Defence Ministry Tentacles Keep Spreading

By Raisa Wickrematunge

The Ministry of Defence has been taking over many authorities of late. The Urban Development Authority and the Land Reclamation and Development Corporation are just two of them. However, it appears that plans are afoot to add one more — the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC).
The CMC found itself struggling in the throes of a severe crisis with the dengue epidemic. Although campaigns were launched to clean potential breeding sites, the number of people infected-and killed- by the deadly virus continued to climb. In the end a Presidential Task Force (not to mention the army and police force) was brought in, in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease.
Locally produced BTI was recently tested in selected sites in Peliyagoda, and the police and army went out in droves to clean up Colombo. Colombo was, in fact, the worst area affected. The unspoken implication is that the CMC is so riddled with red tape and inefficiency that it is unable to deal with the crisis dengue fever has presented — unable to keep Colombo clean by itself.
It is in this light that moves are underway to bring the CMC under the Ministry of Defence.
Former Deputy Mayor of Colombo Azath Salley said that no such plans were being spoken of thus far. However, he added that if the CMC were to come under the Defence Ministry, efficiency could be improved, but only with the help of a key figure.
“As long as Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa is at the Defence Ministry, such a move would be good,” he said. He too pointed to the prompt action Rajapaksa had taken with regards to dengue. He added that many of the CMC officials were mere puppets who could not handle such a heavy workload. In this sense, Ministry of Defence involvement could increase efficiency, he said. He said that much of the action was carried out following instructions from the Defence Secretary. Without his involvement, the CMC could wind up as inactive as before.
Salley further highlighted the Horton Place hoarding post which a man climbed earlier this week. “It has been more than three months since an assurance was given that unauthorised hoardings will be removed. Yesterday, it was only after Rajapaksa’s instructions that the hoarding was completely removed,” Salley said.
CMC Commissioner Badrani Jayawardena said she had received no information on the issue and as such could not comment. Meanwhile, Special Administrator Omar Kamil’s phone remained switched off.  Will the rumour materialise and will another local authority fall under the Defence Ministry? That remains to be seen.

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  1. Justice

    I wonder how long will the Gods protect these rogues and criminals. But I belive the faster they go the faster and painful will their fall be.

  2. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    This is a very good move. The Muninicipalties are highly unproductive,inefficient and corrupted entities to the Nation representing rogues who are selected through elections. Some people doesn’t know how to put the signature to a document. These organisations must be eliminated for the benefit of the Nation.

    • gundappa

      My friend Palipane , who as you all know, lives in Vanncouver BC, has a degree in English.

      Well how do I know ? you may ask

      He used all these details as an appendage to his name, in earlier comments made.

      But tut tut ! a degree in English disi he say? hmmmm, yes he did

      Read the english in this present comment…….

      “‘Some people doesn’t know” he says

      Í would have thought a degree holder in the Queen’s ow native toungue would know that the correct way to make this ststement is thus

      Some people do not know………..

  3. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Resistance to change.

  4. Late Mr.D.A. Rajapakse never greedy to power or materials & loved entire nation.

  5. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    This is not greedy for power. There must be an Conpetent Authority to work with the Environmental Authority to prepare an Action plan for the Garbage disposal using modern technologies. Those things are very urgent to activate. Gotabaya has enough experience in this Topic in the USA. The Garbage disposal and recycling processes should be introduced to main cities like Colombo and Kandy.

    • Ian D.S

      Pila if you are so much for this move can you answer the following questions.
      1. Why ONLY Colombo Municipal Council why not Matara, Balangoda, Jaffna and all other municipal councils.
      2. What has the Defense ministry got to do with municipal councils which is under local government authority.
      3. Could you enlighten us on the experience Gota has on garbage disposal technologies as far as we know his experience in garbage while in the US was only to deliver the garbage.
      4. Why are they so reluctant to have elections to the CMC. Why are you proposing a competent authority when such a situation already exists though not at all competent.
      5. If as you say the municipalities are very why not do away with all of them.

      • anonymous

        Dear Ian,
        Don’t you understand?. There were people like Palipana during the Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe days. ‘If you do not know or have the guts to beat them join them’, this was their vision.
        This Palipana has been bought by the Rajapassas. I first thought you are an skillful individual with a ‘Daham Pasal’ background. But now I know, you are just another being with a ‘Mithya Drushtiya’. I know him well.

