted b ut RW even failed to show evidence of this. He is into big time corruption and MR is aware of this. That is why RW cannot offer a good couner punch to MR. If he does so lots of secrets will come out of his dark secrets.

  18. dudley

    you bloody foolish UNP ers who think there is any kind of reasonable future for them,,,,, the ONLY strategy is to get rid of the serial loooser,,, you dont need rocket science to find out what has gone wrong with this one time formidable party,, which has shattered to pieces now under this impotent and incompetent buffon of a leader ,,, get rid of this Kalakanniya leader and the UNP will be back on track,If you can find a leader at least get CBK to lead your party and she will do a better job than this buffoon.

  19. Microsoft/Apple Comp:

    This computer operating programme in Srilanka Election Department under Rajapaksa Government, if conduct 100 elections the results will be 9 Digits more to Rajapaksa`s tickets than others. It was programmed by a number one thief playout , cash machines, caughtup and fired by 7-11 shops in California.It is completely useless.

  20. JG

    UNP should appoint Chandrika as leader, cos the 18A she can go for a 3rd term and will pose a real challenge to MR, afterall her father SWRD and brother Anura were both UNP’s


  22. MaPer

    Dayasiri – I hope you keep calm till you win the Mega Star competition. You sing the calm soothing songs so well. Dont clutter your mind with these undisturbing things till then – “hith san sun venna”. All the best to you.

  23. Ranil is a sucker for negotiations. The UNP MPs should have got together to walk out a long time ago. They had a winning party ten years ago tha Ranil has slowly strangled the life out of

  24. Psycho

    Are they singing amendment carols?

  25. Death-Of-UNP

    I find it absolutely staggering that there are still some idiots here who think Ranil is a leader with a vision. Come on mate, Ranil’s days are dead and gone. You cannot become a leader of a country without knowing or having the pulse of the people.

  26. P.L.J.B.palipana

    Relative Time Factor is an important factor in contemporary politics. The late Hon.Rohana Wijeweera used it several times. You could find lot of examples from the world especially from Latin America. This inmature Sajith Premadasa is the looser.

  27. SHM

    I have a strong belief that Ranil has a hidden agreement with Mahinda to destroy UNP. Although it was just a guess before, now it has become crystal clear. The boycott during the debate also a pre planned arrangement with MR.

  28. Saiver Diet

    Moda Palipana, you dumb clutz, becasue of idoits like you only the UNP is in dire straits now.

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