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RW: Will Continue Nominating Persons To Council

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that he will nominate another member to the Parliament Council in order to create a delay in its formation.

Wickremesinghe has told the media that the President would remove himself and his nominee from the Council if they continuously boycotted it.

The UNP Leader has made this statement after TNA MP M.A Sumanthiran refused the nomination to the Parliamentary Council as the Opposition Leader’s nominee.
According to Wickremesinghe, such a situation would result in the whole process going be back to square one according to the 18th Amendment, as he would have to nominate another member from the minority opposition party once again.

9 Comments for “RW: Will Continue Nominating Persons To Council”

  1. Umesh

    if the party is really opposing the 18th Amendement, then there is no reason to appoint anyone to the council. RW is either unwise or unintelligent becasue of his action.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      None of the 18 amendments or even the original 1978 constitution was passed unanimously, may be except for the 17A. Of them, 16 were passed while the UNP was in government inclusive of the 1978 constitution. Once the bill is debated and passed, even those who opposed will have to abide by them as well. That’s democracy. If they don’t accept parliament democracy, they shouldn’t be sitting in there.

    • Sri Lankan

      Why can’t Ranil and UNP accept a 2/3 vote in the Parliament?

      The 2/3 was achieved by the votes of the UNP MPs, whom the party endorsed, and to whom Ranil asked the party members to vote during the election.

      If the UNP says that those people are now bad, can we trust the nominees during the next election? Will they also go bad?

  2. BASH

    No backbone as usual, we are in the real world my dear opposition leader, not kids playing games

  3. Just another silly move of our dearest Opposition leader who should just have himself committed to a meditation retreat instead of wasting his time in politics. What a stupid thing to do, to connive in this barbarous 18th Amendment instead of boycotting it. Does not Ranil Wickremesinfhe realise that he cannot condemn something and then also participate in it at the same time? What asininity!

  4. what a waste this brainless joker doing he is saying that he is wasting time he must remember he is playing games with MR same guy went to EEC and destroy GSP we must send him for angoda hospital for treatment

  5. Ganepola

    Ranil, this is exact reason MR droped 17A and brought 18A. You cannot delayed this for ever since There are not many minority parties in the parliament for you to appoint. If you keep appinting TNA members against their will that will be joke.
    Shame.. As an old royalist… you should “learn or depart”

  6. Dhammika

    Ranil you are a good gentlemen ,but you missed the boat many times first when you were PM you had a golden opportunity to impeach Chandrika you didnt DO it . Then you had a chance to impeach the CJ Sarath you didnt initiate it .
    If you did itthen today you would have been the prez and UNP in power . Now the best you can do for the UNP and SRI LANKA is to retire from politics but make sure
    the grand old party is in young , energetic and robust leadership and the best is SAJITH P . Dont leave room for the UNP to be destroyed . Karu J is an opportunitist
    he can do more harm than good for the UNP . He will jump,run for the greed of power . Keep him away from the UNP leadership .
    UNP doesnt need reforms it only needs is a strong , robust , winning LEADER and
    then the Majority of the Sri Lankans will be with the UNP.

    • Ravana

      you are right on almost everything except that Sajith P is not suitable to be the next leader. It should be Dayasiri Malli .

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