      • Rabok

        Hell I cannot belive the existance of fools like you Ian.D S – Except few all the Municipilities are run by headless goons not fit enough to run a grocery shop – that is the reason why most of the municipilities in such a bad shape – I hope Gota will take over all

        What were Local Authorities doing all these years other than wasting public money

        What the heck CMC had done with all their expertise and experiense in disposing garbage

        Country need people who can work not talk – all big talkers – who can take decisions and put them into action – SO IAN keep your bana mouth shut

        • Ian D.S

          Rabok you are missing the point here, my issue is NOT the competence of the CMC (Or incompetence) All these places are riddled with corruption and are rotten to the core AS are the Rajapakshas, my issue is why ONLY target the CMC to make it an authority without following suit and making all municipal councils authorities.
          The Rajapakshas already control the CMC through that back stabbing, corrupt Kamil and I fully agree that all these places waste public money, I am only saying that they will never hold elections to the CMC because the can NEVER win it.

    • ranjan hurulle

      All of right thinking Lankans know when goverment gets involved things dont work efficiently which is a universal fact.. In SL this is even more so.
      But the solution is not to hand over to the Presidents brother who happens to be Defense Secretary. Imagine all democracies in the world , the Presidents family takes over running everything for the sake of expediency!

      Elected leaders need to device ways in which cities are run effectively. Study some big cities in the world , even Singapore. If city councils dont do their job MR can dissolve and re -elect.

      How do the people expect financial accountability from President’s brother?

  6. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Thanks lot Ian for your comment. This should not be taken as an political issue. This is a general problem all over the island. I know very well the organisational behaviour of the Kandy Municipal Council.The system should be changed. I used only two examples here.

    • pat

      Pali have you not noticed that we Sri Lankans eat, drink, breath and live politics 24/7 and 365 d/y ? We look at every issue through our political periscopes, unlike some matured democracies where this once in 3 or 4 year affair. Once people have given their verdict the majority in those countries stand behind the elected leaders and concentrate on common developments goals.

  7. Suwimal

    Azath Salley’s views on this matter, reiterates an open secret about the present administrative sysytem, as a whole. “If Gotabaya is at the defence ministry this is good”. State institutions, not only local govt but AG’s Dept, Police, courts etc. have customary and regular procedure to follow with regard to matters that come under their perview. But strangely even in ordinary matters like handling complaints, public peace etc. they have got used to look up to ad hoc instructions from Rajapakses. You cant blame them for they fear losing their jobs or getting other punishments. Simple question is why can not the state officers/authorities take action according to the pre-set instructions and authority they have, without the intervention of Rajapakses. Does this state of affairs contribute to the rule of law.



  9. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Anonimous,really this is not Mithyadushtiya but we can’t go ahead on this way.The garbage disposal is related to Dengue menace too.In 1980 CUBA started to eliminate this problem(Ides Igipti) with a strong Peoples Participation. Practically in SL we can’t create such type of conscience with the people. Thats why I told earlier that Hon.Mervin Silva was very correct. City of Colombo and kandy are garbage bins and the severage systems are very old.We have to do drastic changes. The Ministry of Local Government too a very bad smelling garbage bin like Ministry of Provincial Councils.What I am telling is not for my personal benefit but for the sake of our Mathruboomi.

    • Ian D.S

      Pila you are a basket of contradictions aren’t you. First you say Municipalities are highly corrupted entities represented by rogues selected through elections and these organizations must be eliminated for the benefit of the nation and I tell you this description fits our parliament with the scale of corruption , inefficiency a million times more than the MC’s you speak of, so do we get rid of parliament too? Then you say this is NOT greed for power pray tell me then WHAT this is. The Rajapakshas want full and total control of every entity in this country and it is a slur on the Humongous Rajapaksha Ego if any other party than them should win the CMC elections. Why cannot they hold elections to the CMC , win it and THEN implement their plans , they KNOW they will never WIN Colombo even if they have 1000 elections. (Not by fair means anyway).
      Then you say this should not be taken as a political issue , THEN what the
      hell is this. An election to the CMC is long overdue then hold this election , any election Pila IS a political issue and it is NOT up to the Rajapakshas to decide that the will hold elections only in places they are sure of winning and all other places will be converted to places of FAMILY authority.
      If as you say the ministry of local government and the ministry of provincial councils are very bad smelling garbage bins could you tell me WHO controls these two institutions? Is’nt it MR then what makes you think that any other authority appointed by him will be any different.
      If you are so concerned about your Mathruboomiya why not come back to Sri Lanka , who knows you might stand a chance of being appointed the competent authority. And your BIGGEST contradiction above is calling Vermin Silva Hon. please tell me whats Honorable about a cess pit masquerading as a minister and a human not necessarily in that order.

  10. nimba

    Where there is money “Rajapaksha” family will be there. Why you think Gotha came back to Sri Lanka? Nothing to do with serving this country. Greedy for money and power. In US a cashier can’t make any decent money

  11. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Thanks lot Ian I am 100% sure that they are trying to create new systems and that is not the greedy for power. I could tell you by examples what kind of corruption is prevailing in the Municipalties and Provincial Councils.Those entities must be eradicated as soon as possible.

  12. BASH

    ONE FAMILY SHOW.. Some Rajapaksha most get involved in all the matters… no other efficient persons in the country… all others are considered fools and therefore real authority is not given…..
    Just imagine the board of directors in a fairly large private company getting involved deeply in all operational decisions also, where will the company be heading to ????
    Now think of the situation with the country

  13. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Ian, Mervin has not stolen any single cent as a politician. He is an honest politician.

    • BASH

      @ P.L.J.B.Palipana is so ignorant and naive…

    • Ian D.S

      Ha, Ha, Ha thats a good one Pila. I wonder if you are truly stupid or its just pretense. The person who coined the phrase “a frog in the well” must have really had you in mind.

      • Gamaya

        Ian, you are wasting your valuable time with this fella. Pila represents the mentality of majority SL voters.

  14. Iceman


  15. disgusted

    No surprise…country is already run by the why worry?

  16. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Dear Ian, Garbage Disposal and Recycling is a specialized profession. you could find enough professionals from the Environmental Authority.

    • Ian D.S

      You’re probably right Pila since all the garbage in Sri Lanka voted in Parliament for the 18thA. If we recycle that whole lot we might get enough A grade compost
      to fertilize the Amazon rain forest.


    good move. i am happy for whatever comes under the defence ministry. efficient management is the need of the hour. see what happened to pavement hawkers ? same treatment appplies to the CMC rogues. well done dear defence secretary.

  18. I Hussein

    Bros & Co are real experts in everything. SL is nothing without them.


    This great man can handle any matter more efficient and well plan manner to get the job done. if he can control many section of the country ,people can see the real developments.

  20. SLFOOL

    And I thought I was going mad! Why waste time with fools such as Pila and the Raja Brothers. Gamaya has the right attitude!

  21. Sunil Jayasundera

    CMC need to be abolished sooner the better, to give a new look to Colombo City.
    Corrupted officials all over.
    Need to rehabilitate the entire administration.
    No need of ELECTIONS ANY MORE!!!! Waste of Tax Payers money.

    Need drastic chages overall.
    Hope Gota can deliver the results with his vision.

    Good Luck , Gota

    • Ian D.S

      Sunil taking out one corrupt lot and giving it to another corrupt lot is not going to solve the issue. The present corrupt lot IS under the control of the Goat. All of you are missing the wood for the trees here, the issue here is NOT corruption but how to gain control of an entity which the family co. Ltd will never win in an election, and that is it.

  22. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Fully agreed with you Mr.Jayasundare. We need a system change but not Local Government Elections wasting Tax Payers Money.

  23. Stewart Sloan

    The eradication of Dengue requires a proactice stance, not a reactive stance which is what GoSL is now doing.


    all underperforming govt. departments must be brought under the def.ministry. period. CMC is not the last but the one of the few first.

  25. gamarala

    The ills of CMC are due to inefficiency and corruption. Long ago I went to the Darley Road municipal depot to complain about non collection of garbage for many days. There I met an overseer who told me that more than half the workforce work elsewhere after signing the roll-call at 8am daily. He dared not complain/report about this as there are thugs among the absentees who would harm him.
    He also allegged that municipal projects/supplies are funded by/on grossly inflated estimates – & that the extra moolah goes into a few councillors’ pockets.
    This state of affairs may be happening even now.

  26. FreeOurLand

    We can see how rich MR & co are, they have even hired people like mo. Asfar & P.L.J.B.Palipana (don’t know whether real names) to comment on behalf of the MR & Co. to justify thier day light robbery of the country.

  27. Like those of the Blue Octopus!
    (The blue octopus is regarded as highly poisonous)

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